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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

Dumplin’’ trailer
Jennifer Aniston plays a pageant mom. This looks funny and it has drag queens.

Best Line:
“Joan of Ark of fat girls.”

‘Riverdale’ 3x06 promo
Jughead is a biker now? There are secrets.

‘Fighting With My Family’ trailer
A bio-pic of pro-wrestler Paige. Nick Frost is in this alongside Dwayne Johnson and Vince Vaughn. This looks okay even if Paige’s brother is annoying whining brat.

Best Lines:
“That weird family.”

“I’m Vin Diesel mate!”

‘The Invaders’ promo
The 1960s classic. They did not come in peace.

‘Nativity Rocks’ TV spot

‘My Brilliant Friend’ promo

Made gluten free brownies - yum.
Peppermint & liquorice infusion - okay.
Sea salt & cracked black pepper crisps - okay.

What happened to the Thames Beluga?

What is lemon pepper, spiced apple jelly or rose malabi?

There is cat wine!

Humans can’t metabolise truffles?

I want a Maison Michel Lou mask and an Alexander McQueen Birds Of Paradise King And Queen purse and an Alberta Ferretti top and Garo Sparo gloves and an ID Sarreri Annabelle bodysuit and hand-blown Paillette champagne flutes and charm bracelets and the Colombian Emerald & Diamond imperial suite and diamond and green beryl earrings.

I’d try hot Asian mustard and peppercorn mayo.

Who saw ‘Once Upon A Time In Mexico’, Collateral Damage’ or ‘Goodfellas’?

‘Channel 4 News’ Quote:
“Remarkable civility.”

“A man of the greatest discretion.”

“There’s a door over there and we’re waiting for it to open.”

‘Hawaii Five-0’ Quotes:
“Wo Fat fears nothing.”

“You’re smiling. That’s never good.”

‘Hercules: The Legendary Journeys’ Quotes:
“Goodwill I’ve conned out of this town.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Cultural tourism.”

“Primacy of fiction.”

“Entertained by books.”

“Community organising.”


“Ball hog.”

“One President’s furniture gets carried out while another’s comes in.”

“Her ability to read and think for herself has been consigned to silence.”

“If there was good news it did not seem to her worth talking about.”

“The ambiguity of their position.”

“Slow financial decline.”

“Testimonies to their experience.”

“Generous inclusion.”

“National narrative.”

“Foundational text.”

“Brusquely told by a senior doctor in an emergency department that I was only in his way and to stop bothering him, half an hour before my wife died undiagnosed on a trolley.”

“Deer grazing in the middle of the capital.”

“Men with tattoos all over were swearing away.”

“Peeing in Morse code.”

“Crying down the phone and asking her to apologise to him.”

“Adoration of a group of strangers.”

“Applaud him for his bravery.”

“Shunned in a small community.”

“Menacing pictures.”

“Cheese-eating rat bastard.”

“You’ll be called an immoral person.”

“Type of obedience.”

“Demanding deference.”

“I thought that was love.”

“Cared less.”

“Aspired to be a writer of serious literature.”

“Play a vital role.”


“Freedom of navigation.”

“Rejected her assertions of a conspiracy.”

“A conflict which ostensibly had nothing to do with them,”

“Nature-free zone.”

“Nothing particularly realistic about a man dressing in lycra and fighting crime just because an arachnid has bitten him or he has found a magic ring or he has built a suit out of asbestos.”

“Larger families than some women want or can cope with.”

“No time for money to take care of them,”

“Granted her own identity.”

“Saturated with unreality.”

“Threatening line.”

“Unintentionally accurate.”

“Normalise the drinking of water.”

“Cultural distance.”

“Eco taxes.”

“Threatened with admission to a psychiatric hospital.”

“Failed to greet her in the cafeteria.”

“Social spending.”

“It is hard to take such statements seriously.”

“Suspicion of work that traffics in ideas rather than interpersonal relations.”

“Coroner-led recovery teams.”

“A past that is quite its own.”

“Zones of interest.”

“No modern equivalent.”

“Letter of validation.”

“Stop printing lies,”

‘Miss Marple’ Quotes:
“GI brides to be.”

“Has a strange wife.”

‘Sky News’ Quotes:
“Resignation watch.”

“Submarine command force.”

‘Mission Impossible’ Quotes:
“My father is dead.”
“That has yet to be proved.”

“I congratulate Zurich.”

“Physiological clinic.”

“Taste for decadence.”

“You are a swine.”

‘RTE News’ Quotes:
“Self-reliant agrarian society.”

“Slightly shaming to come here.”

“Flood zone.”

“Cities were emptied.”

‘Medium’ Quote:
“We’ll always be watching her.”

‘FTWeekend’ Quotes:
“Fulfilled the worst nightmare.”

“Tactical offensive warfare.”

“Adventurous inventions.”

“Interwar blowups.”

“Quantum navigation.”

“Predictions of a third world war have been around since the conclusion of the second.”

“These events have now moved finally out of living memory.”

“Military ambitions.”

“So old-school it has defunct ashtrays and the 1980s upholstery to match.”

“How could this not be true.”

“Genocide recognition.”


‘HowToSpendIt’ Quotes:
“Narrative of charms.”

“Social notions.”

‘Gary And His Demons’ Quote:
“Leave jokes to the bigots and creeps that call themselves comedians.”
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