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Movie Reviews: Siren + The Usual Suspects

Siren (2010)
There are no ethics or values in this low budget sleazy dreck. There is no love or kindness in this dreadful film.

The Usual Suspects (1995)
Gabriel Byrne and Kevin Spacey star in this silly neo noir. There is disruptive behaviour and it all leads to the twist that makes no sense the more you think about it. People are adversely affected by extreme behaviour, tension, apprehension and fear. A socially conservative customs agent thinks he is a genius as he yells at low rent criminal Verbal (Spacey) about Dean Keaton (Byrne) and a shootout.

Verbal makes laughable assertions. There is dated technology and the devastating effects of greed are shown. The plot tries to be insidious, destructive and complex. Literal and moral wounds are inflicted. Potentially cataclysmic consequences and clearly profound errors unfold. Verbal is a self-promoter. This is not really a complex story and has no complex characters. Verbal is grandiose and self-effacing. This is not that effective once you know the big twist.

Criminals reached a career impasse. Did Dean Keaton have self-torment and soul searching? There were wisecracks, bitterness and people deprived of rights. Or were there? This was disappointing. The customs guy is punitive, mean-spirited and callous as he screams blistering criticism and gets pugnacious. Is infamous criminal Keyser Soze real? Are the deeds ascribable to Soze real? Characters fates are a foregone conclusion. There is a deficit of sense.

There is boorishness and pettiness in this moribund film. Verbal fakes an inward gaze and insecure tone. Was any of what he said real? What really happened? People are unreliable, culapatory and self-serving. Verbal is a soliloquising nemesis. People are reckless and stupid and have total disregard. This was grim and there was no meaningful action. Killing capabilities were displayed.

Best Lines:
“Sudden change in mood.”

“He wasn’t your friend. Keaton didn’t have friends.”

“Less than intelligent.”

“Got to make like I was notorious.”

“Leaned on by half wits.”

“This guy is protected from up on high by the prince of darkness.”

“The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.”

“The will to do what the other guy wouldn’t.”

“Retired? For a woman?”

“Cold blooded bastard.”

“Showed those men of will what will really was.”
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