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Book Review: Ghost Wall

Ghost Wall by Sarah Moss
Teenage Silvie and her parents and some strangers are living on the moor as an exercise in experimental archaeology. Her harsh father has an obsession with an imagined past and harbingers of doom grow. Peacenik vegans they are not. This was a good unsentimental tale full of disconcerting forces, psychological violence, emotional distress and an utterly tragic cataclysmic experience that is unspeakably cruel and full of ugly dangerous logic. This was arrestingly good.

Best Lines:
“He preferred to use a more offensive term and wait, chin raised, for a reaction.”

“The sort of the thing I wouldn’t wear if anyone I knew might see me,”

“Couldn’t imagine that there were circumstances in which qualities other than being posh and having read a lot might put a person in charge of everyone else.”

“That’s how it used to be.”

“You’ve upset him again, haven’t you?”

“As if there were no possible consequences for a girl making obscene gestures on the public highway.”
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