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Movie Reviews: Ivory Tower + Nothing Left To Fear + Legally Blonde

Ivory Tower (2014)
A goodish documentary about the pitfalls of college in America. It’s too expensive, some schools are just party schools, the teaching standards are lax and students have no mental growth. There is a free college and it is over 17 million in debt as a result and the students are morons. Students debt will be passed on to their kids. There is no enlightened selfishness or calm measured approachs or calm, disciplined and effective dissuasion tones.

Students display challenging behaviour and there is no mutual connection or co-operation. Emotionally unsafe students aren’t calm and consistent. There are unmet expectations and no good intentions or social politesse. Not going to college at all is discussed. College seems disastrous and disheartening.

Peter Thiel is interviewed. There are strong feelings of anger. There is conformity of thought, mendacity and idiocy. There are deliberately unknowing idiots. There is talk of MOOC and crass self-delusion and ideological premises. There is public discourse but no reasoned public dissuasion and debate.

There are disastrous developments and a culture that has become increasingly uninterested in detail, nuance or generosity. There is no carefully argued reasoning or careful nuanced discussion. Students do bullying tirades and manipulative abuse of language. Online courses don’t work and there is shallowness and no proper perspective. BTW what is elementary statistics?

Best Lines:
“Female Americans.”

“Investment person.”

“State should not subsidise intellectual curorisity.”

“Ran for President later on a promise to disband the Department of Education.”

“Even with a Masters I couldn’t get a job cleaning toilets at a local hotel. I was on food stamps.”

“Downright scary.”


Nothing Left To Fear (2013)
A pastor and his family move to a new town. Anne Heche of ‘Another World’ and James Tupper of ‘Revenge’ star. A girl dreams of evil sheep. There are idiots and stupidity and bad acting in this idiot movie.

Best Line:
“Who puts a tooth in a cake?”

Legally Blonde (2001)
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