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Movie Reviews: Mandy + Love Is Strange + The Girl In The Box + They Shall Not Grow Old + 2 others

Mandy (2018)
Nicolas Cage and Linus Roache star in this terrible film. This is set in 1982 so there is a ‘CHIPS’ joke and a sense of ominous threat and saturated colours. Things are intentionally opaque. There is terrible darkness and Cage wants to keep his wife’s love. An atmosphere of constant violence and bad decision making hangs over this film. The violent retribution takes ages to kick off.

Destructive forces are out there. All preconceived notions of this film fall by the wayside. It takes Cage ages to go on his stabbing rampage. Cage and his woman live in a messy difficult reality. Enemies are aligned against Cage. Morally evil types in a van show up. This is not a deliberately nostalgic fantasy. Cage’s home is no longer a rural idyll. Emotional landmines and lurid revelations take place as morally reprehensible types attack.

Monster bikers lurk. The wife is kidnapped and killed by the cult of crazies. Cage does roaring and drinks in his underpants and plans vengeance and there are no decision making burdens. This was unpromising and an insuperable dead end. There are no honest articulations. This not a creative or cultural output. There is no swagger or elegance. Unremorseful Cage kills unremorseful baddies. Anything goes.

Drugs influence decisions. This was intellectually violent as the malefactor Cage gets murderous. Which is the corrective moral response in this soulless and horrendous film. There is eroded moral authority. Cage wipes out scum and blights. This was ghastly and awash in violence and 80s nostalgia. There is insidious destruction and values ripped off. Cage lumbers through this mediocrity.

Democracy is sabotaged diabolically by the clownish frothing maniac Cage who diabolically kills with a variety of weapons. Cage is in serious distress and consternation. Reactive responses are not rational, logical or sane. Cage has delusions and this baffles one in its lack of reason.

Best Lines:
“Took a disliking to them.”

“Everything you do is wrong!”

“What’cha hunting?”
“Jesus freaks.”

“Weirdo hippy types.”

“Gnarly psychos.”

“Something dark and fearsome out there.”

“Cheddar goblin.”

Love Is Strange (2014)
Alfred Molina and John Lithgow star in this drama. George (Molina) is fired for getting married. They can’t afford to live in their apartment anymore. They are divided and embittered and irritate other people. They’re disheartened and annoying and doomed for life. Ben (Lithgow) is not a reliable ally. What was the necessity of this? I don’t care about them or their indoorsy introversion or that Ben dies.

The Girl In The Box (2016)
This is the true story of a crime that began in 1977 and didn’t end until 1982. Colleen Stan was abducted and subjected to S&M abuse by a couple. This focuses on the depraved couple as Colleen is brainwashed and kept in a box under their bed. This TV movie is of questionable significance. Colleen’s made to cook and put groceries away. The wife doesn’t even get to go to hospital to give birth. Her child sees Colleen around the house as she grows up.

The couple arouse fear in Colleen. There are lies, deceit and scheming as the naïve and insecure Colleen is mistreated. The husband gets profound contentment and diabolical delight in his predatory abuse. Colleen is driven by fear. The husband sells lumber and Colleen is discouraged from escape. There is no human dignity as Colleen is docile. There is depravity and Colleen takes criticism stoically.

There are corrupt inducements and years pass. Things get unbelievable but they did happen. The wife (Zelda Williams, daughter of Robin) leaves with her child. The child who witnessed all this. The wife lets Colleen got. The wife got immunity and the husband is in jail for keeping Colleen prisoner for 2,640 days. This was mediocre.

Best Lines:
“I told her not to scream.”

“Not every box needs a lock.”

“Address me as master or sir.”

“Put on your gown and go scrub the floor.”

“Your dinner is ready master.”

“Reminded of your place here.”

“At least I won’t be burning in hell.”

They Shall Not Grow Old (2018)
An okay Peter Jackson documentary about WW1.

Best Line:
“Gun team.”

Gypsy’s Revenge (2018)
An okay documentary about abuse and murder.

Best Line:
“Wrestling sheets on his bed.”

The Mummy (1999)
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