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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘The A List’ promo

‘Death And Nightingales’ promo

‘Z Nation’ promo
Murphy runs a titty bar in the apocalypse?

Rose candy - no.
Sicilian lemonade - ugh.
Gluten free mince pies - okay.
Smarties - okay.

I heard a ‘Salvation’ spoiler - WTF?

Who saw ‘Playing God’?

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Being more interested in other people or places.”

“Access to privilege.”

“Years of being placated and tolerated.”

“Detest the new partner and even if you’re right to do so.”


“Widely accepted social norm.”

“Deemed incapable.”

“Household misery.”

“Colossal damage.”

“Thank god that he was elected,”

“Culturally appropriate.”

“A culture that is ambiguous toward paid employment.”

“Engage actively and to assume shared civic responsibilities.”


“Petition of the intellectuals.”

“Restoration of her right of residence.”

‘Dead Set’ Quote:
“What are you for?”

‘Music Icons’ Quote:
“Cease to become relevant.”

‘A Winter’s Tale’ Quote:
“Makes us look exactly like what some of us want to be seen as being - those people your mother warned you about-”

‘Paradigm Wash’ Quote:
“Came from the stars. From places we don’t even have names for.”

‘Satiety’ Quote:
“Print-on demand is becoming the bane of good literature.”
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