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The Huntsman: Winter’s War (2016)
This is a prequel/sequel featuring Emily Blunt as a never before mentioned sister of the evil queen. Chris Hemsworth and Charlize Theron co-star and Liam Neeson does a voiceover to fill in the plot holes. There are bad accents, retcons and no wonder this flopped. Freya the snow queen knockoff is oblivious to sense. The Huntsman is all fratboy boorishness. Freya has no steely élan and this is a nuisance.

There is community strife and no reasonable prospect of joy. There is no Snow White just sap. The trailer gave away everything. ‘Game Of Thrones’ iconography is ripped off. Nick Frost, Sam Clafian and Jessica Chastain co-star. Snow White and the Huntsman did not knock boots; she seems to have picked the other guy.

Best Lines:
“Fear her very name.”

“You’ve won.”
“Have I?”

The Inherited aka Stranger In The House (2015)
Nathan Darrow of ‘House Of Cards’ and ‘Gotham’ stars alongside Dennis Boutsikaris of ‘Quantico’ and Annabella Sciorra in this inept TV movie. A couple move into the house that the husband Tom (Darrow) inherited from his dead cougar 1st wife. Lines are not delivered with passion. The new wife does not fully and completely understand Tom. There are terse conversations and Tom still has his 1st wife’s wedding china. There are hints of her husband’s dubious past.

Tom’s creepy former sister in law lurks. There is paranoia, poison, murder, a bizarre will, a bizarre ending and a blatantly obvious plot twist. The idiot heroine does pitiful pleading and there are heated emotional entanglements. This was grimly stupid and causes mass discontent.

Best Lines:
“You hate anything invented after 1940.”

“Oh, how grim.”

Final Girl (2015)
Abigail Breslin and Wes Bentley and Alexander Ludwig star in this. A girl is trained to hunt and kill serial killers by a creepy mentor. 4 boys hunt and kill women. But they’ve met their doom in Veronica. This was goodish.

Best Line:
"That's a really big rock."

"He's hunting."
"In a tuxedo?"

"You're an interesting girl."


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