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Book Review: Black Wings Of Cthulhu 6, part 1

Black Wings Of Cthulhu 6: Twenty-One New Tales Of Lovecraftian Horror edited by S.T. Joshi, Part 1

By Ann K. Schwader. This Cassie story sees her face an indecent amount of peril in this archaeological horror story. This is an okay tale of endless dire warnings and thwarted hope and impassioned responses and immediate and serious consequences.

The Girl In The Attic
This tale of time and cosmic horror makes no horrible kind of sense.

Best Line:
“The Gods We Await.”

The Once And Future Waite
A sequel to Lovecraft’s ‘The Thing On The Doorstep’. This is a goodish chilling explanation of what happened after the terrible events in that story.

Oude Goden
An odd tale of a witch.

Best Line:
“Seeing that thing in solid form is something you’ll never unsee.”

Taking a job agreeing to care for an old woman’s plants was a bad idea.

On A Dreamland’s Moon
A terrible poem.

Teschitigo Creek
A couple go on a make or break holiday. It breaks them. This was okay.

Ex Libris
By Caitlin R Kiernan. This is a disjointed narrative that is yet another sequel to a Lovecraft story. It’s okay but Kiernan is too obviously relishing the transgression.
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