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Trailer, Quotes and Stuff

‘The First’ 1x02 promo

Chomp bar - okay.
Jalapeño & cheese crisps - okay.
Lemon Curd yogurt - yum.

I want a metallic twill jacket and a platinum paper flowers diamond bracelet and a 18ct gold petal yellow diamond ring with diamond band. I’d also like an 8ct white gold cerulean topaz diamond dress ring and a silver dream bangle and a gold You Me And Magic morganite ring and Asscher chandleir earrings. I also want a Dior sous le signe du lion and a l’object snake letter opener and a Moser caorie case and a Dior Grand Bal Miss Dior watch in steel and rose gold with diamonds and mother of pearl. I also want a Tom Ford pocket square and a Violeta Galan fern cabinet. I’d also like a De Beers solitaire pendant.

I will read ‘The Haunting Of Drearcliff Grange School’, ‘Empire Of Sand’, ‘Terminus’, ‘Ghost Wall’, ‘Drawn Up From Deep Places’. ‘The Tangled Lands’, ‘The Monster Baru Cormorant’, ‘Two Dark Reigns’, ‘Ghostly’, ‘Subhuman’ and ‘Power Rangers/Justice League’.

What is curing salt or apple brine?

I’d try Chicago deep dish pizza.

Who saw ‘Secrets And Lies’ (1996) or ‘The Beast’ (1996) or ‘She’s Out Of Control’ (1989) or ‘She’s Out’ or 'The Sandlot'?

Recall the Player Wills Factory?

Who had a fat frog?

I read the ‘MMPR’ story ‘Search Party’ - it doesn’t quite explain why AU Tommy went full Drakkon.

Recall toe rings?

I won’t read ‘The Dinosaur Tourist’ or ‘Kingdom Of Needles and Bone’.

On ‘Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina’: Salem isn’t on that often because the Sabrina actress is allergic to cats.

‘The Gloss Magazine’ Quotes:
“Continue to spread hate and sow division long after you have drawn your last breath,”

“Decade-long rift with her siblings.

“Pass on her Tiffany silver champagne swizzle stick.”

“Spite from the afterlife.”

“To be immortal from beyond the grave.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Rural response.”

“Cultural ephemera.”

“Off-putting monologues.”

“Smothering her ambition, bringing forgotten characters out of the shadows eager to take a slice of the political pie they now feel they are owed.”

“Instantly notorious.”


“Instantly infamous.”

“Descent into irony.”

“Perhaps going on tour with an occasionally non-functioning giant lemon sent the wrong message.”

“Why U2 were giving a press conference in a discount supermarket.”

“Never gained widespread report.”

“Built to withstand major earthquakes and high-velocity winds.”

“Caveated expressions of regret.”

“Enduring feeling that she should not have to apologise for what you did.”

“Denying things that everybody knows are true is that the value of anything that you say begins to steadily depreciate.”

“Formally notifiable.”

“Dismissed and distained.”

“Nagging the lads-”

“He and other vagrant people would congregate and get into fights,”

“From a country with a real food culture.”

“Syringing cream into deep-fried bread.”

“Somebody has got to be the person responsible for everything that’s going wrong in the world.”

“Decision points.”

“Contested link.”

“Forfeits any claim on our understanding.”

“Act of noticing.”

“Provocation worked.”

‘Tales From The Darkside’ Quotes:
“I expect an appropriate reaction.”

“Why did you destroy your videotape machine?”

‘Channel 4 News’ Quote:
“Questioned the sanity of programs like ours.”

‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’ Quotes:
“Federal raccoon sanctuary.”

“Ho! Ho! Ho! You ho!”

“She’s great.”
“Is she?”

“Crazy American witch.”

“Streep chewing the scenery like a rat on drywall.”

“Pink cocaine.”

“Ohio shower using our disinfectant toilet wipes.”

“You did your one man show once.”

“Chew my own haircuts.”

“I slapped a goat.”

“Took off your tights and emptied them in that trashcan!”

“Get divorced and poor.”

“Even my cat forgets I’m there.”


“All our step dads.”

“Say a bad word!”

‘RTE News’ Quote:
“Podium hopefuls.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“Why he left us.”

“Sexually relevant.”

“Never once apologised.”

‘Urban Myths’ Quotes:
“What thrills await our drooling public?”

“Twatty whingebag.”

“Crouching at the back like an evil dog.”

“80% teeth.”

“Slagging us off for being scum.”
“Well come on. You are scum. A bit.”

“Don’t talk to the mad one.”

“One man kicked in his new 380 pound TV in disgust.”

“You carry everything you own in a shopping bag full of holes.”

“I got a right to be hostile!”

“The foul and horrible future.”

‘Sky News’ Quote:
“Made a forced entry to the property.”

‘The Real Ghostbusters’ Quotes:
“It makes sense in a sick way.”

“The ecto-barrier.”

“Do not risk my wrath.”

‘FTWeekend’ Quotes:
“His characters often end up being punched in the face.”

“The new wife strove on behalf of her own children against her predecessor’s offspring.”

“Second wives scheming to oust earlier heirs.”

“Punishment chants.”

“Challenged accepted notions of jewellery.”

“Bombed Salvador Allende’s palace with the doomed Allende in it,”

‘How To Spend It’ Quote:
“Looking at him like he was an idiot. It was a look he had unfortunately grown used to in recent years and which seemed to accompany his every attempt at doing anything.”

‘Matinee’ Quotes:
“It’s okay, it’s a crisis.”

"Citizens for decent entertainment."

‘Gary And His Demons’ Quote:
“Think about you! Nobody else does!”
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