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Movie Reviews: Cell + The Ghoul + King Kong Lives + Matinee

Cell (2016)
John Cusack and Samuel L Jackson star in this bland adaptation of a bland Stephen King novel. A phone signal causes humans to become feral savages. The few unaffected try to survive. The ending is bizarre and what happened to Cusack’s lovely fluffy white pet cat?

The Ghoul (2016)
A cop goes undercover as the patient of a shrink who may be linked to a murder. There is talk of magic and this is all very odd. Are 2 shrinks’ evil witches who time loops to be immortal and is the hero doomed no matter what? This is okay micro-budget horror.

King Kong Lives (1986)
Linda Hamilton stars in this sucky sequel to the 1976 remake. How could Kong get a heart transplant? From what? What do they use for blood? Hamilton plays a heart surgeon. Kong and his mate escape. Where did the female come from? King Kong becomes a daddy and then he dies. Lady Kong and Baby Kong live in a wildlife preserve.

Matinee (1993)
John Goodman and Cathy Moriarty star in a tale of social cooperation. This was terrible indeed. The Cuban Missile Crisis kicks off. There is sap and bad acting.

Best Line:
"Throwing up your own organs!"
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