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Movie Reviews: The Changeling +The Devil Rides Out +The Watcher In The Woods (2017)

The Changeling (1980)
George C. Scott of ’Taps’ stars in this mediocre haunted house movie. A family are stranded in the snow. There is convenient phone box and then a car and a truck collide killing the hero’s idiot wife and daughter, who don’t get out of the way. John Colicos, Barry Morse and Jean Marsh also star in this. The widower hero and his unresolved issues moves into an old remote house. A local hussy wants him and goes along with his obsession for no clear reason.

The hero quickly realises his house is haunted and doesn’t seem unduly concerned. He’s only occasionally beyond despair. There is dusty attic and a bouncing ball of doom. He goes to a psychic research centre and characters are artless piss drips. Weird stuff happens. When does he find time to teach in-between ghost hunting? He uncovers a long ago crime.

This gets nonsensical. The idiot hussy is chased by a wheelchair. The ending makes no sense. There are nasty goings on and the end credits reveal this film had a séance technical advisor.

Best Lines:
“That house is not fit to live in.”

“It doesn’t want people.”

“Up to some strange things.”

“Dirty little blackmail scheme.”

“Making crazy accusations.”

“Out. Now.”

“None of this belongs to you.”

The Devil Rides Out (1968)
Christopher Lee and Charles Gray star in this tale of black magic and an irritating woman named Tanith. This was rubbish.

Best Lines:

“I must take your car! Simon’s life depends on it!”

“I shall not be back, but something will.”

The Watcher In The Woods (2017)
Anjelica Huston stars in this remake. A US family move to Wales. An annoying teenage girl whines non-stop.  A cute local boy is bothered by the teen from hell. This was utter utter crap.

Best Lines:
“This place already feels like fun.”


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