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Movie Reviews: Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice + Pet + Deepwater Horizon + 2 others

Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice (2016)
The troubled DC movie universe trundles on. Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill aren’t intense presences. Jeffrey Dean Morgan is Thomas Wayne, Amy Adams is Lois Lane, Jeremy Irons is Alfred, Holly Hunter plays a politician and Gal Godot is Wonder Woman in this aggressive and callous movie. ‘Heroes’ are unfettered by the veneer of civilisation. There is no panache and nuance in this film which is not absolutely brilliant.

This is dark and moody. Bruce saw the destruction in Metropolis caused by Superman and General Zod. Bruce has an unwavering dedication to ‘duty’ that is an unhealthy obsession. He’s emotionally compromised, violent and works out moodily. There is disturbing savagery and Bruce gets surprisingly violent. Bruce has an obsession to enact his own form of justice.

There are no noble intentions. I don’t care about anyone’s true motivations and passions. Who is the old guy in the Wayne building who is too dumb to evacuate? The cool premise is not memorable. This was not wildly successful. It is 18 months since ‘Man Of Steel’. This was over-dramatic and it is unclear what is going on. The screen is dark. Batman brands people. Lex Luthor twitches and plots. Who built the huge Superman statue and why?

The dead General Zod is used by Lex. What happened to Robin? Bruce has nefarious intentions. There are unexplained dream sequences, reasonable arguments and the Flash shows up. Bruce expresses hostility. This movie has profound problems and is a painful ordeal to watch. This was appalling and the societal implications of aliens showing up are shrugged off.

There is a montage. Lex plots. There is a Genesis Chamber. Aquaman and Cyborg show up. There is no competence, resolve or gravitas. Superman and Batman fight in non-spectacular and destructive fashion. Mercy lurks. Superman ends up under the earth. People are of overly bad character. Wonder Woman lurks. This is lacking in human decency. Bruce is all amoral absolutism. This has no redeeming value or ominous undertones. Lex gets a haircut. Why is Superman’s coffin draped in the US flag?

Best Lines:
“Even you got too old to die young.”

“Crime wave in Gotham. Other breaking news: water, wet!”

“Exceptional beings live among us.”

“Depend upon the kindness of monsters.”

“Bad history with freaks dressed like clowns.”

“Do not pick a fight with this person.”

“Poor people don’t buy papers.”


“Consider this mercy.”

“Desecration without name.”

“Your Doomsday.”

“He answers to no one. Not even I think, to god.”

Pet (2016)
Dominic Monaghan sees an old schoolmate on the bus. She won’t go out with him. So he locks her in a cage. His love object has secrets. This was rubbish.

Deepwater Horizon (2016)
Hope is not a tactic. Kate Hudson, Mark Wahberg, John Malkovich, Dylan O’Brien of ‘Teen Wolf’ and Gina Rodriguez star in this take on the 2010 disaster. The Blowout Preventor had a defect. There are chilling foreboding images. Transocean face trouble thanks to BP corporate malfeasance. There are bizarre mangling of the word cement. An oil spill is man’s legacy: not very encouraging for mankind. Corporate types are wholly dishonest. There is devastation as the oil rig is destroyed. There is devastation of moral values and trust. Things go wrong. This mediocrity is directed by Peter Berg.

Best Lines:
“The hole ain’t drilled.”

“That comment will be noted.”

“They left us!”

Chocolat (2000)

Mystic Pizza (1988)
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