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Supergirl4x02+Bloodline1x02+Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina 1x02+ Quantico 3x01-3x03+Doctor Who 11x04

Kara wails that the illegal POTUS shouldn’t have to resign for being an alien. Oh piss off Kara. She can just stride into the White House, lord I hate her. Lynda Carter and her terrible fillers overacts. Kara does a pose with the US flag. Alex is a fascist and beats up Otis. Mercy has kryptonite.

Nia is a tool. Seriously people are just supposed to accept havoc causing aliens walking around? Kara lies. Brainy can’t act and bores. Nia gets way too much screen time. Kara has unclouded optimism. James makes a sappy speech. Kara gets to go on TV and make a sappy speech and advise the VP who is now POTUS. Agent Liberty rants and Kara is taken out with kryptonite. TPTB unleash their SJW agenda and it bores.

Best Line:
“The web is dark and full of fun things.”

Bloodline 1x02
Kevin’s a loser. People pour out hatred in vast streams of vitriol. There is personal destruction and no peace, love or harmony. Instead there is inflammatory rhetoric, lies and insults. There are sinister actions and concern is expressed when Danny is accused of something. Danny has a tough past but does he have good intentions? Danny’s treated as a national menace.

John sucks face with his wife and feels he has restored a sense of order by making Danny go. The Rayburns make moral claims while contributing to a bad situation. What is Danny’s sinister plan here? Why do his family have relative indifference to him? Why does his return spark panic-mongering anguished debate? This was unfocused. What is the family’s festering dispute? The father has no genuine sincerity. Danny supposedly has a pattern of wrongdoing and is considered morally reprehensible.

There is banality and nobody takes a moral stand. John wonders who committed a despicable crime. There are nefarious activities. Nobody has a moral code. Kevin hurls accusations. This was tepid. Kevin is loud and strident. Nobody is suffused with sentimentality. Kevin accused Danny of harming their father. The family are obsessed with their own petty dramas. Danny is woebegone. People have cavalier contempt for Danny. There is a toxic atmosphere.

Danny has chronic pain from an old bad fracture. Who gave him the fracture? Kevin is accused of alleged sins. The father had a stroke. Kevin is a coarse-tongued instigator and his impetuous. Medical ethics are violated. People have displeasure with Danny. This was inept as there is distrust and anxiety. Flawed and damaged people shout. Danny is seen as a moral threat. Danny is treated as a disruptive and his name is mud.

There are antagonistic chats and casual callousness. Danny is deliberately snubbed. Danny is held in contempt and hated. Kevin is really awful. Danny got beat up as a kid. John knows. John can’t contain his glee with himself. Danny’s deeply unhappy. Sally wants Danny home. John is typically murky and into banal cruelty. This was horrifically bad.

There is no subjectivity. Kevin has howling distain. Kevin attacks Danny. John is inordinately proud of himself. This was unassuming. Danny knows John is a liar. John and Kevin will murder Danny for not leaving.

Chapter Two: The Dark Baptism
Does satan have dominion over all witches souls? The unpleasant high priest talks about the 13 Commandments. One aunt, Hilda, has depth. The other, Zelda, is truly awful. The aunts need their attitudes and behaviour curbed. Are witches really exempt from hell? The high priest lies. He’s not frolicsome. He has unflinching calm and grows ever-creepier.

Sabrina is dissatisfied by her existence. The elite intake school doesn’t entice Sabrina. The murdered boy was a witch who didn’t know what he was. There are unforeseen repercussions. This was not scintillating. There are no moments of emotion. Witches have zeal-warped conviction for diabolical forces. This was not skilfully layered.

Witches claim noble ideals and steadfast purpose. They’re all mass moral decay. Peril lurks. Harvey seems like a rampaging idiot. This was not wholly enjoyable or brutally effective. The WICCA club is mocked by those with sadistic intent. There are concerning misunderstandings and a fistfight in the school hallway. Nobody is amazingly respectful. Sabrina has a huge affection for her friends. She asks the 3 kinderwhore witches for help.

This lacks atmospherics. This was insipid. What about the dead boy’s familiar? The football players are like Kurt and Ram from ‘Heathers’. There is scorn and resentment and this was mediocrity. This was not super special. Sabrina puts on a red kinderwhore outfit. There is a mention of Riverdale. There are no boys at the witch school? This was not bleak, gothic or macabre.

Sabrina waves a Polaroid camera. Football players get menaced by revenge minded witches. Nobody calibrates their actions. Sabrina wears dark lipstick. Witches give up freedom for power. The Dark Baptism will be a key moment in Sabrina’s life. I’m sure the witches’ faith in their dark lord is an ill-founded assumption. Sabrina raises concerns. The aunts are ridiculous and absurd, not rampant oddities. This is not a complex evocation.

Zelda does ego-crazed demands. Hilda has empathy. Witches seem sadly self-deluding. Witches want accrual of power. Sabrina wears her mother’s wedding dress to her Dark Baptism. Zelda has frustration, anger and aggression. Sabrina wonders about witches’ fanatical and dubious dedication to their Dark Lord. People do ridiculous things. Witches seem to have personality dysfunction. Michelle Gomez’s overacting is a warning note.

What purpose do witches serve to their Dark Lord? Sabrina mentions going to the mall. There is a black goat. People obfuscate. Sabrina has frailties. The TV show eradicates her worst character traits from the comic. Her dress turns black as she heads toward her Dark Baptism. There are expectations and this was not darkly compelling. Sabina throws a truth-bomb. Sabrina doesn’t like the witches’ attitudes and she is an inevitable outsider.

What service does the Dark Lord want? Zelda is monstrously selfish. People are unreasonable. Sabrina wants free will and decides not to sign the book. It goes badly. This was not poignant or interesting. There is no eerie sense of destiny. This was not captivating. There is family trauma and Sabrina re-evaluates. There is family devastation. Zelda is not steadfast. There is no lushness just a burden of secrets.

This was dull with no nuance or tone. Things go awry. The principle is possessed. The high priest has a single mindedness of purpose. This was not superbly good or gripping. There is no jittery menace. This was not meditative, haunted, eerie or desolate. This was full of false notes. This was not ominous just absurd and full of threats.

Best Lines:
“The false god.”

“Book of The Beast.”

“Dark unholy sacrament.”

“Hell is for mortals.”

“Bit dramatic isn’t he?”

“She annoyed me. So I killed her.”

“Torment mortal boys.”

“Preferred the loss of heaven to that of his pride.”

“Daughter Of Night.”

“You’re dressed as your future.”

The Conscience Code
Alex is in Italy picking grapes and wearing a pristine white blouse. Season 3 lacked logical story curves. Alex has a doomed boyfriend. This season was a calamitous bleak decline. Nothing came to any good. Alex’s man turns absurd, capricious and stupid. This season was desperately ill-advised and had a death of imagination. Alex has a stash of money and passports and rigour and resilience.

A non wonderfully menacing baddie has kidnapped Shelby. Ryan bothers Alex. They babble about a stolen code. Ryan reveals he married Shelby. Nathan Darrow guest stars as drug crazed sleaze. Ryan gave up on Alex. It’s 3 years since season 2. This was a frustrating season but this ep was okay. Shelby and her pee coloured hair is menaced and is in peril. Exposition is dropped.

Will works for a baddie. Ryan is rude. Owen left the CIA for the FBI. When did they print out all those photos of Shelby? Harry shows up to annoy. Felix (Darrow) gets his shirt off. Harry says For King And Country, not Queen. Why hasn’t he been deported? Harry’s an ass. What accent is Darrow doing? Australian or South African? Will rants about how his life was ruined after season 2. The baddie has psychopathic ambition for power.

Felix wears tiny underpants. He’s a cruel presence. It’s profoundly disturbing to see Will so morally slippery. Shelby doesn’t care she stole her friend’s man. Harry murders Felix and oddly Felix’s rich competent brother doesn’t avenge his death. Owen sets up a black ops team. This was okay but what became of Will?

Best Lines:
“What ring?”
“The one you clearly took off!”

“Beyond code word.”

“Everyone is lying. All the time.”

“The glass contains arsenic.”

“That answers a lot of questions.”

“Why does your name sound like a Batman villain?”

Fear And Flesh
FBI cadets join the team. There is a bio-terrorism attack with TB. Ryan is rude. An undercover agent has to get Ryan into a militia. Ryan was named on TV by the POTUS in season 2 yet oddly no one recognises him. There are terrible consequences to militia idiots. Personality vacuum Ryan bores and treats sense with irrelevancy and distain. He’s foolishly impudent. This has no resonance. Tragic events take place. A teenager is stupid. There is no infinite cunning and this was not brilliantly suspenseful. Wouldn’t Shelby be recognised? There are plot holes. This does not escalate. Ryan kisses Alex.

Best Lines:
“Gets guys like me knifed in my sleep.”

“Go crying on Facebook.”

“Your mom! She said it last night after he climbed off her.”

Hell’s Gate
A protected witness is killed. There is an ill-timed Anthony Bourdain joke. People are oblivious to moral restraints. The agent who went undercover in the neo-Nazi gang has had a wash and joined Owens’s team. People talk about cartels. A man who went undercover in a cartel has to be protected. People do things that are not objectively justified. People act like fascists. There is uncertainty. Shelby’s hair looks green. There is no legitimacy and stature. The characters live stunted lives. People do the less decent thing. Ryan goes undercover in leather. There is a twist and killer epipen. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“When they still had faces.”

“Otter turned Leather Daddy. What does that even mean?”

“This is depressing even for a safe house.”
“I live here.”

“These pants feel like a cavity search.”

“Subtle as ever.”

“Killed his own sister because he didn't like her boyfriend.”

“Don’t even get me started on beard wax and artisinal pickles.”

Arachnids In The UK
There is new opening credits and a guest appearance by Chris Noth of ‘Law & Order’, ‘Sex And The City’ and ‘The Good Wife’. Noth plays an aggrieved wannabe POTUS. How many companions does the Doctor have? A former ‘Coronation Street’ actress wanders around. This was powerful or remorseless. People are aggrieved. Spiders act out. The horrible horrible things attack.

There are no civic norms. Spiders incarnate hostility. This was an unedifying spectacle. People are capricious, mean-minded and stupid. There are devastating consequences to people being idiots. There is a breakdown of civility, rationality and dignity. The boor and blowhard (Noth) is deadly serious. This was dull and predictable. Nobody has decency or dignity.

There is false comfort. This was not hard-edged. Things go badly wrong. This was unimpressive. Noth says absolutely untrue things. Nobody is decent, honest or good. Spiders are the bane of all things. This was not compellingly creepy. The Doctor whines. The spiders are stopped. They just are. How is unclear. Does Noth have deadly intent and ruthless ambition? This was not exciting or suspenseful.

Best Lines:
“Spiders can’t do that.”

“Please don’t mention that name.”

“Really got to stop saying stuff like that.”

“You actually have friends?”

“I love a conspiracy.”

“Spiders don’t do that. Do they?”
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