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Halloween (2018)
The ‘official’ sequel to the 1978 original that erases all the other sequels and reboots. In this non-substantive sequel; idiot disputatious podcasters unleash dull nightmarish chaos by discreditable conduct when they provoke Michael Myers into going on another murderous rampage to kill a bunch of losers.

Only the traumatised Laurie (Jamie Lee Curtis) on who 1978 had such a significant impact can stop Myers. There is good music, call-backs to the original, a Dr Loomis soundalike, violence, dark humour and a sequel hook.

Apocalypse Pompeii (2014)
Adrian Paul vs Vesuvius in this dreck.

The Hexecutioners (2015)
People whose home situations are unsatisfactory can be legally euthanatized in this scifi film. This is not a dire imaging. People are heartless and judgemental. This repels any interest. This wasnot sinister or skin crawling. There is no high incentive to care. This is without merit and is abjectly dismal and I’ve no real idea what the ending was about.

Best Lines:
“I know your type.”

“Old world with an ugly meaning.”

“Carve him up and feed him to birds.”

Creepshow (1982)
In this anthology horror, a father has a hate reaction to his son reading a horror comic. This was not unusually demanding. George A. Romero directed this. The father sounds like a Catholic League Of Decency member in 1959. Ed Harris shows up in one segment as impending doom come for him. Things go in a nefarious direction. An unloved father who was irredeemably terrible comes back from the dead. There is no awful and emotive detail.

Less salubrious things happen. One gets wearier as this goes on. Already ruined lives seem worse off. This tries for dark and disturbing awfulness. This was belated and wretched. This was implicitly ridiculous. There is long term abandonment of sense. An idiot farmer (Stephen King) turns into a plant. Unconscionable things happen. King does affable if dim. This was unseemly and one has scant regard for this parlousness.

There is no dark menace or unhurried layering of dread. People have farcical never ending personal dramas. Ted Danson plays a sleaze who has affair with Leslie Nielsen’s wife Gaylen Ross. There is family drama and buried tensions. Nielsen shows off his implacable will and his revenge on the cheating lovers is regrettably disappointing. There is a convergence of bad luck. This was mundane with no emotional complexity. The rich bastard has authoritarian triumph in his retaliatory act and the ending is scarcely convincing. There are no sinister happenings.

A sexist incorrigible sulk wants rid of his wife. There are pathetic pretensions and this was not quietly devastating. A clean freak rich miser comes to a bad end. Adrienne Barbeau and Tom Savini co-star.

Best Lines:
“I keep what is mine.”

“Got the damn herpes.”

“Get cancer in the worst place!”

Inferno (1980)
A Dario Argento film about witches or something. There are cats and babbling about smells and houses of the damned. People with poor emotional presentation and monstrous intent and rats all collide in this diabolically stupid tale of remorseless violence. Morally objectionable types end up in terrible circumstances in this non-substantial trash. People spit scorn and constant derision. This was mad and bad.

Best Lines:

“I’m coming to get you!”

The Other Side Of The Door (2016)
Sarah Wayne Callies and Jeremy Sisto 'star'. Callies goes hysterical and causes issues as she’s given a way to talk to her dead child and naturally messes it up. She refuses to take advice and is a dumb bint who goes hysterical. This was dumb, boring and inept.


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