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Reaper Season 2 Ep 13 Review

The Devil and Sam Oliver

'Reaper' comes to a damp squib ending with this final ever episode. The devil makes Sam do a monkey dance and the selfish, stupid Ben has issues with his grandmother over Nina. Can you can time wasting plots? At this point I'm wondering why we are supposed to care about any of these people. Ben, Sock and Sam seem like the sort of losers who like to beat each other senseless and roam around in groups looking for fights. Sam doesn't care about his fake daddy burning in hell or the AWOL Alan. Which either shows that he is his father's son or the writers don't care anymore.

Steve and his terrible acting show up, Sam challenges his demonic father to a contest. Daddy Sneerest wins, Sam broods. Sock gets stoned on toad taking up valuable screen time and don't even get me started on his shark fin story. Nina and her 'The Exorcist' spoof plot take up too much time as well. Andi acts bipolar again and sells her soul to satan. Steve betrays Sam and breaks his hand. So Sam and Andi are damned to hell and Sam's dad is the worst everything and his friends are morons.

Steve shows up to explain and Sam feels the need to smash Steve up. Somehow Sam can throw rocks with his broken hand. Just when you though the show couldn't get any worse, Steve sports a pair of fake angel wings and flees off to heaven with the rest of the angels. That was utterly utterly stupid. This episode was awful and has to be the worst 'Reaper' ep ever.

I've seen some bad show finales in my time. 'Threshold', 'Forever Knight' and 'Star Trek: Enterprise' for example and this piece of crud is right up there in the tv hall of shame with them. TPTB should be ashamed for smearing this across my tv screen. 'Point Pleasant' did a way better antichrist show than 'Reaper'. This was awful, awful, awful. Couldn't they have had Sam go bad and off Andi and his jerk friends in a last minute boo moment? Or they could have done, something, anything other than this.

'Reaper' is dead and I don't care.

Best Lines:
"Do you read the instructions?"
"All I need is an on switch."

"An angel broke my hand in six places which evidently means heaven hates me."
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