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The Crains toxic behaviours and wilful misinterpretations goes on. There is no air of peril, no eloquence and no gravity. Nobody has emotional management. Hugh did ill-considered things in 1992. Hopeless and pointless things happen. Steven dismissed ghosts as fanciful imagination, mental illness and hallucinations. There is no unfiltered frankness. Hugh faces terrible rhetoric for existing.

This is better than the terrible ‘Dynasty’ reboot. Shirley is not thoughtful in her responses. She has deliberate and intentional behaviour. Hugh talks to his dead wife. What is the device Hugh and Mr Dudley pressed to the wall in 1992? Black mould was everywhere. Hugh ignored a weird photo. The unavoidable fact is that these people are idiots. Olivia pointed out that none of the blueprints match. Hugh talks to Leigh. Why is Leigh dressed like a Gilead wife?

Theodora is a terrible person. Aunt Janet shows up. Hugh didn’t take advice in 1992. There is no meaningful context. This is not a compelling mix. Mr Dudley made speeches. There is no sense of conflict. Hill House has wickedness. Mrs Dudley had a stillbirth. Why do the Dudleys still work at Hill House? Hugh stuck his hand in a fan in 1992. Luke sees Nellie’s ghost at the funeral. Steven makes the grim scene all about his presumptuousness and imperious cruelty.

Olivia menaced Hugh with a screwdriver in 1992. Did they fix the chandelier that fell down? Steve does nothing assistive. Hugh doesn’t appear to own a comb. Hugh made a discovery in the wall. It was William Hill, missing since 1948.Steven doesn’t listen. What caused the mess at the funeral? Shirley makes everything about her. What is Hugh lying about?

Best Lines:
“The smell of ruin.”

“Really bad?”

“Even by Crain standards.”

“Seize up dead.”

“Jesus Shirl today? Even today?”

“It’s okay, you’ve helped.”

“I was having a horrible dream.”
“You think?”

“Our forever house.”

“He bricked himself in.”

“They’ve always talked about this place.”

“You knew it looked wrong.”

“Your silence doesn’t protect them.”

Witness Marks
Steven and Leigh were trying for a baby. Why were Luke and Nellie sharing a room in 1992? It’s Halloween and Shirley’s son dresses up as Daredevil. Shirley’s a bitch. Steven rants about Olivia’s death. Mrs Dudley mentioned Poppy Hill. Didn’t Steven see the mould on the dressing table? Steven rants about mental illness and says the house was not evil. Steven tells Hugh he had a vasectomy and didn’t tell Leigh for years. Hugh planned to flip Hill House in 8 weeks? Olivia punched a mirror. Did Steven pay for the petrol he put in his car as he was driving to Hill House? I hate Shirley. The night is very well lit. Theodora overacts. Why didn’t Luke’s arson work?

Best Lines:
“Planning and pacing intercourse.”

“Methadone mile.”

“Of course you’re safe with me.”

“Stupid proclamation.”

“Forgave me with her eyes.”

“Fought with love.”

“A place where rich parents hide their embarrassments.”

“I can explain,”
“I doubt that!”

“Have you met yourself?”

“Some Bohemian weirdo.”

“A clenched fist with hair.”

“My genes are rotten.”

“The crazy Crains.”

“I never built you kids a treehouse!”

“Why don’t you listen?”

Screaming Meemies
Why was Mrs Dudley cleaning up broken glass with her bare hands? Why didn’t Mrs Dudley warn the Crains? Mrs Dudley had a daughter. Are TPTB hinting Olivia caused the storm? Why did everyone think Abigail was imaginary? What a little bitch Theodora was. Olivia saw the future including dead Nellie and Luke with chunky vomit. Olivia unwisely talked to Poppy Hill. Did Poppy Hill really lose 2 children?

There is hard purpose. Crap is rained upon the Crains. The kids were stupid and Abigail showed up in 1992. The interior of the Red Room is seen and it is weird. What happened the night of Olivia’s death is revealed and one can see why Hugh cracked up. Abigail couldn’t act. You can see why Hugh fled the house. This was not emotionally devastating. Olivia was nuts, with disastrous consequences. FFS.

Best Lines:
“Go full Theo on you.”

“The world out there has teeth.”

“Accidentally put your hand through a mirror.”

Inmate 4587
Wouldn’t Oliver be in solitary? He’s no self-scrutiniser but still confident of his own importance. Diaz the mumbling uncompromising enemy is still out there. Old Enemies of Oliver’s lurk. Vinnie Jones guest stars. Felicity and William have been dumped into witness protection. 5 months have passed since the end of season six. There is mumbling and the sound quality is really bad in this ep.

Felicity works in a coffee shop. Her hooker hair extensions look like they are falling into the food. Dinah is police captain. Dinah?!? The Glades is still messed up, Oliver did nothing about the Glades.

There are flashforwards to an adult William running around on Lian Yu. Black Siren is the DA. What happened to Curtis’ startup? Where is Slade? Oliver is a jerk, one long ago reached the threshold of one’s patience with him. Everything Oliver and Felicity do is tinged by conniving calculation. Oliver is an exemplary ass. He’s so selfish. Some blubbering ass is incoherent. He’s in Supermax, he deserves to be there.

How did Felicity get away from Diaz? This ep is a bad mistake. Felicity dumps William in a boarding school. How is that being paid for? There is a lack of awareness. There are insurmountable obstacles to joy. There are irrational beliefs and vacuous blather. Oliver has barely concealed contempt for everyone. Rene has an implied belief that nobody else but vigilantes can handle the city.

Felicity has delusions. Oliver is contemptuous of sense. He’s uncaring and irrational. Why is Roy on Lian Yu in the flashforward? Who is the new Green Arrow?

Best Line:
“I don’t do that anymore.”

Escape From Altura
There is another shameful chapter in human/zombie relations. There is mumbling and no imaginative elements. Dante is suspected to be behind the bomb. Murphy’s opportunistic. There are no moral ramifications. Murphy and Dante leg it. This was comparatively inconsequential. The situation is increasingly fraught as the characters go through a bad time.

Murphy’s zombie cult resurfaces. People blather about Limbo. Pandora does creepy weird stuff. How do they have petrol? Power seeking zombies lurk. Red chops off 10k’s hand after he is bittern. Sarge is nibbled on by zombies. Then she blows them and herself up with a grenade. Yeah! Bint goes boom! Blood flies and it rains blood. 10k is in shock. How did Warren and co dig graves? How does Pandora get around? Why is she watching them?

Best Lines:
“Death ain’t what it used to be.”

“You look like satan.”

“Was that necessary?”

“Nothing good lasts.”

The Devil In The Dark
Miners are killed by a ‘monster’. I’ve had no little derision for season 1. What are they mining? There is no social virtue. People look at silicon nodules. The ‘monster’ is an apparently horrific mindless killer of innocent miners until Kirk and Spock learn it is only a mother protecting its young.

The mine’s floor is awfully flat. The ‘monster’ is a silicon based life form called the Horta. The Horta is a hugely popular character. There is no creativity or vision. What is Phaser 1 or Phaser 2? The Horta lives in solid rock and can dissolve rock and people. So how can Spock touch it with his bare hands?

There is mystery and destruction and no tragic necessity. The Horta looks like a deep dish pizza. Murderous Kirk sees no solution but escalation. Spock has moral indignation. I detest Kirk. He has no moral sense. The Horta burns No Kill I into the rock. How can it speak and write English? Wouldn’t Spock’s thoughts be in Vulcan? Leonard Nimoy overacts during the mind meld which isn’t called that.

The Horta got angry because miners broke into the Horta hatchery and damaged eggs. Would a silicon based life form lay eggs? What is the green stuff on McCoy’s hands?

Best Lines:
“When that creature appears men die.”

“I wouldn’t touch it captain.”

“Of an entirely different order.”

“Silicon based life is physiologically impossible.”

“Crime against science.”

“Phaser you out.”

“I find it extremely disquieting that your roof choose that particular moment to collapse.”

Errand Of Mercy
The Klingons are introduced. Kirk is told to deny Organia to the Klingons. The people of Organia are described as primitives and weak innocents. Why was First Contact made with what appears to be a pre-spaceflight world? Kirk describes the Klingons as a military dictatorship and says war is their way of life. Kirk is rude and tries to interfere with the Organia peoples way of life and says he is a solider not a diplomat.

People refer to space vehicles. Kirk berates the locals and is a patronising jerk. The Klingons do not recognise Kirk or Spock. The Klingons boast about their mind sifter. Kirk is a tool who goes on about the locals ingratitude. They told you to leave jackass! This was dreck. Kirk gets angry when he learns the Organia people are super powerful aliens and they stop the Klingon/Starfleet fighting. Shut up Kirk. There is foreshadowing of the Klingon/UFP détente. The Klingon captain Kor would reprise his role on ‘DS9’ decades later.

Best Lines:
“Natural invasion routes.”

“You do not look like a store keeper.”

“I don’t trust men who smile too much.”

“You have a poor choice of friends.”

“Plan to do violence to you.”


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