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Movie Reviews: Now You See Me 2 + Mercy

Now You See Me 2 (2016)
There is exposition and a flashback. People want revenge on the Horsemen. It’s a year since the first one. Nobody has a willingness to contribute to society. Dylan’s still a bumbling FBI agent until he isn’t. Where is his love interest? A manic pixie dream girl named Lula replaces Henley. The Horsemen gurn and they are unable to find their purpose in life. Baddies have nefarious intentions.

Lula is loud and annoying. The baddies don’t bother to look for Henley. The baddies bother Lula; she had nothing to do with the events of the first film. This sequel is disimproved. Dave Franco, Daniel Radcliffe, Lizzy Caplan, Tsai Chin and Jay Chou run around. The baddies foment resentment against the Horsemen in poisonous obsessive ways.

An identical twin brother pops up. A twist makes no sense. This film should be a franchise ender. A bad guy (Radcliffe) annoys. There is no moral conflict and no moral code. People blather about Channel 1 and somehow do a worldwide streaming event. How? There is no magic in this just stupid stunts. Why is the FBI running around London with guns? This bores and the ‘magic’ is unimpressive. The ending is ridiculous.

Best Lines:
“Another sad attempt for attention.”

“Womb mate.”

“That’s really creepy.”

“Came into the world with the wrong family.”

“An empty experience.”

“Is it supposed to taste like that?”
“No. It is not.”

“Floozies around to impress.”

“Personal motivations.”

“30 year revenge plot.”

Mercy (2016)
The second husband and 4 sons of a dying woman clash in this rural thriller. There is an axe, money and greed. The family are alarmingly uninvolved. This makes no sense. I’ve no idea what this crap was about.

Best Lines:
“That degenerate outside.”

“Assh*le brother.”

“Your dad. Not mine.”

“They made him stop.”
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