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Kings Episode 8 Review

The Sabbath Queen

Silas has his birthday party and William Cross causes a city wide power outage in a fit of pique. Jack uses the blackout as an excuse not to be miserable in his transparent closet and looks up Joseph, the boyfriend he likes to abuse. Michelle and David bond over sexting, that is going to come back to haunt them isn't it? Silas freaks out over a threat made against him and recalls how years ago when Michelle was dying he made a pact with the Angel of Death. Either that or he had a psychotic hallucination but knowing this show, Silas did indeed meet the Angel of Death.

An assassin tries to kill Silas which was a bad move as Silas would fight a buzz saw in his current mood. Cross gets away with his crap again. For now anyway, flashbacks show how Rose declared the last war against Gath in Silas' name as her husband was busy chatting to the Angel of Death. When the lights come back on, Rose tells Andrew she loathes him, Jack tells his punch bag boyfriend that he loves him more or less and Silas returns to his mistress.

This wasn't good. Can anyone see David replacing Silas as King? What was Michelle dying of, an excess of hair oil perhaps? Why does Rose hate Andrew? Why doesn't Rose just off her bastard brother? Are we supposed to sympathise with Jack?
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