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Book Reviews: The Suffering Tree+Horrible BTVS Novels+Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Volume Four

The Suffering Tree by Elle Cosimano
An annoying woe-is-me teenage girl meets a zombie boy amid rancour and uncertainty in her new home. This was a complete farce. She’s all hurt entitlement in this lacklustre boring mess. This was relatively unimportant and sense is completely absent.

Best Lines:
“I’ve got friends.”
“You sure about that?”

“How about getting kicked out of our house? Again! We have no money! You have no job! Where will we go?”

“You’re asking me to believe that a three-hundred-year old dead guy crawled out of your cemetery and told you all this. I’ve seen Nathaniel, Tori. He isn’t exactly Walking Dead material.”

Horrible ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’ novels
Halloween Rain, Blood And Fog, Little Things, Revenant, Crossings, Portal Through Time, The Wisdom Of War, The Xander Years, Chaos Bleeds, The Willow Files, The Angel Chronicles, The Cordelia Collection, How I Survived My Summer Vacation, Long Way Home, Door To Alternity, The Burning, The Faith Trials, Lost Slayer, Broken Sunrise, Shattered Twilight, The Darkening, Blooded, Night Of The Living Rerun, Child Of The Hunt and Deep Water.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Volume Four
Billy and Tommy are trapped in a dystopian AU where Lord Drakkon rules. They run into AU Bulk, AU Skull, AU Trini and AU Aisha. Lord Drakkon carries out ill-thought psychopathic schemes and causes mournful despair. It seems franchise icon Tommy would be monstrously successful as a properly powerful bad guy/messianic deity.

In this moral vacuum of a world, the coinless resistance tries to offer serious opposition to Lord Drakkon. Saba makes speeches. Zordon and AU Zordon brood. The Falconzord shows up. Lord Drakkon suffers a setback and ends up somewhere unexpected. This was good.

Best Lines:
“You certainly have an interesting leadership style, Oliver.”

“You’re from another timeline. One where you didn’t turn into an evil conqueror. Makes perfect sense.”

“Are you ready?”

“The huge last stand battle at the command center,”

“Terrible, terrible events.”

“You still have a choice. It’s not too late.”

“Drag them from their zords.”

“No mercy!”

“They’re not loyal to you. They don’t respect you.”

“Well. That’s a really depressing outlook on life.”

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