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Book Review: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Volume One

Set after ‘Green With Evil Part 5’. Tommy has joined the unwelcoming team. He has PTSD from Rita. Billy babbles about a push notification. Tommy feels unwelcome and like the friend nobody likes. Rita and her Madonna cone bra plots. Angel Grove has monster attack rituals. It’s the modern day so Bulk and Skull run a MMPR fan vlog.

Everyone discusses Tommy’s ‘defection’ from Rita overlooking the brainwashed and crazy part. People wonder why the green ranger joined up with the MMPR. How do people know that Rita created the green ranger? Poor Tommy is isolated and alone. Jason is jealous when the Angel Grove youth center wants Tommy to teach karate with him. Scorpina attacks Tommy.

The colour-coordinated teens annoy. Zack is hostile to poor Tommy. There is no implicit trust. Daily havoc is unleashed by Rita. Which is not good for morale. Tommy’s self trust has been eroded. Rita’s wily. Tommy’s career defining time as the Green Ranger causes him unjustified shame. There is tension, no rapprochement and Tommy carries an unreasonable burden. The MMPR lack kindness and care.

Jason is an arrogant jerk jock who demeans Tommy. Nobody gives poor Tommy reassurance. The MMPR value familiarity. This was okay even though the MMPR across as bullying brats.

Best Lines:
“Quite the little clique they have, isn’t it?”

“Disperse blunt impact.”

“And just where do they hide their big, giant robots?”

“Ranger capital of America.”

“Zordon never actually asked anyone how they felt about him coming on board?”

“So the zords are like giant segways.”

“Just because Rita gave Tommy his powers doesn’t mean everything’s dark and grisly.”

“Powers that I gave him.”

“He’s done with you people.”

“You know you keep saying that. But for a leader, you sure don’t create a “team friendly” vibe.”

“Zack. Come on. She brainwashed him--”
“How much? A lot? A little? We have no idea.”

“Why do we need a sixth ranger anyway?”

“I’m tired of being treated like some outcast.”

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