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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Counterpart’ season 2 trailer
A black site, the Howards are in the wrong universes, a lot of brown clothes are worn and there is staring, more staring, cars, shadows and guns.

Best Lines:
“Living in your life.”

“Erasing you from your own existence.”

‘Hunter Killer’ TV spot
A submarine captain must save the Russian president. No.

‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ TV spot

‘Halloween’ TV spot

‘Sally4Ever’ promo

‘The Little Drummer Girl’ promo

Pears - yum.

They’re rebooting ‘Wrong Turn’?

There will be a ‘Doctor Strange 2’?

Who saw ‘Big Trouble In Little China’ (1986) or ‘Shopping’ or ‘Love Crimes’ or ‘Sling Blade’ or ‘The Boy Who Could Fly’ or ‘Mask’?

A possible ‘Prince Of Darkness’ TV show?

What are dippy eggs?

Who saw ‘Conspiracy Theory: Did We Land On The Moon?

Best Lines:
“Load pattern.”

“Totally inhospitable to man.”

I won’t read ‘The Poppy War’, ‘Furyborn’ or ‘Before Mars’.

The Underwood/Meechum relationship on ’House Of Cards’ was based on unjust power relations and domination. But it was entrancing. What did FU see in the foul Tom?

Best Lines:
“Send Meechum in here.”

“I value your opinion, I just don’t agree with it this time.”

‘Hidden And Homeless’ Quotes:
“Selling sniff.”

“I got punched up.”

“Grief and bother.”


‘Extras’ Quotes:
“I wouldn’t pay for that.”

“Defend his actions about something.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Not having a community of people whom you feel safe with,”

“Moral gate-keepers for the country.”

“Media targeting.”

“The ranks of thousands of virtually anonymous royal princes,”

“People who tried to say no even gently and diplomatically faced consequences,”

“Struggled to recognise errors, or accept even mild criticism.”

“Forced to wheel their own patients to theatre as porters also refused to co-operate on religious or moral grounds.”

“Respectable families might not send their daughters to train there if they heard there was a family planning clinic in the place,”

“A woman’s husband would have to sign a consent form before she could get a tubal litigation.”

“She was in some way immoral.”

“Social disapproval and isolation.”

“Social differences.”

“Behaving like a teenager and not contributing financially.”

“Has isolated himself.”

“Cannot countenance.”

“Not agree to any form of counselling.”

“Anger has left him lonely.”

“A game of trying to catch people out.”

“Self manage.”

“Two big doors that the women weren’t allowed to go through.”

“Stained glass windows were blown out.”

“Sale declared void.”

“Both lied and knew they were lying.”

“Not engaged with home supports.”

“Not motivated to do anything to facilitate that,”

“No one fills the position of head of state by right.”

“Allegations on expanses for the dog are completely inaccurate.”

“Irredentist claims.”

“If you have not developed a sturdy net of social connections by your 30s, there is a sort of taint on you; a kind of maudlin aspect that suggests there might be something wrong with you.”

“If you don’t go to pubs, you don’t expand your existing friend network organically.”

“The friendship drifts away or diminishes.”

“Is this a dead country?”

“Absolutely sure that every stranger is in fact a serial killer.”

‘The Ongoing Adventures Of Bulk & Skull’ Quotes:
“The Rangers are pretty great. How do they do it?”

“Many detentions later.”

“Color-coordinated dweebs.”

‘The Suffering Tree’ Quotes:
“Tori would be lucky to wake up with a door on her bedroom at all.”


“Everybody knew women didn’t swim. Not unless they were possessed by the devil.”

“We were lost to them, and them to us.”

‘A Dangerous Dynasty’ Quote:
“Constructed a different set of morals.”

‘Sky News’ Quotes:
“Drug substance.”

“To accept somebody like that as President Of The United States.”


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