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Book Review: The Immaculate Void

The Immaculate Void by Brian Hodge
This is a very good albeit slim novel that tells of human and inhuman mysteries and doom. Daphne is a damaged woman, her brother goes looking for her when she goes missing again and both become aware of ravenous cosmic entities that lurk and lie.

Best Lines:
“He could see nothing about this that wasn’t worrying.”

“The Sistine Chapel gets repainted with a brand new cast of characters.”

“All the drinks you can spew into a gutter,”

“Who are these people, really?”

“She didn’t do happy.”

“Whatever was behind his eyes was beyond reaching.”

“One face for your parents, another for when he got you alone.”

“A threshold meant to be crossed only by initiates.”

“Beryl came to hate me. I always knew that, and couldn’t say it wasn’t earned.”

“All our deeds would be undone.”

“Your doom wanders the earth of its own mortal will.”

“The kind of arrogance that would presume to call itself a god.”

“Believe our lies and be indulged.”

“They were nothing like their servants believed them to be”
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