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Trailer, Quotes and Stuff

‘Pet Semetary’ trailer
Looks okay.

What are flour flies?

Recall the ‘Ferris Bueller’ TV show or ‘George’ or ‘My Fat Greek Life’ or ‘Joey’?

‘The Lost World’ Quote:
“Graveyard of the damned.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Not having enough basic social contact.”

“Come to terms with the nature of the engagement to which they had committed themselves.”

“Aggressive demands.”

“Horrible bastard.”

“Greasy lumps of sugar.”

“Institutional reputation.”

“Hurtful eyes.”

“Enforced disappearance.”

“No feeling understood, listened to or cared for.”

“Meaningful social contact.”

“Maladaptive thinking.”

“Feeling abandoned by the city.”


“Social licence.”

“Vicious false rumours about their personal lives.”

‘Irish Daily Mirror’ Quote:
“Being schooled by men on how to sit in a chair.”

‘House Of Cards’ Quotes:
“I want them out.”

“Change your tone. I’m in no mood.”

“Guys who wear a flag pin to work.”

“No solace above or below.”

“I pray to myself for myself.”

“Find solace nowhere.”

“No idea how to lead.”

“It’s a habit I picked up in military school.”

“Go to town bitch!”

“Anything cheap.”
“Goes to the interns.”

“I’m sure she frequents many hotels.”

“There can be no mercy.”

‘City Of Lies’ Quotes:
“Mutter dark warnings and curses.”

“Violent idiots in the streets.”

“Disinterested in art, music or cultured discourse.”

“She had failed, and I had taken the place that should have been hers.”

“Invisible servants had better access than the closest friend or lover.”

“Women were forced from their own families and expected to live as a kind of pampered ornament in the home of an unrelated man,”

‘A Dangerous Dynasty’ Quotes:
“No way back for her.”

“Another brother, who’s even worse.”

‘Hi-de-Hi!’ Quotes:
“Some brand new water in the pool.”

“Got drunk and chased me round the camp.”

“Palace of laughter.”

“He was not a floor walker.”

“You sound like a lift operator.”
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