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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘The First’ promo
Looks good.

‘Origin’ trailer
Tom Felton stars in this terrible looking scifi. They were left behind on a spaceship? What happened? No.

‘Good Omens’ trailer
I love the book but this looks terrible. Michael Sheen and David Tennant prance. There are angels and where is Adam? Tennant looks unwashed. This looks crap. Dog and nuns feature.

‘Star Trek: Discovery’ trailer
Pike wears a Discovery uniform. Flashy VFX, mumbling about Starfleet and Spock. WTF is the red angel? The Emperor, Klingons, Sarek and Spock all show up. Mmmmm.

Best Lines:
“Deeply insane plan.”

“Among the stars.”

“This feels bad.”

“Where it must lead.”

‘Butterfly’ promo

‘Now You See Me 2’ promo

‘Aquaman’ extended look

Salted caramel fudge - okay.
Gluten and milk free jammy wheel - okay.
Rubicon sparkling lychee - good.
Raspberry Intense choc - okay.
Amaretto gelato - okay.

What are wilja potatoes? Or Katahdin potatoes? What is moon milk or sweet rose harissa or mint oil?

I’d try Persian stew, juniper water and mint water.

‘Cockroaches’ was the worst TV show ever made.

I want red leather boots and a funnel-neck jumper.

Who saw ‘Happy Feet’ (2006), ‘VI Warshawski’, ‘The Man In The White Suit’ (1951), ‘Perry Mason’, ’Trapped In Space’, ’An Officer And A Gentleman’ (1982), ’Pushing Tin’ (1999), ’Ray’ (2004), ’Sorry!’, ’The Wings Of The Dove’ (1997), ‘Carry On Jack’ (1963), ‘Passenger 57’ (1992) or ‘Police Academy 4’?

Shane West is to play Bane in season 5 ‘Gotham’?!? That I’d watch!

‘The Sunday Times’ Quotes:
“Stopped believing in the future.”

“Her name became dirt.”

“Conspicuous absence of solidarity.”

“Confer on her the necessary degree of fame.”

“Donation of my time and skills to humanity.”

“Nobody has offered their help.”

“I don’t know where all this money is supposed to be coming from.”

“In search of traces of a lost civilisation.”

“Mapped celestial movements with astonishing accuracy 2,000 years before Galileo.”

“The only true written language of the pre-Columbian Americas.”

“Why they suddenly abandoned their cities more than a millennium ago is one of the greatest puzzles of archaeology-”

“Buried in centuries of mud and vegetation.”

“Where nobody has ever investigated.”

“Burnt a vast library of their ancient books made of animal skin and tree bark.”

“Pottery dating from several hundred years before Christ. What was it doing in a sealed burial chamber in a city that, until then, with its ornate carvings, was thought to have built it in the first millennium AD?”

“The high street is full of charity shops.”

“Culture-led regeneration.”

“Trappings of western life.”

“Consumerist ways,”

“Conveyed a sense that he thinks he could have been treated better.”

“Some American contracts require you to send a certain amount of tweets a week-”

“Bred for the pleasure of men.”

“Vengeful hippie.”

“Unafraid to be grim.”

“Not one for a regrettable quote.”

“One of the more effective ways to get rid of a people’s history is to remove all trace of it.”

“Destruction was profound.”

“Specialised shelters.”

“Arrives triumphantly.”

“What he wants, he gets.”

“Acid-fuelled meltdown.”


“Unheard of to welcome ridicule in the Victorian age,”

“Press hostility and peer abuse.”

“Uneducated rural, white American men who live in the past, can’t relate to women and they regret that the world has been changed around.”

“Opportunistic star-stalker.”

“Destroyed by courtroom revelations.”

“Grasp the nuances of the Greek Middle Voice and the vagaries of the Greek conditional clauses.”

“Demand secrecy.”

“Some of his post-Python work was so poorly received: he left the UK in a huff to live in America, where he feels appreciated.”

“Changed neither his crusading politics nor dress sense since the 1970s,”

“Did not see the point of it or were hostile to it.”

“Sleazy decade.”


“Fun was forbidden.”

“Trapped forever in the system after one mistake.”

“Something, anything else.”

“Cannot behave themselves late at night.”

“Desert bastion.”

“A different anger and a very different reaction.”

‘Foyle’s War’ Quotes:
“To places where it has no right to be.”

“Achieve the levels of incompetence.”

“We dropped his son in a minefield.”

“No morality.”

‘House Of Cards’ Quotes:
“People respect me.”

“When he dies, we’ll pay for his funeral.”

“Insecurity bores me.”

“Put fear into other people.”

“Completely cut out of everything.”

“I hear silence, I don’t like that sound.”

“I had a fight.”
“Did you win?”

“OD like Amy Winehouse.”

“Slut vibe.”

“Her loyalty costs me nothing.”

‘13 Reasons Why’ Quotes:
“You hush!”

“Compliment bag.”

“The girl was too much.”

“Dad showed interest in my life.”

‘Queens Of The Conquest’ Quotes:
“Lest they be contaminated by perverse morals.”

“Mask the stench of rotting food and dog piss.”

“Body linen.”

“Millers paid due in eels.”

“Perpetual anathema.”

“Denounced their son.”

“Bring ruin on themselves.”

“Mutual and lasting hostility.”

“Forming plans beyond her sex.”

“The English language was abhorred by the Normans.”

“The English mode of writing was also abandoned.”

“Passed fierce forest laws.”

“Condemned to forfeit those members with which he had disported himself.”

“Every Kingdom that is divided against itself shall become desolate. It is not to be borne that he who owes his existence to me should aspire to be my rival in my own dominions.”

“Hated by almost all his people, and abhorrent to god.”

“England will not long rejoice in the children she will bear,”

“Cast out of their communities to live as social pariahs,”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Obstinate rejectionism.”

“Rejecting the norms of democracy.”

“Simultaneity of action.”

“The battle that saved civilisation.”

“A loathing for lectures from the EU-”

“Paid dearly for delusion.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“A gold-digger who shot him and he wants to marry her.”

“Threatened to blow up the house.”

“Cheated on him with an ex-con.”

“Where did the cocaine come from?”

“In his sane mind.”

“Worship team.”

“Street ministry.”


‘Veronica’ Quote:
“Someone answered your call and now walks with you.”
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