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Book Review: A Confederacy Of Dunces

A Confederacy Of Dunces by John Kennedy Toole
This was mirthless and completely terrible. This was boring absurdity. This was a superfluous tale of an ugly American who is diabolically difficult and laudatory of himself. He lives in a chaotic manner and is an absolute menace. He’s infuriating, loud and grating. Add in racism, creepy sexual politics and the fat loser’s mother’s utter inability to do anything about her son’s obvious mental illness and the son has erroneous presumptions about his own talents and is totally lacking in self-awareness. This was full of oppressive stereotypes.

Best Lines:
“I spent all his poor Grmmaw Reilly’s insurance money to keep him in college for eight years, and since then all he’s done is lay around the house watching television.”

“The perversion of having to GO TO WORK.”

“You’re shattering my religious ecstasy.”

“Forced to function in a century which I loathe.”
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