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Trust 1x04 + Strangers 1x01 + Star Trek 1x10&1x11 + The Magicians 3x03-3x07 Reviewed

That’s All Folks
Italian is babbled as the inept kidnappers try to get someone, anyone to listen to their ransom demands. But no one listens. Paul Sr is awful. Paul hangs out with his kidnappers. The butler and gardener bond. Paul Sr won’t listen. Paul III’s idiot girlfriend could care less. There is trouble. This bored.

Best Lines:
“This is becoming bothersome.”

“Don’t you care?”

Strangers (2018) 1x01
John Simm stars in this ITV drama. An annoying woman dies. Her husband Jonah (Simm) looks sad and then he learns his wife was a lying bigamist and he’s the bit on the side. Her husband of 20 years is oddly accepting of her adultery and death. Jonah doesn’t yet know his wife had a child with her real husband. Jonah bumbles and this bores.

Best Line:
“Do nations exist?”

The Corbomite Manoeuvre
Kirk is shirtless for no good reason. The Enterprise is bothered by an alien ship. Kirk strolls around and yaps about starmaps. McCoy says Kirk needs to eat dietary salad. Rand serves Kirk his salad. Uhura wears yellow. The gang encounter the First Federation. Some navigator throws a strop on the bridge and has a screaming fit. People keep talking about tapes. McCoy aggravates. Kirk is aggrieved. This has no strength or conviction.

This was okay but not searing brilliance. In this ep, McCoy is not a long standing opponent of almost everything Spock stands for. The First Federation tries blunt coercion. Rand makes coffee with a hand phaser off screen. The navigator fell prey to corrosive fear. The First Federation’s searing hostility bored as did the navigator’s emotional issues. Kirk is invincible.

This was trivial and repetitive. The tantrum thrower ends up back at navigation - this tantrum didn’t cost him. Kirk brokers a compromise. Why is Scotty operating the transporter? The ending twist is dumb. The navigator is off-loaded.

Best Lines:
“Entering lethal zone.”

“This is the United Earth Ship Enterprise.”

“Some such beliefs which comfort you.”

“Warn other Earth ships.”

“We grow annoyed at your foolishness.”

“Earth People.”

“Very fortunate Earth Woman.”

“Life sustaining system.”

“By our standards alien life.”

“High sounding words.”

“Phaser weapon.”

The Menagerie Part 1
This is a clip show that reuses footage from the original pilot ‘The Cage’. Captain Pike (played by a new actor who does nothing but stare into the middle distance with his mouth open) has suffered a terrible accident. He’s lost all life-enjoying attributes. Oddly UFP medicine can’t fix him. What is a class j starship? Pike was disabled by Delta Radiation. Why is he called Captain if he was promoted to Admiral?

Spock feels it is morally right to commit an insurrection and give people a very grave reason to be displeased with him. People talk about record tapes. Kirk shouts. Spock violates belief and behavioural systems for Pike for whom happy days would never come again, unless Spock brings him to Talos IV.

Kirk forgave Spock’s career ending betrayal and gross deception. This ep was not suitably melancholy. Just boring. The Pike traumatising event was caused by a ruptured baffle plate. Spock mutinied for nobler intentions. Uhura has on white nail polish. Kirk overacts. There is talk of Talos IV and General Order 7. It’s 13 years since ‘The Cage’? A Starfleet officer and log describes Spock as a "half-Vulcan science officer”.

Spock stole the Enterprise. There is a mention of green animal women and apparently at one point Pike spoke of becoming an Orion trader aka a slaver. How did this show become a cultural icon?

Best Lines:
“The one forbidden world in all the galaxy.”

“Court of space law.”

“Our timewarp factor 7.”

“United Space Ship.”

“No alien problem.”

“The only Earth ship that’s even visited the planet.”

“No one will ever visit Talos IV.”

“Past point of safe return.”

“Spock is finished.”

The Losses Of Magic
Alice returns home with a new kitten. Margo cracks and pirates attack and seagulls report. Penny’s suddenly dying in a hospital. Wasn’t he working in a library? Alice heads home to her dreadful parents and is rampantly paranoid. Julia gets a message. Is Quentin possessed? Not now. Margo is dumb and meets a pirate ‘king’. Kady plans to summon a demon cos she’s a twit. A boat is in peril. This was notoriously awful.

Best Line:
“She used to be dead.”

Be The Penny
Penny’s dead. There is a lot of talking. Penny’s stupid. This ep was stupid.

Best Line:

“Chalky twat.”

“Lots of screaming on both sides.”

A Life In The Day
Kady’s locked up in a nut ward. I could care less. Margo is told to marry. The clock gateway to Fillory is at magic school. Eliot and Quentin end up together. There is timey wimey stuff. Jane Chatwin shows up twice. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“You had a choice back then.”

“Hello there little plot development.”

“We can do hard things.”

“Didn’t you die?”

Do You Like Teeth?
Penny whines. The irritating Felicia Day guest stars. Quentin faces his self-hate. This was devoid of charm, meaning or purpose. The fae are terraforming Fillory. Margo steals Fae embryos. Alice foams at the mouth. Penny is useless and selfish. This was a turd of an ep.

Poached Eggs
Felicia Day hangs around like a stale fart. Penny is just the worst. The poors in Fillory are angry. Oh screw this show.

Best Line:
“Did you enjoy anything at all?”
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