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Requiem For A Dream (2000)
Ellen Burysten and Jared Leto star in this tale of drug addiction. The future Joker (Leto) is a junkie who steals his mother’s TV on a regular basis. Even though she’s chained it to the radiator. His mother (Burystyn) is socially challenged and he has lunatic tendencies and is grimfaced and full of nefarious stupid plans. He is a dreadful failure of a human being.

This is an utterly despairing film full of heartbreaking poignancy. He has a girlfriend Marion (Jennifer Connelly) and a friend (Marlon Wayans). They all do drugs together. The mother is unsupported. What era is this set in? The four people have no calm consistency in their lives. The girlfriend wears blue nail polish and hates her rich family and has deluded dreams.

There is spiralling negativity and negative friendships. The inevitable consequences of their life choices unfold and there is no redemption except possibly for one of them. They have no moral imperative as drugs manipulate their emotions and actions. The girlfriend has feigned vulnerability which soon becomes real. This is bitterly moral and their apparent objectives are delusional. Their bad choices impact upon them significantly.

The mother is addicted to watching a monstrously sleazy infomercial. Gruelling adversity unfolds with macabre fascination as the mother takes diet pills and develops amphetamine psychosis. This has a brutal effect on her. There are destructive social circles all round. This film pulses with negative fever. The girlfriend is sucked into prostitution to get drugs. The heroin addict ignores his mother, his health and his girlfriend. Nobody has good judgement or strength of character.

The son is a complete bastard. There is no deep consideration of mortality. The girlfriend (and her chokers) has been cut off by her parents and they won’t even answer the phone to her so she has no way out of her situation. A drug dealer in a fur coat lurks. The son is defiant and argumentative and has meltdowns. The girlfriend is under the control of her pimp. The son’s arm gets infected and his mother is in a hospital of horrors.

The girlfriend curls up on her sofa with a huge wodge of drugs which are now her only solace. Her dreams literally lie in bits around her. Christopher McDonald, Keith David and Dylan Baker also featured in this film in which nobody has moral obligations and people are worn down by routine.

Best Lines:
“What do they stick in red meat?”

“This is not Madonna.”

“It’s from Macys!”

“I don’t know what I’m going to have to do to get it.”

“I didn’t take it out for air.”

“Can you hear me? Can you see me?”
“Okay for work.”

The Hills Have Eyes (1977)
In this cult classic, the lucky ones died first. This was written and directed by Wes Craven. A vicious, visceral rivalry breaks out between a regular city family on holiday and a pack of cannibals who live in the desert. The desert isn’t an idyll. Warning prophecies are uttered and this got a near shot by shot remake. This was gloriously unhinged with flinch inducing scenes.

The cannibal clan are excessively aggressive and aggrieved. One of them is played by Michael Berryman. Two male members of the city family wear short shorts. One of them has a porntache. Hideous 70s clothes are worn. The city family are unobservant and their situation is escalated when they ‘crash’ aka drive into a bush. Mom jeans are worn, even by a ‘teenager’. There are flares. The cannibal clan plan wilful and deliberate badness.

The city family laugh about their vicious dog. Then they get assailed on all sides. The youngest daughter is stupid. Her brother is stupider. The cannibals are reflexively hostile. People shrug off violence and abuse. The city family went on holiday with their birds? They didn’t think to keep watch while stranded in a desert at night? How dumb are this family? Why is the night so bright?

Mama cannibal has a dead raccoon on her back. Why don’t people discuss things? The couple ignore their baby. The family are incuriously twits defiantly untouched by logic. They’re so unobservant and stupid they annoy. The cannibals have 70s perms and one has pointy teeth.

The city family have no adaptive strategies. The father dies horribly. Ew. There is no thoughtful nuance. The mother hits a cannibal with a broom. Two people end up shot. The cannibals steal the baby. All this distress was unnecessary. All possibility of compromise has been exhausted.

Women are treated as an irritant. People talk down walkie talkies. Why does Ruby of the cannibal clan have shaved legs? Ruby runs off with the baby. Bones are used as jewellery and interior decoration. Cannibal mom is forgotten about. The baby’s mother Lynne was played by Dee Wallace. It ends on a fade to red as Lynne’s husband kills the last male cannibal. This was good but what’ll happen now?

Best Lines:
“With the regular folks.”

“Marching the National Guard through. See what they find.”

“The silver’s been gone for 40 years.”

“I come back for you later girly!”

“Nobody lives back there?”
“Nobody you’d want to meet.”

“There’ll be hell to pay no.”

“Human French fries!”

“We’re not goddam lost!”

“25 years I’m a cop in the worst god dam precinct in Cleveland.”

“Janitor of the desert.”

“Runaway slut.”

“That was a long time ago.”

“Long enough for him to steal a whore that nobody’s miss, long enough to raise a passel of wild kids, long enough for a devil kid to grow up to be a devil man.”

“Stick your face in my life!”

“You don’t like dog anymore?”

“I like fixing people good.”

Veronica (2017)
This Spanish horror is set in 1991 Madrid. 4 children fend for themselves - their mother is always at work and doesn’t care for them in any sense. The kids are idiots and their mother doesn’t do anything. There is an eclipse and the heroine and two idiot girls use a Ouija board. Where did they get a Ouija board in 1991 Madrid? Things go awry.

Is Veronica possessed? There is a toy snake and weirdness. Veronica’s friends ditch her. There is overblown music and no scares. The heroine’s checked out mother doesn’t care even as weird stuff happens. The heroine could not hit water if she fell out of a boat. This was stupid. Veronica’s utterly useless and her mother has a moral deficiency. There is no undertone of menace.

Best Line:
“The towel smells like chicken.”

Haunter (2013)
In this ‘horror’ a dead girl (Abigail Breslin) and her dead family are stuck in a time loop afterlife tormented by a creepy man. There is inevitably a Ouija board and a dollhouse. The girl and her stupid parents and her brother bore. Her father went mental and murdered them all. This is shrugged off. She can’t leave the house. There are unanticipated occurrences and she communicates with a living girl now living in their house. She faces conscientious obstruction from all.

The creepy man (Stephen McHattie) relentlessly pursues his victims even after death. He’s a serial killer who lived in the house. He’s convinced many fathers to commit violent murderous acts. There is wholesale non-compliance with sense and show-killer David Hewlett shows up in this pathetic attempt at ‘horror’.

Best Lines:
“Your father gets upset sometimes.”

“Contact the living.”

Piranha Part Two - The Spawning (1981)
Lance Henrikesen stars in this James Cameron film. There are perms and 80s fashion and this is utter nonsense and it has no creative whimsy. This was sublimely silly. A diver is bothered by her jackass ex. There is sexism and I’ve never seen part 1 and I don’t plan to. There is sexual harassment and stalking, all of which is tolerated.

Flying piranha plumb greater depths of transgression to the bemusement of untalented actors with 80s hair. This does not allow Cameron’s talents to flourish conspicuously. The angry abusive jerk ex is angry and abusive. This is full of recognisable tropes and character types. This is an era when tolerance of abuse of normalised. This is not a moral universe.

The crazy ex wants to compel his ex to obey him. This is not a venerated film or an esteemed one. The exs have ferocious arguments. This did not make a lasting difference by existing. There are misconceptions and no reckless desperation in this utterly terrible mess.

Best Lines:
“Developed a sort of killer fish.”

“Drowning lessons.”

“Found a leader.”

“Oh Jesus Loretta!”

“Experimental strain of fish.”


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