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The Magicians 3x02+The Cry1x01+Star Trek 1x09+Star Trek: Enterprise 2x03+Krypton 1x07&1x08 Reviewed

Heroes and Morons
Fairies cause disaffection. Quentin, Julia and some guy cause no measure of engagement. The fairies cause awful fascination. Alice gets a kitten. One feels deep irritation for Alice. This ep is of dubious worth. Alice is a moral failure. Kady fails to find hope. The gang don’t like one another. This ep is obviously unsatisfactory. Quentin and Julia have toe-curling desperation.

Kady annoys. There is inert plotting. The cataclysmic effects of no magic go on. There is no high regard, trust or friendship. People are of minimal help. Idiots are a constant irritation. Magic connected and divided them with such dramatic consequences. This is not a timeless achievement. Fillory’s flag is still the 2 rams. Eliot goes on a quest with delighted abandon.

Fairies are mordantly chilly. There is an air of improbability but no pace or urgency. This was ineffectual and cacophonously pointless and unusually awful. There is no spur to greatness for Eliot. There is no emotional motivation. Eliot’s transactional marriage is brought up. This was not emotionally engaging. Eliot’s daughter is all grown up. She has implacable hatred for her parents. Interest in this ep is cursory at best.

Where does Margo get make-up in Fillory? Margo has growing distain. Nobody acts in a reasonable manner. There is no cosmic drama; this was just silly and tiresome. Fairies are a malign presence. Fairies plot mediocre Machiavellian plans in this misery fest. Eliot’s daughter Fray has imperiousness. This was not unwatchable poignant or strange. People are completely miserable.

Alice’s poor kitten dies. Kady’s a dumb slut. Eliot gets one key. A season 1 ‘DS9’ ep is ripped off. Eliot leaves a baddie to the mercy of his victims. The perfomatively posh Fray annoys and she is cruel and unloving. This was not genuinely terrific. WTF was going in the alley?

Best Lines:
“Oh that’s troubling.”

“The Joe of Russia.”

“Need for wonder.”


“Two months without dick, I sound like Quentin.”

“How shocking and original this is.”

The Cry (2018) 1x01
This BBC1 drama is based on the Helen Fitzgerald book. It’s annoyingly non-liner as an annoying self-centred slut who stole a married man is a bad mother to the whore dropped bastard they had together. The slut (Jenna Coleman) whines. There are bad opening credits and how is a foreigner able to be a government minister? The man is perfomative and behaves recklessly and badly. The slut has no female dignity.

The slut and the man frame their past as dislocated from their current personalities. The man got to forget his past which involved a wife and daughter. The slut doesn’t matter and isn’t heard by him. The slut has no composure, credibility, calmness or forthrightness. Later on the slut has pain, desperation and survival. The man wants to take custody of his daughter Chloe away from his ex Alexandra.

Why hasn’t the man gone to Australia to see Chloe in years? The slut doesn’t care about the dire consequences of her slutty acts. The slut doesn’t care that the man lied to her about being married. The slut is self-serving. Did the man marry her? The slut is at the crossroads of choice. The slut is a bad friend and brooding. This is numbingly traditional. The slut is sullen and the man is looming. The slut is despairing and not soothing or silent.

Sense is brusquely abandoned. There is no obvious gain from watching this. The slut has a conspicuous loss of levity and she is full of lamentations. The man and the slut fly 30 hours to Australia and their son Noah cries the entire way making everyone on the plane hate the useless slut. The slut is not absorbingly tortured or wild and distressed. She ignores the man’s subversive manipulations.

At some point the slut ends up on trial for something. This was excruciating to watch. The slut shrugged off the married man’s pursuit of her. The man dispels questions about his conduct. The slut is impervious to sense and made a scene on the plane. The slut is not guileless or achingly vulnerable. She’s self serving and given to dark obfuscations. The slut and the man are horrible, hurtful, untrue, sneering and salacious. One can easily discern the slut’s character.

The slut has no mental well being or personal dignity. She does have discomfort. Alexandra’s daughter Chloe is a brat and Alexandra is sad. The slut is a causative agent of the all the repellent events to come. She committed grave transgressions and did she commit more? The slut has a casual attitude to motherhood. Her morality and lifestyle is questioned. There are creepy evasions and deflections.

There is an apparent lack of support for Alexandra. People undermine her. The slut caused no social good or positive impact. A serious incident takes place. I am shocked and appalled at how the BBC mangled a good book into this. Who cares if the slut is unprepared for the demands of motherhood? Read Gina Ford you daft mare! The slut has a grating quality and no suitability to be a mother. This was not desperately sad. The slut and the man’s awfulness cause outrage and long term consequences. The man isn’t proud and supportive of the slut. It is very very difficult to care.

Best Lines:
“Wasn’t looking for problems.”

“I’m not doing this on purpose.”

“Bush fire survival plan.”

“It is too late and the roads will not be safe.”

“Do you think you might cry?”

Dagger Of The Mind
Kirk and co deliver supplies to a penal colony. A prisoner escapes onto the Enterprise through idiocy. The loony bursts onto the bridge through more idiocy. He claims his escape was a desperate last resort and that he’s not a patient but a doctor. Spock talks about an identification tape. An experimental beam is talked about. Kirk is stunned to see a female shrink.

Kirk’s smirk and fake tan and overacting is shown off. The shrink’s skirt is so short you can see her knickers. Tie-dye is worn. A doctor is crazy and Kirk is mind-sporked. There is a Channel D mention. This was seriously boring.

The opening credits are well done even with the college rock theme song. The opening credits feature the replacement space shuttle that was never built. Archer whines and there is bad acting. There is distress and alarm as the Enterprise flies into a minefield and make first contact with the Romulan Star Empire who have deep hostility to outsiders. Archer shows off his vile ignorance. A mine sticks to the hull but doesn’t explode.

Archer gurns to show the seriousness of his intent. He has no weighty authority. T’Pol is a model of restraint as she puts up with him. Reed suffers comic mishaps as he dislikes social situations. There is bad green screen. Archer has no faith in Reed and gets to disarm the mine himself when Reed is injured. A Romulan ship shows up. T’Pol has to be lying about her knowledge of the Romulans.

Mayweather steers the ship with a joystick. Why is Trip on the bridge and in sickbay? Reed is in peril. What is with the line delivery on this show? Archer has unwavering faith in himself. This ep goes from bad to way way worse. I don’t think submarines have escape pods. Archer fancies himself a self-righteous intellectual. Reed is emotionally troubled.

Archer ‘saves’ the day with his idiocy and nobody really considers the ramifications of this first contact or even use the phrase. This episode was dumb.

Best Lines:
“Romulan. It’s pronounced Romulan.”


“The translator’s not locking on.”

“Rumoured to be an aggressive, territorial species. The Vulcan High Command has never made direct contact with them.”

There is no moral temperament. Adam Strange decides to be widely reviled. General Zod plans world-changing events. The Word Of Rao plots and he has an army. There are stupid decisions. Beardy is thick and throws people under the bus. Beardy aka Daron-Vex does no honest self-evaluation. The coup failed. This ep is wildly overblown.

Seg has eyes full of irritation. Adam Strange is in the Fortress - nobody locked him out. Adam Strange is deliberately provocative. Calamitous decisions are made. Adam Strange deserves to attract hostility and ostracism. Daron-Vex’s leadership plots make him only care about power and proximity to power. He tries to murder his daughter. This ep falls woefully short. Adam Strange over promises and is a waste of hope.

There is no emotional attachment. Lyta’s mancandy is changed. There is no sense of safety and this was not heartfelt. This was not fabulously eccentric or incredibly watchable. It was laughably pretentious. Who is General Zod’s father? The opportunist daughter swings both ways. There are no emotional extremes. Daron-Vex has more than one daughter? There is a Justice League mention. Adam Strange plans to sabotage Seg and kill General Zod. He has an ideological obsession withy justifying himself and is too obviously fame-seeking. Poor Dev.

Best Lines:
“Made Black Zero bleed!”

“You don’t get to talk.”

“Talk of aliens condemns you to the ice.”

“You’re about to get punched in the face.”

“She doesn’t belong here!”

“Who wants to live forever?”

Savage Night
It’s been 2 weeks since 1x01? This is an all about Adam Strange ep. Who thought that was a good idea? Adam Strange is a disgusting piece of trash. Who is he babbling to in the white tunnel? This does not fulfil the promise of the talents on show. The Voice Of Rao is baby eating - is he played by the baddie from ‘Da Vinci’s Demons’? He is! There is no grief-stricken desperation.

This show does not capture public attention. Adam Strange is an egocentric who overacts to a wildly unexpected degree. There are no seeds of ambiguity. This was not brutally done. The Kryptonians only reproduce via the Genesis Chamber. The Red Shard lurk. Dev’s not dead. A sense of mistrust is palpable. Lyta has willingness to escalate aggression with Vex’s daughter into genuine confrontation. Jayna’s sad. Adam Strange plans corrosive vengeance.

Black Zero yell at General Zod. This does not leave you compulsively engaged. This ep fails disastrously and nobody has dignity or respect. Adam Strange joins up with Vex. This ep does not even cause a prickle of interest. This ep is a full-blown disaster for which one feels thunderous contempt. Is the Voice Of Rao dead? Sadly no. Jayna doubts her grandson General Zod. Ona becomes a living bomb and dies. Did anyone else die? What is going on in the final scene? Who is the woman?

Best Line:
“Control you so viciously desire.”

“Kill you to death.”

“Honour is incorruptible.”

“I promise I won’t let you down.”
“It’s way too late for that.”

“A box of dumb things!”

“That creature you serve.”

“I’d tell you, but I don’t want to.”

“I attempted a coup, guess it runs in the family.”

“Unborn, imaginary child from the future!”
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