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Movie Reviews: The Day Of The Triffids + Tale Of Tales

The Day Of The Triffids (1962)
This was wildly unfaithful to the novel. A meteor storm causes disaster and the alien traffic plants attack. The hero smokes in a hospital and a guy in a lighthouse is drunk and emotionally abusive. There is sexism. The hero meets Susan who is an idiot. There is really bad VFX. A plane crashes. The hero and Susan head to Paris. The acting, script and direction are all terrible. Convicts show up and make girls dance. People are left to die.

The abusive drunken man in the lighthouse fights off triffids with a firehose of seawater. The water pressure is just fine and it’s all ridiculous. People all go to church at the end to give thanks for sea water.

Best Lines:
“Man killing plants? I’m not drunk am I?”

“The pilot? Is he blind too?”

“No help out there.”

“They don’t usually pull themselves out of the ground and chase you!”

Tale Of Tales (2015)
A  dull fairy tale anthology.

Best Line:
“Be less mysterious!”
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