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Book Reviews: Nightmare's Realm, part 3 + The Intrusions

Nightmare’s Realm: New Tales Of The Weird & Fantastic edited by S.T. Joshi, part 3

Purging Mom
This lacks any endearing qualities. I’ve no idea what this unfeasibly stupid and unsentimental tale was about. This was not truly innovative.

The Fifth Stone
A woman finds stones. Evil stones. This is an idiot tale of ambivalence and negative connotations. There are no striking notions here, let alone artisanal commitment.

In The City Of Sharp Edges
A man dreams, which has disastrous consequences and leads to a tailspin to the grave in this monstrously dull tale.

An Actor’s Nightmare
There is calculating interest in bullying in an acting troupe. A man is at a reputation disadvantage. This was full of fundamental contradictions and animosities and was stupid.

Best Lines:
“Began to be regarded with ridicule if not active dislike.”

“Desolate expectancy.”

“I still feel guilty about it. I doubt very much is anyone else does.”

This incoherent narrative is by Edgar Allan Poe.

The Intrusions by Stav Sherez
This ‘thriller’ is unfailingly terrible. Who wants to read about a violent predator cutting up women? This crime novel is inept and is about cops looking for a serial killer full of madness and depravity. This was boring and not unflinching.

Best Lines:
“Who says that kind of crap?”

“The eventual realisation that you were never going to make it followed by the slow withdrawal into disappointment and silence?”

“You wouldn’t have thought she’d be the kind to get herself murdered.”

“More dreams, more disappointments and sad retreats back home.”

“You can pretend you’re normal for a few hours but not for a lifetime.”

“It’ll prove you once existed.”

“You think the things I’ve done are bad, just wait and see what the next generation is capable of.”
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