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Star Trek Discovery: Succession Issue 4

In this final issue of the mirror universe story poor Cornwell discovers Burnham has no deep ethical charge. This is brutally stark. There is melancholy and bitterness. This was good if not an epic narrative arc. People are unflinchingly awful. There are no fair or just results. Just ethos crushing acts.

There is a devastating act by a secretly resentful overlooked person. A meticulously planned plan comes to fruition as an improvably ambitious and pleasingly vengeful Emperor takes the throne with an act of chilling terror. The Empire is in dark times. People are aggressive and threatening. This was enjoyable if not mercilessly gripping. A character takes transgressive pleasure and wins via others lack of humility.

There is great nastiness and reckless thrills. This comes to a solemn end. The Empire is oppressively macabre. There are brooding grievances and someone is unwisely haughtily dismissive. There is no solid decency.

Best Lines:
“You would be dead on the floor if not for us.”

“Equated murder with power.”

“Silly Klingon.”

“In the space of a few weeks, we’ve seen four different emperors.”

“Why would any Terran follow you after this?!”
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