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Krypton 1x06 + Star Trek 1x04 + The Crossing 1x08&1x09 Reviewed

Civil Wars
General Zod faces off with Seg, Lyta and Adam Strange. An irritating moppet prances. The Voice Of Rao aka Brainiac poses threats to social order and stability. Who is Beardy? This was not grimly compelling. Why is everyone time travelling and how? General Zod mentions Krypton will be destroyed in 200 years. Adam Strange’s lies come out. This is all dull vagueness. Adam Strange is dreary and unnoticed.

General Zod says Brainiac taking Kandor City causes the planet’s core to destabilise, leading to the devastating destruction of the planet. Beardy plots. What cataclysm is he on about? Did something cause Krypton to be such a harsh environment? Adam Strange does not offer a rational explanation for his lies. Seg does a lot of roaring. This was not bleakly funny or unremittingly intense.

There are only 8 other cities on Krypton? I give little credence to Beardy’s posturing. Some irritating git annoys. Adam Strange annoys and bores. Why is Krypton quasi-apocalyptic? Adam Strange travelled back in time not knowing the full story. This was okay. Behind a sigil made up of the El and Zod sigils is Doomsday. This is not prodigiously successful but the Doomsday reveal made me decide to keep watching.

Will Adam Strange stop lying and causing problems? Seg decides Adam Strange’s story needs reappraising. Adam Strange claims no responsibility for his lies. The relatively mundane show shows some sign of improvement with this ep. TPTB try to make this laden with significance. People are badly informed. There is death and a coup goes awry and Adam Strange and his lies provoke fury. Seg is disillusioned. Seg, Lyta and General Zod plan a collaborative response to save Krypton and change history.

Best Lines:
“Perfect yourself.”

“Make the Vex name seem important.”

“You fashioned me into a weapon. I take pride in that.”

“A grandson whose decisions are morally dubious.”

“Unending cloud of hatred they birthed.”

The Naked Time
Kirk is coated in bronzer. An away team member has no concept of hygiene or contamination or hazmat protocols and brings a virus on board. Spock babbles about space madness. A blue shirt freaks out and dies. Sulu wanders off the bridge and Spock fails to notice. Uhura ends up on conn. Chekov hasn’t been cast yet. A stage Irishman prances. Sulu runs around with a sword. Nurse Chapel shows off her polyester hair and wails about her love for Spock. ‘TNG’ remade this ep as ‘The Naked Now’ and it was BAD. There is sexism and Kirk broods and the disease spreads. McCoy deduces alien water caused the problem. Spock blubbers about his mommy and Kirk slaps him around. Spock slaps him back hard. This was not good and ends with unnecessary time travel.

Best Lines:
“Space still contains infinite unknowns.”

“What are we doing out here in space?”

“I’ll protect you fair lady!”
“Sorry, neither.”

“It is now three days ago.”

“Jim when I feel friendship for you. I am ashamed.”

The Long Morrow
Jude is not worried about the coming of the exhaustingly omnipresent Apex. The refugees trigger public conversation and people are incandescent with rage. The negative aspects of this show get worse. Jude is oddly respectful of Reece’s genoicidal ways. There is no sense of urgency, energy or wit. There is emotional rhetoric. The Apex stole autistic children.

Among their myriad other qualities, Apex don’t sleep. How did the locket photo survive a dip in the ocean? How did Jude beat the mob to the camp? Jude is a moral vacuum. Emma’s body is found. Jude tampers with a crime scene. Jude is the least positive aspect of this show. Eve and her husband Paul reunite. A mystery woman shows up. How did the doctor have a spy cane? This was 100% unlovely.

Best Lines:

“Savant abilities not even they could match.”

“A lot of things will become possible.”

Hope Smiles From The Threshold
This was nor harrowing. Things get significantly worse. We get scenes from 2194. Jude mocks a woman. Reece screwed up the crossing. But of course she did. An escape from the camp is planned. People are idiots. Caleb pontificates. Who is mystery woman and why is Jude listening to her? Caleb annoys. Mystery woman builds a device to detect crossings. This was wearisome. Jude is permanently enraged. Noah broods and has raised one of the stolen Autistic children as his own. A dude is shot. I hate this show.

Best Lines:
“Stop the rise of Apex.”

“Are we the oppressors now?”
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