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Movie Reviews: Where The Devil Hides + Martha Marcy May Marlene

Where The Devil Hides (2014)
Adelaide Kane and Colm Menay star in this tale of an Amish like cult and their fear that satan will be born amongst them. Meany puts on a bad US accent as the abusive hypocrite leader. The cult is untainted by modernity. A girl is treated unfairly by her bitch stepmother Rebekeh. People feel lingering enmity for a group of girls, because they are sure one of them will be satan. There is constant opprobrium and brooding grievance.

This tries for high seriousness but it has no elegant sincerity or pervasive dread. Rebekeh is the worst ever stepmother. People are uptight but tempted. There is instalove and bizarre behaviour. There is abuse and this film is not an incomparable success. People have a cringing fear of authority. This was not done convincingly. This does not ratchet up the tension.

The heroine yells her cause to the few people who will listen. Rebekeh (Jennifer Carpenter) treats her stepdaughter with aggression and becomes even more hostile. Rebekeh harbours resentment and this film does not race towards resolution. People have deference to Meany and his pitiless examinations. This was not a lauded and loved movie. Meany has near impunity until the very end.

This was murky and badly lit. This deals with contentious and sensitive issues, badly. This was stupid with ridiculous and offensive twists.

Best Lines:
“These births are an abomination!”

“Town boys and naked!”

“Don’t they talk about us enough as it is?”

“Reasons for our boundaries.”

“Sits upon his dark throne.”

“Lain down with Lucifer!”

“Refused his perversions!”

“You are renounced.”

“Shunned! Shunned!”

“All the godfearing.”

“From the abyss you came.”

“Beast of satan!”

Martha Marcy May Marlene (2011)
A boring film about nothing.
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