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Trailers, Quotes and More MMPR Rewatching

‘Total Divas’ opening credits
Who are these people?

‘Alex’ promo

I wanted a black corded knee length dress with square neckline, lace sleeves with Swarovski beaded shoulder detail. And a sleek pencil dress ¾ length burgundy velvet dress with square neck detail and lace sleeves with Swarovski beaded shoulder detail. I want the Chaumet Paris Josephine Collection. Also Graff earrings in white gold with diamonds and rubies. And Paul Andrew Citra boots in calfskin. I want a Boghossiah ring.

I’d try sheep’s milk yogurt. Also gluten free chocolate and hazelnut sponge. And peanut butter ice-cream.

What is a sex tepee?

What is vegan coffee?

Recall the original playstation?

Who saw ‘Tainted Blood’ or ‘Bloody Sunday’ or ‘United 93’ or ‘Sybil’ or ‘One Fine Day’ or ‘One Of Our Dinosaurs Is Missing’ or ‘The Lift’ (1984)?

‘Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace’ Quotes:
“I copied the plots from dead authors on whose work the copyright had lapsed.”

“At peace now, on account of being dead.”

“Anger rose up in him like a bad sandwich.”

“Then a hellbeast ate them.”

“I’ve always loved the great tragedies: ‘King Lear’, ‘The Poseidon Adventure’, ‘Superman II’.”

“My arse is grass and he’s got a lawnmower.”

‘Hitler’s Hidden Drug Habit’ Quote:
“Been catastrophically underestimated.”

“Their attitude to drugs makes little sense.”

‘The Sunday Business Post’ Quotes:
“If I came to your house and you had Orla Kiely curtains, I would judge you.”

“Ruin its own exclusivity.”

‘The Sunday Times’ Quotes:
“Amplify his celebrity.”

“And the sunglasses, which not many people wore indoors in the middle of the night-”

“Classically terrible studio idea.”


“Bone wars.”

“Misconceptions that have hardened into truth.”

“Didn’t sense he was heartbroken.”

“Southern lifestyle.”

“Wrote him off as a conspiracy theorist.”

“Without any knowledge or understanding of this country.”

“Should that be of interest to me.”

“Smashed a champagne glass on my dad’s dead. And that seemed completely normal.”


“Cultural totalitariansnism.”

“The intolerance of those who have spent their lives defining themselves as tolerant.”

“Take authority from Victoria.”

“11th century monk who invented hang-gliding.”

“Always seemed to be waiting sadly for something, or someone that never came.”

“Artfully lit walls.”

‘Foyle’s War’ Quotes:
“That I find hard to forgive.”

“You haven’t done anything for 20 years.”

“Find the world a increasingly difficult place to understand.”

“I don’t remember asking your opinion.”

“50 bob a week call-up dodgers.”

“The Dog And Duck.”

“Wreck of a human being.”

“No reason to be alive.”

“As far I’m concerned you don’t exist.”

“Eat them. Alone.”

“The Petroleum board.”

“Bloody bog-dwellers!”

‘The Ongoing Misadventures Of Squatt & Baboo’ Quotes:
“This Rita is just as mean and loud as ours.”

“Defeat ranger brats.”

“I take such pleasure in your beratement!”

“I think I finally get what being a hero is.”
“It’s the onesies, right?”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“An adversary to which they openly display their aversion.”

“So low maintenance, it doesn’t even need soil to stay alive.”

“Property history.”

“Blamed the scandal on scheming rivals,”

“Retained the affection and allegiance.”

“Assets profilers.”

“Unexplained wealth.”

“Everybody knows who you are and what you have.”

“Culturally literate.”

‘Tales From The Darkside’ Quotes:
“Careless little lies.”

“People make their own misfortunes.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“Has she been in a functional relationship?”

“Generational legacy.”

“It needs to not happen. At all.”

“Damaged personal truth.”

‘The Guardian’ Quotes:
“Economically fragile.”

“The acumination of disadvantage.”

“There is always the risk of being marked out as a troublemaker.”

‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’ Quotes:
“Do heroin in front of us.”

“Enjoy the attention woman!”

“Like talking to a chicken.”

“Let me sleep on the grill.”

“What’s up fellow prostitutes?”

“Waterproof birding journal.”

“Street screwers.”

Watched Some More ‘Mighty Morphin Power Rangers’

Return Of The Green Ranger: Part 1
In 2x44, Zedd has married Rita. As for Rita, she asks the wizard of deception to send the rangers back in time. This is Zedd’s brilliant idea. Rita’s idea is to clone Tommy and recreate her murder slave version of the green ranger. Rita is an unmitigated sociopath who wants the white ranger gone.

Angel Grove suddenly looks like Australia. Zedd has lingering enmity. Bulk and Skull are bewitched to steal some of Tommy’s Rapunzel hair so he can be cloned. The evil Tommy clone has a total dedication to the pursuit of evil, which he demonstrates by chewing on some straw. Evilly. There is a new Rita actress. There is no villain logic. Tommy wears a plaid sleeveless top. Putties attack and Jason David Frank hurls himself around the set. That and his total dedication to delivering ridiculous dialogue explains why TPTB favoured him.

The latest ill-advised bad guy plot is the start of a 3 part absurd story arc. There is plywood emoting. A putty punches an unmorphed Tommy in the face. Now how did that get by the censors? Billy shows off some of his gymnastic skills. Tommy appears to be wearing khaki trousers. I think his civilian dress sense has got worse since he became the white ranger. The evil clone Tommy wears a green bandana. People mumble. Evil clone Tommy smirks evilly. The 5 others MMPR are sent back in time cos they’re dumb. They end up in colonial Angel Grove which oddly isn’t Spanish. Tommy and his clone come face to face. This was terrible, the new black and red rangers are boring and awful.

Best Lines:
“Power brats!”

“With our own little Tommy, I can recreate the evil green ranger!”

“Create another Tommy!”

“The white ranger is quick thinking, wise and strong.”

“Why did I marry her?”
“Good question.”

“Lizard dude.”

“Keeper of the green ranger’s evil powers!”

“Going far. Very far indeed!”

“Sheer magnitude of evilness!”

“Witches! Witches!”

A Star Is Born
In 1x32, Tommy tries out for a karate commercial. Bulk and Skull have a huge mobile phone. Tommy does some intimidating karate moves in the school corridor. Oddly this is ignored by the teachers. Jason does karate moves on the beach. This was not an intense character study. Tommy does stretches whilst wearing a green headband.

A woman has 80s hair. Tommy has a green gym bag. Jason David Frank gets to woodenly explain his love of karate and does a long karate demonstration which includes leaping on and off a table. You can see why he was cast. The commercial has Bulk in it and the commercial laughs at him as a fat idiot and says with karate you can be cool: cue scenes of Tommy the karate Jesus. Everyone loves the MMPR and Tommy smirks in green. This was dull.

Best Line:

Power Ranger Punks
1x12, this was before Tommy showed up. Baboo rides a bike through the sky and roofies Billy and Kimberley. Trini wears flowery shorts. Billy and Kimberley start acting like shouty cackling punks. Why doesn’t Rita fundamentally change people’s behaviour more often? Zack wears multi coloured trousers. We are reminded again how fat and dumb Bulk and Skull are. Billy and Kimberley shout insults whilst dressed like punks. They’ve also upped their use of hairspray and hair gel. Kimberley wears pornographic shorts to school. Billy’s lame as a punk. Zordon babbles. Trini does a handstand. Kimberley takes out the monster with an arrow. This was not good.

Best Lines:
“The terror toad!”

“Going down hard!”

“Turned into punks on us.”

“Gone punk.”

“Turn from good to bad.”

“She might even give me my own planet.”


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