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The Crossing 1x07 Reviewed

Some Dreamers Of The Golden Dream
How can Reece drive a 200 year old car? Caleb gets intellectually curious about coma girl. Coma girl has woken. Who is she? This was not suspenseful, compulsive or intensely disturbing. Jude thinks everyones only purpose may be to harm him. He carries out a campaign against the first arrival guy. There are elaborate contrivances. How are the first arrival people well educated if the Apex were committing genocide? There is no rapturous response to this.

Jude has grievances. Why are his harmful acts tolerated? He needs to suffer the consequences and iron his shirt. There is no peculiar fascination here. Jude is ridiculous. This is not a terrifying vista of the future. Reece plans murder. FFS. Why isn’t Jude worried about the genocidal GM killing machine? Jude has no seriousness or concern or duty. Why do Apex have a different language? This causes palpable frustration with its non-meaning. The yobbo’s a moron. Hannah’s an idiot. Jude steals a child. Reece and Hannah are fanciful and proud. Reece is captured.

Best Lines:
“Permanent solution me.”

“Demand answers for a living.”
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