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Movie Review: The Asylum + House + Time Of Death

The Asylum (2015)
Stephen Lang stars in this 'horror' involving an asylum for mentally challenged children and a topless woman who dies in the opening minutes for unclear reasons. There is sexism, toxic masculinity and stupid teenagers. Somebody gets possessed. A priest (Lang) comes to help and is promptly run over by stupid teenagers who are human trash bags. There are incredibly stupid decisions in this dour film. The teens try a DIY exorcism. Is this supposed to be a parody? There is a twist ending. This was silly.

Best Lines:
“A dumpster for human refuse.”

“Just got prison shanked by a psycho demon bitch!”


House (1986)
William Katt and Richard Moll and George Wendt star in this ‘horror’ that somehow spawned 3 sequels. A Vietnam vet turned author (Katt) moves into a haunted house, he has a comedy relief fat neighbour (Wendt). There is outdated technology and bizarre flashbacks and casual malice. The hero faces drastic punishing consequences for his awfulness. This was ridic.

Time Of Death (2013)
Kathleen Robertson of ’Tin Man’ stars in this okay chilly tale of murder.
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