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Trailers, Quotes and a MMPR Rewatch Again

‘Captain Marvel’ trailer
Blockbuster video, a uniform, Nick Fury and Carol Danvers. Carol isn’t human? Why is she upside down? What kind of aliens? Coulson shows up, FFS. Carol punches an old lady. Mmmm.

Best Lines:
“I think I had a life here.”

“I’m not what you think I am.”

‘Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Green With Evil’ promo
An awesome new force arrives in town in this special 5 part miniseries. Look how cool the new guy is!

Best Line:
“An incredible dragonzord!”

‘Mighty Morphin Power Rangers’ season 2 promo
The cast sit on chairs in this 90s looking ad enthusing about the new season. Tommy wears a green headband.

‘Mighty Morphin Power Rangers’ season 2 promo
Ha, Tommy’s dreamy.

‘American Horror Show: Apocalypse’ 8x02 promo

‘Krypton’ promo
General Zod.

‘The Crossing’ 1x06 promo

Mr Freeze will be on ‘Arrow’.


Who saw the ‘Herbie’ movies or ‘Mixed Nuts’ (1994) or ‘Red Sonja’ (1985) or ‘Catwoman’ (2004)?

The ‘USS Callister’ ep of ‘Black Mirror’ won an Emmy?

I will review ‘The Suffering Tree’, ‘City Of Endless Night’, ‘In Bloom’, ‘The Ravenous’, ‘Black Wings Of Cthulhu Volume Six’ and ‘Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Volumes One, Four, Five and Six'.

I won’t review ‘Dry’ or ‘Cosmic Powers’ or ‘A Shot In The Dark’.

‘Wyrmwood’ Quotes:
“Dead bastards come running out of the bushes.”

“This truck runs on zombies.”

“Come on you dead bastards!”

“Never grab a man’s balls in a fist fight. It shows low character.”

‘Dictatorland’ Quotes:
“Turned up to tell me just how great it was.”

“Fastest ice.”

‘The Guardian’ Quotes:
“Clashed in public.”

“Had clear favourites.”

“Sacred national topic.”

“A wasteland of ruined crops.”

“Official callousness.”

“Commercial terrorism.”


“Crack pickup point.”

“Enemy nations.”

“Not deliberately secret,”

“Encourages medical paternalism.”

“Pre-existing narrative decided by someone else.”

“Point of inspiration.”

“Everyone was scared to touch us.”

“Don’t say stuff that reinforces your opponent.”

“War stations.”

“Times were serious.”


“Strength Through Joy.”

“Fighting the design of your city.”

“Fethishised for their authenticity.”

“Don’t grow up worrying someone is going to abduct them and keep them in a basement for 15 years.”

“Withdrawn body language.”

“Scene examiners.”

“Gulf in approach and values.”

“Medical traumas.”

“Body cover.”

“Cake culture.”

“Over-control things.”

Not everybody is ready to learn what they believe to be true, is not-”

“Food security.”

“Disbelief of loved ones.”

“Too many people feel excluded from the city.”

“Death knock.”

“War booty.”

“Deep well of anger.

‘The Ongoing Adventures Of Bulk & Skull’ Quotes:
“Clay concoctions.”

“That nice lady with the wicker rabbit hat.”

“Look who it is! And they don’t look happy!”

“We didn’t even have to kick it.”

‘RTE News’ Quote:

‘Monster’ Quotes:
“Some weird leprechaun thing comes up out of the stairs and drags you down to hell.”


“Fallen down a gorilla trap.”

“Don’t bother wearing knickers.”

“A shelf full of Enid Blytons, so old they still had the racist bits in.”

‘Don’t Be A Menace To South Central While Drinking Your Juice In The Hood’ Quotes:
“Ma says I can’t leave the porch.”

“You little hoodlum!”

“Crusty behind.”

“Penetration Ave.”

“Give up hope.”

“Self-perpetuating unemployment.”

“Bitch you better give me back my child support money.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Hygiene services.”

“Deliberately forgotten places.”

“Wishes you ill.”

“Rapid change in personal circumstances.”

“Objects that reflect poorly on you.”

“Distinguish themselves from ignorant people and simple women.”

‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’ Quotes:
“Acting weird.”

“Worst wedding DJ.”

“Weird old white dude’s house.”

“Creepy crimes.”

“Mole women.”

“Invited me out to his car to see some baby rabbits.”

“Bought some of my hair on craigslist.”

“Thank you victims.”

“Please tell me that you’re normal.”

“Alcohol tastes good.”

“Even policemen have tattoos.”

“I get paid in quarters.”

“I appreciate your lack of pride.”

“I donate my old towels to poor people.”

“Can you go? We’re like, in here.”

“Drinking alcohol. On purpose.”

“A Mexican candy animal.”

“Not the reception for an Appalachian incest wedding.”

“I chew you up and spit you out! Just like all my food!”

“Mystery crank.”

“Professor Genocide.”

“The purpose of which is unknown to this day.”


“I like how they blow up hospitals!”

“Not in the crotch!”


“You can get a mistress in a vending machine there.”

‘Upstart Crow’ Quotes:
“Liquid turding malady.”

“Manly voice.”


“Crappage and common-like.”



“Scroting sack.”

Rewatched Some More Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Green No More: Part 1
In ep 2x21, Tommy does not wear sleeves as he talks about his bio-scan. Tommy and Kimberley receive a message from a future Tommy. Nobody likes Bulk and Skull though nobody quite knows why. Tommy has a moral ethos. Any semblance of a normal life is gone for Tommy. What would he say if he knew he’d still be a power ranger 25 years later? Lord Zedd plots to get rid of Tommy.

Zack’s cousin shows up for no clear plot reason. Angel Grove shows no sign of damage from repeated zord battles. Tommy has spirited defiance. Zedd is inherently hostile to Tommy. Evil counterparts of the MMPR show up. They even wear the same colours. The Trini counterpart has more personality as well as a leather skirt. The Jason and Billy equivalents also have more personality. There is no Tommy counterpart. Bulk and Skull recoil in fear from the gobby teenagers aka future dark rangers.

A scene later Tommy is in a completely different outfit. He only has the power left for one last fight. Jason and his ugly board shorts and white ankle socks does karate on the beach with Zack. Zedd somehow unmorphs the power rangers. Billy tries to emote ‘shock and concern’. Zedd drains Tommy’s powers and there is evil laughing. Tommy’s in grave danger. A scene later, Tommy is back in his original outfit. WTF? How do the MMPR breathe in their helmets?

Trini wears a belly shirt and genie pants. At the same time. Jason does dull surprise acting. The MMPR’s morphing call hasn’t changed. There are no precautionary approaches. Why is Jason always yelling as the red ranger? The over-polite teenagers and their insane magical superpowers pledge to fight dark powers. Karate Jesus Tommy broods and summons the dragonzord. Zedd does things to unnerve. Tommy nearly passes out and ends up in a cornfield. There is an ass shot. Nice.

Best Lines:
“Lord Zedd’s been after me.”

“We revel in your evil brilliance Lord Zedd!”

“Check out this youth center.”

“This strange crystal.”

“I’m all alone.”

“Power geeks!”

“Defend the world.”

“Enough of your bleating!”

“Zedd’s at it again.”

“Only you can decide your own destiny.”

“What a funky looking shell.”

“Angel Grove belongs to us now!”

“Arrogant, nasty, disrespectful! Thos are my 5 warriors!”

“Tearing up the city.”

“Major zord power.”

“Puny power ranger friends.”

Green No More: Part 2
In ep 2x13, Goldar cackles like a madman as he menaces the powerless Tommy. Goldar does evil gloating and fascist mind-tortures at Tommy. With his green ranger powers gone, Tommy has to take on Goldar the space baboon dog thing and a ravenous mollusc all by his unpowered self. Of course Zedd erasing the green ranger was undone 4 eps and came back to bite him in the ass when Tommy was made into the even more powerful white ranger.

Apparently Tommy wasn’t originally meant to be the white ranger. Someone else had been cast and Jason David Frank was to play the lead in the horrendous ‘VR Troopers’ but due to fan response, the actors switched roles and Tommy became the white ranger. Zedd the dehydrated ham plots. Is the Jason counterpart the guy who ended up becoming the new red ranger? The dark rangers do nothing. Goldar is gloating over Tommy and then is back on the moon and then is back gloating at Tommy.

There are murky circumstances as Tommy does dramatic kicking. Where did his shoes go? Tommy’s still a hero and shows off his armpit hair and smashes Zedd’s evil crystal with his bare fists. This gives him his powers back for one last fight. This was okay. Tommy doesn’t do much during the battle. Tommy has bravery and defiance if not emotional range. Zedd pursues Tommy personally with the end goal of removing him. Poor Tommy, always the subject of personal vendettas.

Where did the green ranger’s ray gun come from? Being harassed by Goldar was an undignified experience for Tommy. The dark rangers are of little interest and Jason decides he can stop them being mean if he just asks them really nicely. There is no difference between the dark rangers being themselves and having their mind enraptured by the forces of evil. Tommy has dignity and strength. Kimberley says they should befriend the bad kids. Jason pays $4:50 for 5 sodas for the bad kids. Have Tommy and Kimberley banged yet?

This was the good era before Justin the kid ranger in ‘Turbo’, Zedd and his duct taped staff marrying Rita, Kimberley dumping Tommy via a letter, the forgettable ‘Zeo’, Kat, Jason returning and the really complicated ‘Turbo’ morphing hand gestures. All of which was just garbage.

Best Lines:
“You want me, come and get me!”

“You horrible little human!”

“No rest for the doomed!”

“A gallant hero you used to be green ranger.”

“The greatness you once were Tommy, cos it’s all over now!”

“Where are the power rangers when we need them?”

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