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Trust 1x02+Shadowhunters 3x01-3x03+AHS Cult 7x10&7x11+Supernatural 13x23+The Crossing 1x04-1x06

Lone Star
Brendan Fraser takes centre stage as Getty’s fixer. Paul III’s mother has an abusive new husband. Paul Sr and Paul II don’t care. Paul II is wanted by Italian police. Paul Sr is cold and Brendan Fraser is on an intrepid expedition to find the truth of what’s going on. Paul III was and is an out of control 16 year old. The trashy twins have a dramatic argument with the mob and people think Paul III faked his kidnapping. People are unable to make rational decisions. Paul Sr’s mistress cheats. Paul III’s mother has perseverance. One feels hatred and contempt for Paul II. Serious consequences seem ready to unfold. Paul III’s mother talks to a living statue. This was dull.

Best Line:
“That I didn’t know.”

“This place is mine. Effectively. Eventually.”

“No judgement.”

“A lack of concern there.”

On Infernal Ground
Clary is in Idris becoming a full Shadowhunter. Jonathan and his ‘mother’ plot. Clary lies, so much for shared values. Will Tudor prances. Jace visits the graves of his real parents. They’re in the cemetery of the disgraced. An irritating bitch bothers Luke. There is no narrative momentum. This show no longer follows the books. Magnus is no longer high warlock, he is plain trash. This is not an uncomplicated pleasure.

Clary picks her signature weapon. Izzy is the weapon’s master. Jace hallucinates. Simon sings. Yet another new actress plays the Seelie queen. Nymphets harass Simon. TPTB have an adherence to being dull and annoying. This does not fuel interest to see more. The dire consequences of Clary’s wish go on. Clary learns she picked her dead parents weapons. Things are ill-taken. This ep causes huge indifference.

There are bad risk judgments and decision making. Bloodshed is provoked. I don’t care about the fairies. This was not bleak, depressing or fraught. It was a truly horrid ep. Why is everyone lying? This was not really complex or powerful. Things need to ratchet up. What is the vampire up to? Very traumatic things are shrugged off.

Best Lines:
“Guardians of peace.”

“Mundane finding out about the Shadowworld. It always ends badly. Especially for them.”

“Not since Mr Bowie, has the Seelie world been so entertained.”

“I know you’re lying.”

“Bring me my virtuous disciples.”

The Powers That Be
There is mumbling, magic gone awry and Simon’s a manipulative tool and a selfish whiner. People are negatively affected and Bane reveals he is half demon. There is babbling about ley lines, bilious accusations, evil intentions, negative opinions and this is not a brilliant piece of drama. There are nefarious offences and an awkward restaurant scene from season 2 ‘Charmed’ is ripped off.
People are evilly passive aggressive, into dirty looks and being huge pricks and condescending dicks. This was depressingly unrealistic and meaningless. Simon is a huge dickhead into slut shaming. There is suspicious reasoning.

Best Lines:
“I strangled him with an extension cord.”

What Lies Beneath
Jace is sad. Luke is stupid. Luke is purposefully shrill and obnoxious and not intimidating. Simon is a puppet of black magic. This show is a repetitive hellscape in which TPTB replay the same scenarios with minor differences between them. This was incredibly lazy. Who’s the vampire girl? This defies all logic. Nobody is humble or charming. This was really silly and people act without remorse. There is no encroaching sense of dread. I don’t know what is going on or why and do not care.

Best Lines:
“Allowed him to sleep with our women.”

“The owl is Jonathan.”

Charles (Manson) In Charge
In flashback Kai slapped a sneery mouthy bitch, then he got a purpose from his anger management coach. In the now, Kai unravels and obsesses about Charles Manson. Kai’s imperative was to annoy. Ally intimidates Winter, with serenity. Kai ignores the damage he’s doing to himself and his own reputation. There is no moral ethos. Kai’s followers are spiteful. He’s unashamedly messianic. The terrible consequences of Kai’s decisions go on.

Kai is the subject of national fascination. The insecure and desperate for approval Gary has Kai’s ire turned on him. Ally and Winter look not very nicely at each other. Kai plans disruptive change and expresses his frustration. Beverly Hope is loose. Kai plans a permanent disruption of the community. Kai’s dangerous delusions take on even more creepy overtones. Ally is worse than worthless. Kai has no adoring loyalty and is epically unsuited to politics.

Kai is full of unreasonable arguments and dubious assumptions and a savage ideological approach. Kai and Winter’s traumatic family secrets have unwelcome consequences. Ally plans reparative justice. Kai is not thrillingly dangerous. He’s brashly arrogant and extremely hostile and horrifically macho. He’s viscerally repulsive. There is no purity of intent. Kai is full of evil and rage and plots horrific assaults, as he displays angry behaviour.

Approval of Kai is limited. Ally’s awful objective goes on. This show has ever-heightening absurdity. Ally is a fumbler and a bumbler with the personality of a damp rage. Kai has a villainous resting expression and a menacing visage. Kai is not patient, faithful or honest. Kai’s incompetent and deadly. Kai has been lucky beyond any reasonable expectation. This was not uncompromising. This was not edgy or strange. Kai transposes meaning onto a possibly meaningless universe. Kai kills someone. A fateful decision.

Best Lines:
“One dead pretty lady.”

“So shocking, so culture shifting.”

“The more gruesome the better.”

“I’ve come to do the devil’s business.”

“Woman I have no mercy for you.”

“Leave a sign. Something witchy.”

“Looked like the village idiot.”

“I probably shouldn’t have killed you.”

“They worship you and they should.”

Great Again
In 2018: Kai’s buggin in jail. There is no mystical sheen. Kai’s beat up, he is not deeply competent. Ally’s disingenuous. Kai isn’t universally well received. Kai is openly distasteful. Kai caused no dramatic change as he demanded unreasonable things. Things changed and not entirely in ways that Kai anticipated. This was directed by Jennifer Lynch. Kai planned incalculable damage. Ally played at being pliant, patient and placatory.

In the past Beverly cracked up. She’s lost her vitality and spiritedness. There are life-altering consequences. The faltering Kai expressed irritation. Ally did a significant amount of damage to Kai and sent him into a profound crisis. Beverly’s misplaced faith has been to her detriment. Ally killed a guy, not that she paid for it or anyone else she killed. She has terrible calm. The FBI busted Kai and his cult. Beverly didn’t go to jail. Ally was doing a long con on Kai. She lied about Ivy’s murder and pinned it on Kai. Beverly knows what Ally did. Kai has a cult in jail. There is a twist. This was okay and what is Ally up to at the end?

Best Lines:
“A nice little girl in mourning.”

“Kill kits.”

“To be burned in the victory bonfire.”

“In service of his ego.”

“More corpses in our future.”

“You killed a kid with your dad’s Tesla driving drunk.”

Let The Good Times Roll
Who are all these people? They’ve brought Mary Winchester and Bobby back from apocalypse world. Groan. Oh FFS. Who is Jack? Sam mentions Trump is POTUS. Everyone overlooks the demonically possessed POTUS from a while back. The POTUS situation on this show makes no sense. Mary has nice skin and hair for someone from an apocalypse world.

Sam discusses “craziness” in the movie world. Oh classy TPTB, classy. Where have all the demons gone? TPTB need to refashion their values and behaviour. Why are Castiel and the gang killing werewolves? This show has systemic inertia. Some chick is dead. There are no pressing dilemmas. There is mumbling and this show has long since lost its allure. There is anger and despair and this is deeply demoralising. Jack tries to murder someone and that is shrugged off.

The sense of Dean and Sam’s perpetual impermance is gone. Where does Dean get ammo? How do they have money? TPTB hate change. There is no value set. Jack and Lucifer leave. But not for long. People do things for spurious reasons. There is an AU Michael? Why are archangels having a fistfight? There is no shattering grief over anything. So Jack is the antichrist? And Dean becomes Michael’s vessel to save him?!?

The long-dropped plot thread of Dean being Michael’s vessel is finally recalled. Dean does lots of shouting. He’s stupid. The angel-ed up Dean is hilariously stupid to watch. There is no moral guidance. Can Dean be the vessel for the AU Michael? There is no chill of possibility for season 14 with the negative consequences of Dean’s choice. Why didn’t Castiel stop Dean doing something so stupid?
There is no logical, plausible explanation for why Dean resorted to angelic confrontation. Is Lucifer dead? Is Jack still the antichrist?

Why should I care about Jack? Where is Benny? This was not indecently entreating. What about Lucifer’s vessel? Does Mary care about Dean at all? The Michael possessed Dean strolls off and wears a flat cap. We’ll see how long the Dean as Michael plotline lasts in season 14 as TPTB managed to screw up Dean dying and going to hell and getting possessed by a demon.

Best Lines:
“A movie where a girl goes all the way with a fish wins Best Picture. And that damn fool idijt from ‘The Apprentice’ is President.”

“He’s a bad person.”

“We’re not human, no matter how much we pretend to be.”

“The consensus is now?”

“You’re acting like a psycho.”

“I’ll check angel radio.”

“My brothers tried to kill me. A lot.”

“I know what you are.”

The Face Of Oblivion
Jude has wilfulness. Was the bird hit by the drone okay? The girl isn’t Reece’s daughter! Reece stole her! Why does nobody acknowledge this? Jude’s son is as dumb as him. This was uninteresting. There are no pounding reveals in this much-derided show. Why is there a ruined church in the camp? There is no religion in the future. This causes simmering boredom and derision.

Jude’s a moron. This was not a poignant depiction or a serious contribution to culture. Jude opens himself up to ridicule. Reece is belligerent. This was dispiritingly stupid. There are dire predictions and no social reasonability. The doctor isn’t Jude’s ex. She just looks a lot like her. Oops. There are wilful suppositions made. Jude commits actionable negligence. Emma’s a dumb bint. Jude thinks he’s vindicated himself and is unassailable in his smugness. People are vehemently opposed to sense. Hannah whines about her tough choice and social stigma. A drone flies. This was not ethically extremely complicated. Hannah gets away with her crap. Emma dies.

Best Line:
“Leave. Now. Before I tase you.”

Ten Years Gone
The working class yobbo causes trouble and nobody cares about the 2008 car crash that killed his mother. There is a flashback to 2008. The first time travellers have only been here 10 years. There is no compassion. Jude has a big mouth. Why was the time machine to be destroyed? The first arrivals came back in time to stop Apex. Why didn’t the Apex build a time machine?

Eve (Melinda McGraw) married and had a baby with a man from the present. Why does the yobbo have accelerated intimacy with Hannah? Awkwardness is rife. Time travel has availed them nothing. One is not emotionally involved with this crap. Jude is wearily ironic. Reece’s bone marrow is sampled. She’s always demonstrating her bone crushing power. Apex children don’t cry apparently. Reece doesn’t regret genocide or care about anyone other than her stolen child.

Reece is incapable of gratitude or graciousness. Things are noted with concern. The cultural trajectory inevitability leads to doom. There is a nagging certainty that this show won’t improve. People annoy decisively. This was inefficient. The doctor is sick. The yobbo ditches his girlfriend for some weird sense of obligation to Hannah. Why don’t the first arrivals admit the truth? Who is the branded woman? This was a bore-fest.

Best Lines:
“We must stop Apex from ever existing.”

“Apex has nearly wiped us from the face of the Earth.”

“None of us are monsters.”

“These individuals are not innocent.”

“Failure is death.”

“Ninja mercenaries.”

“Drop your nowhere bag.”

“No record of my organic material.”

“There is no fixing it.”

Jude is in charge of a handful of people less competent than he is. The tonal shifts of this show make no sense. The doctor hysterically begs Reece to help her and un-evilify. The first arrivals foretell humanity’s inevitable fate. There are flashbacks to 3 years ago and Jude being a ‘tough’ cop. Oh funny. Why are there so many flashbacks in this excoriating stupid show? There is no moral clarity. Reece tries to be mysteriously silent and ominous.

People act beyond the bounds of rationality. Jude’s ex is extremely unsupportive, understandably. He’s a jerk. Jude is sure he’s doing all the right things. What is country fried steak? What is biscuits and gravy? Jude had a pain pills issue. Jude theorycrafts, badly. The doctor has no honesty, empathy or guilessness. This was not bleak or brutal. Jude has an unthreatening demeanour. The yobbo sings down the phone to Hannah. There is no escalating effort on display.

Jude alleges fault. There is no gleeful audacity. Jude ended up in a small town due to making accusations against a fellow cop that couldn't be substantiated. He’s stupid. People are beyond sombre and are recklessly alarmist. The yobbo’s friend makes the camp go public only to be debunked. Reece has magic stem cells. One feels mounting disbelief at this stupidity.

What is the continuing justification for keeping the time travellers locked up? Reece seems unable to cope in high stress situations as she’s inescapably violent and confrontational. Jude’s ex and the doctor look really alike. Reece ripped apart an ATM. There is no interest in the future. Hannah didn’t put the secret phone on silent. I have no gleeful eagerness to see more. Jude screams and punches people. Camp boss Caleb gets violent. Reece is selfish. Reece can use 200 year old weaponry. Jude is steadfastly deeply condescending. No wonder this did not engage the public.

Best Lines:
“Less than inviting.”

“Scary smart.”

“Gotcha time.”
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