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Film Review: Black Widow (1986)

She mates and she kills!

This overlooked film is a gem. Alex (Debra Winger) is a Department of Justice data analyzer who by sheer chance uncovers a number of rich men who have died months after marrying younger women. Alex suspects that the wives are the same woman.

The black widow of the title is a chameleon. Her real name and motive are never revealed. She changes her name, personality and persona from husband to husband. From society matron to trophy wife to straitlaced academic to athletic outdoorsy type, she can be anyone. She becomes what her target wants, marries him and kills him. She then converts their estates to cash and vanishes. Nobody has noticed her going through husbands like prune juice, until now. The black widow is now the prey.

Alex tracks down the black widow (Theresa Russell of 'Wild Things') by will power alone. But when the black widow realises someone is after her, the tables are turned.

This is a good film and Theresa Russell is amazing. The scene where Alex gives her a black widow brooch as a wedding gift is excellent. The only thing dated about this film is the hideous attire and people's hair looking like whippets got at it. Terry O'Quinn of 'Lost' shows up as Alex's boss and Dennis Hopper has a cameo has one of the widow's ill fated husbands.

Best Lines:
"She came out of thin air and she vanished back into thin air."

"She's obsessed with killing and you're obsessed with her."

"Are you married or what?"
"No, not at the moment."

"Second husband? How many have you had?"
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