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Project Superpowers 2 & Captain America 2&3 Reviewed

Project Superpowers Issue 2
A Spirit Of The American Flag hero gets beat up. Various other heroes show up. I’ve no idea what is going on or why. There is also an alien invasion and talk of a magical urn. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“Spaceship cemetery.”

“I do not recognise what is left in its place...”

“All over the world they fall.”

“No matter what you’ve done today, you were once my friend.”

“It would really help if you screamed in pain or something.”

Captain American Issue 2
So Captain American wasn’t really a Nazi? There is fighting and Captain America isn’t trusted. People have a lifelong aversion to him - understandably. Steven bangs the now geriatric Sharon. Why is she old? What has he gone and done now? Steve’s utter dedication and noble-minded ethics and self-imposed rules seem to go out the window when he faces a future without the only thing that has given his life meaning. This was not of grave importance. This has mounting implausibility and is harder and harder to take seriously. This is a simplistic parable that isn’t morally challenging.

Best Lines:
“They remember an American Stalin.”

“The world keeps churning out super soldiers.”

Captain America Issue 3
Hydra fixed everything wrong in society. People babble about the real America. Black Panther lurks. Cap has a litany of woe. This was cartoonish nonsense. There is more fighting and talk of a conspiracy. Sharon is in peril. This was wearisome and hilariously unreal. Cap is aghast at America and his nobility of purpose goes on. There is considerable angst and a climate of apprehension and a thunderous lack of subtlety.

Best Lines:
“They’re not what I was created to fight.”

“The kids on dope.”

“The mine closing, the church shuttered.”

“An America of another time.”

“Who are these people?”

“I wish I weren’t so surprised. I should start expecting this stuff.”
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