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AHS Cult 7x08&7x09 +Krypton 1x05 +Fear The Walking Dead 1x06+Vanity Fair (2018) 1x01+ Star Trek3x23

Winter Of Our Discontent
Kai and his brother bond. This was not heartbreaking and haunting. Winter and Ivy are bothered. Rick Springfield pops up mumbling. There is no icy seriousness. Why is Beverly working in Ivy’s restaurant? Ivy wants to make self-assertions. Kai causes sustainable hurt and anger. Ivy is contentious and has scathing criticism. Kai doesn’t treat people with dignity. Kai causes huge trepidation and he has improper influence and plans unjustifiable things.

Beverly has comical disgust. There is a flashback to 2015 that reveals more of Kai and Winter’s back-story. They stumbled across Judgement House a hell house that was very real and changed their lives. Ivy and Winter moan about the burden of domestic work. A reverend (Springfield) in 2015 had terrible diction.

Kai has done so much through sheer force of will but it’s not consequence free. Kai and Winter had a grim experience. This is stripped of any subtlety. Kai and Winter’s encounter with the wantonly malicious reverend got Kai’s grim career started. Kai and Winter never had sound judgement but their trip to Judgement House was an ominous portent of things to come. The reverend was cartoonishly aggressive. The reverend banged on. This was not beautifully realised. Outrageously dramatic things happen.

There are devious schemes and a general attitude of contempt. The reverend made Kai’s behaviour actually deteriorate. It made Kai frighteningly empty. Winter’s miseries are many. People have suppressed rage. Things are downright grim. An epic tragedy is unfolding. No-one ever found out about the reverend’s staggering brutality, sadistic brutality, complete dishonour and uniquely immortal acts? Kai has hostile passions. This is all done in howlingly bad taste. Kai’s pitiful existence gets more morally flawed. Kai’s extremely vicious and entreatingly unpleasant. Ally rages. She was in a psych ward. Ally is highly unpleasant and screeches about sustained character attack. She’s full of simmering resentment.

Kai is untouched by decorum or conscience. Ally is all unashamed shallowness. Kai’s a moron. Ally befriends Kai. It is revealed that Samuels the cop harassed Kai when he was a drug dealer and beat him up. Then Kai got the better of him and banged him. Winter kills someone. Then Kai kills someone. There is mounting desperation. Kai is a terrible presence. There is terrible assurance. Ivy gets a shock as the terrible reality gets worse.

Best Lines:
“Treated like a servant in my own restaurant.”

“Trolling the social justice warriors.”

“Messiah baby.”

“This is too screwed up. Even for you.”

“The work of generations.”

Drink The Kool-Aid
Kai raves about Heaven’s Gate, Waco and Jim Jones. This was directed by Angela Bassett. Ivy and Ally have confrontations. People are comically blasé about Kai’s terrible acts. This was not so compelling. Ally gets hysterical. Kai claims to be Oz’s father. Ally poisons Ivy. Why didn’t Ivy see that coming? Ally is the one who shouldn’t be forgiven, she drove Ivy to it. Does arsenic work that quickly? Ivy’s body is dumped. Ally’s psycho. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“Antiquated flesh vehicles.”

“Lost and broken world.”

“Stop this crying and hysterics.”

“I chose revenge. On you.”

“Wikipedia is fake news!”

“Doubters get no cookies!”

House Of Zod
Lyta meets her son. This was incoherent. People babble about the ice goddess. Beardy Vex babbles. Seg is full of barely restrained anger. This is increasingly irrelevant. Beardy Vex has a secret. Seg is on a ceaseless quest to annoy. Jayna-Zod has flashbacks to her past that involve her leaving her brother to die and her father approving of this. People don’t have conversations. The El clan are not liked. Why is everyone so stupid? Seg is repellent. Jayna-Zord is fiercely loyal at all costs. There is no narrative fecundity.

Best Lines:
“Trial by ice.”

“He no longer has a place among us.”

“You are a Zod. As such, you kneel to no one.”

The Good Man
Sad college rock plays. The solider isn’t dead. Nobody is penitential. Madison is awful. Why don’t zombies have bone death? This was chaotic and catastrophic. The family become victims of destiny. Gratitude is shunned and conspicuously improbable things happen. The junkie son is selfish and awful. Humanity is on a fast descent to nowhere. Nothing makes Madison happy. Awful fates await some. Nobody considers the ramifications of their actions. Madison is ungrateful.

A man suggests they go west. Travis yells and is violent and stupid. Ophelia deserved to get shot. People stand around and watch instead of intervening. What happened to the solider left behind? There are unforeseen consequences. Did that woman who went looting with Chris get rescued? Or was she abandoned like Madison abandoned her neighbours to die?

Nick sneers at his mother. These jackasses deserve moral opprobrium. The new guy has a boat. People are pitiless and are devastatingly cruel. Liza’s bitten. Madison has pathologised increasingly reckless selfishness. People were indignant at the injured soldier’s fury. I did not watch this with feverish anticipation. There is no moral ethos. Madison and Travis are self-centred. The spiteful new guy is stylishly ruthless. Humanity is losing hard. Are people eating ice-pops? Travis has indignation. There are grievances and persistently ignored. And Madison shoots Liza in the head. I’m done.

Best Lines:
“We’re going mobile.”

“What is family now?”

“Where do you think your family’s going to go?”
“There has to be somewhere.”

“You never liked me that much.”

Miss Sharp In The Presence Of The Enemy
This is ITV’s big drama which has been utterly trounced in ratings and critical attention by BBC’s ‘Bodyguard’. Suranne Jones and Martin Clunes and Michael Palin are in this show. Becky is a poor teacher at an Academy For Young Ladies. She faces social ostracism for being the daughter of an artist and an opera girl. Becky’s amazingly alone and designed to provoke, with a desperate yearning for acclaim and adoration. A coachman/footman/butler sneers at her. Becky tries to marry a rich man but is sabotaged by a rich snob. So she ends up a governess in the countryside. This was not so good.

Best Lines:
“I want a lady for my sister in law.”

“Overlook your low birth.”

“My other pony.”

“I’d rather bed in the street.”

“I travel light for now.”

All Our Yesterdays
Kirk and Spock and McCoy beam down to a planet which is about to be destroyed by a nova. There is talk of library tapes. Where did the planet’s population go, they wonder. Kirk looks at bizarre alien cds. The trio are morons and end up travelling back in time. Spock gets a girlfriend. Spock smacks McCoy around for his race-baiting. Fight scenes end in Kirk being called a maniac. This led to 2 novels where Spock fathered a son on his woman. This was dumb.
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