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Book Review: The Black Witch

The Black Witch by Laurie Forest
This is Book 1 in a saga that deconstructs the fantasy novel. Elloren Gardner is the image of her famous mage grandmother who drove back the enemy forces in the last Realm War. There is a prophecy about a new mage who will surpass the legend in power. But Elloren seems to have no magic, which does not help her when she goes to university and learns others hate her, her grandmother and her people.

Elloren learns the legacy and stories of her people hide a dark truth and that her grandmother was not a hero. Elloren must break the bonds of fear and prejudice and forge a new path. This was very good, full of grim details and dangerously idealised lies and a society in which there is a strict obligation to hate everyone and anything other.

Best Lines:
“Of of the Foul Ones.”

“He knows what’s coming.”

“A family such as ours.”

“One of the last hidden holdouts.”

“Safe from the Fae Hunt.”

“For what? To kill who? I don’t want to be a party to what’s coming?”
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