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Trailers, Quotes and yet more MMPR Rewatching

‘The Purge’ 1x03 promo

‘Happy!’ trailer
A gurning hitman sees a cartoon blue unicorn. No.

‘Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina’ teaser
Looks good.

‘Venom’ trailer

Best Line:
“Bring me back my creature.”

‘The Crossing’ 1x04 promo
“Act civilised.”

‘Captive State’ trailer
It’s like ‘Colony’. Aliens have invaded. Give thanks.

‘A Discovery Of Witches’ 1x02 promo

Lime chocolate - okay.

What is a radical play?

Who watched ‘Nighty Night’, ‘Bodies’, ‘Green Wing’, ‘Pulling’, ‘Brat Camp’, The Jewel In The Crown’, ’Danielle Steel’s Star’ (1993) or ‘The Simple Life’?

What is cauliflower rice?

I think I want to see ‘Temple’.

Who saw ‘Get Rich Or Die Tryin’’ (2005) or ‘Darkman’ (1990) or ‘Kiss Kiss Bang Bang’ or ‘The Long Kiss Goodnight’ or ‘Brain Damage’ or ‘Out Of Sight’ or ‘Raising Arizona’ or ‘Adam & Paul‘?

Anyone read the ‘Hercules: The Legendary Journeys’ fanfic ‘Imagos’?

I’d like a Vela Morganite and diamond dress ring in 18ct white gold and a Rose Of Galliica ring.

RIP Fenella Fielding.

I want some malachite pieces.

What is sex bark?

‘Nathan Barley’ Quotes:
“Toss off a builder.”

“Nathan, what is this saying about London’s underclass?”
“They’re not all ugly.”

‘The Guardian’ Quotes:
“Food scares of the 1990s.”

“Appearance policy.”

“Open-access journal.”

“Padlock of knowledge.”

“Go missing for three weeks on a bender.”

“Family connection is now remote indeed.”

“Awful demise.”

“Hostile to sleep.”

“Unceasing consumers.”

“Sleep opportunity.”

“Cultural forum.”

“Objectionable genre.”

“Cultural dereliction.”

“Christmas turkeys being bred in a shed in the dark.”

“Swaying this way and that to mimic the motion of intergalactic flight.”

“Can’t afford to make cds.”

“Not in conformity with the values.”

“Restoration to the public realm of property that belongs to us.”

“Public asset has been captured,”

“Democratisation of knowledge.”

“Toxic filth.”

“Experienced a wave of outrage.”

“Did not expect the character to resonate so deeply.”

“The sheer volume of stuff is terrifying.”

“Almost all lovely. Thank you.”

“Strangeness of social order.”

“Punishing volume.”

“Has a bag of urine thrown over him by a Youtuber assailant.”

“Toadying, scavenging and paranoia.”

“Screaming at him, begging him not to.”

“Barbecue-forked himself to death in Bel Air.”

“Deeper examination of wealth, an insight into the minds of the people who pursue it at all costs and the others who swarm around like flies.”

“Disease incidence.”

“Worrying trend of industry influence.”


“Distinctive performance persona.”

“Magnificent weirdness.”

“Boss of a ladies underwear factory.”

“On-set lechery.”

“Wary of offending their visitors.”

“Saucer-eyed interviewers.”

“She was destined to be remembered for just one thing, and she good humouredly accepted that:”

“Rivers with a propesensity for bursting their banks.”

“Lying without consequence.”

“Please stop, I’m bored.”

“Peculiar juncture.”

“An entire culture is being criminalised.”

“Escalating catastrophes.”

“Consultative procedure.”

“Women in exploitative relationships - tend not to arouse much public sympathy.”

“Even the pigeons won’t eat.”

“Esoteric rules of the deli counter.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Disengage from a world of self-righteous adults that refuse to take them seriously-”

“Heavy with judgement and expectation.”

“Very different life experiences from her.”

“A particularly cherished time in American history-”

“Fixated on their own past.”

“Set in the past.”

“Nostalgia is not something that’s supposed to be accurate.”

“Like an American Dream that was pure fiction.”

“All I had to defend myself was a rolled-up Star in my pocket.”

“Thinking he’s a hard man.”

“Once they’re in that situation they never get out of it.”

“Acting under threat.”

“Most extreme form of life support available.”

“Medical evacuation.”

“Wear their poor maths ability as a badge of honour.”

“Maths anxiety.”

“Marrying an accomplished woman and taking her off the job market.”

“No longer used for professional observing due to light pollution from the city.”

“Happens just once in your life.”

“Every woman is either a side chick, a main chick or topless.”

“Cultural structure.”

“Insertion service.”


“People to hate them.”

“Death is always considered something bad.”

“People never talk about death in a natural or positive way.”

“Uncertain current affiliation.”

“Self-appointed enforcers.”

“Craft future learning.”

“Does not have the right to occupy, take or use another person’s property because they feel that the owner is not using the property in a manner they see fit.”

“The mechanisms to ensure they keep adhering to those values are very weak.”

“End of history.”

“Becoming a liberal democracy is irreversible.”


“Desire for a traditional relationship.”

‘RTE News’ Quotes:
“Widespread non-compliance.”

“Doomed the project.”

‘Tales Of The Unexpected’ Quotes:
“Consider your confidence an act of friendship.”

“Same grill-room.”

“Silly spaniel look.”

“I’m a painter.”
“So you say.”

‘The Good Place’ Quotes:
“Embarrassing deaths.”

“Lonely gal Margarita mix for one.”

“Small adorable animal.”

“A lot of frozen yogurt places.”

“Ruin opera with boorish behaviour.”

“We were watching.”

“Your true soul mate.”

“You can’t legally call it medicine.”

“It doesn’t sound awesome.”

“Professor of ethics and moral philosophy.”

“You missed.”
“Pick it up!”

“Eat my farts!”

“She’s choosing to have that accent.”

“Creepy house that I hate!”

“Did you fill your bra with shrimp?”

“Crummy people.”

‘Filthy Rich And Catflap’ Quotes:
“My love truncheon.”

“My scary looks.”

“The man from the dirty mag shop and wino Bill.”

“I’d be impressed if you had any friends.”

‘The Black Witch’ Quote:
“Casual acceptance of her exclusion.”

‘FTWeekend’ Quotes:
“Human classification.”

“Having no just claims whatsoever upon the civilisation which they burden with the dead weight of their existence.”

“Argos chic.”

“Universally feared-or-loathed outcast.”

“Functional children.”

Rewatched some more ‘Mighty Morphin Power Rangers’ eps.

Trick Or Treat
In episode 1x54, it is Halloween. The Rangers (except for Tommy) wear very fancy costumes. Tommy wears a green vest, strategically ripped, as putties attack him in a pumpkin patch. Kim wears a headband and does gymnastics in the middle of the juice bar. Tommy wears green plaid and talks about karate. Kimberley is on a gameshow. Tommy wears a green headband. Tommy leaves his match to kick ass. This was de-dramatised. Adverse events happen regularly in Angel Grove. Bulk and Skull drive a fancy car, but not for long. They lose the car for cheating. This was not acclaimed. Jason acts in declineingly modest fashion.

Best Lines:
“Deep dish pumpkin pie!”

“Power bow!”

“Power lance!”

“I’m morphing out of here!”

“It never ends.”

Return Of An Old Friend, Part II
In episode 1x50, Tommy’s back and the MMPR rangers have lost their power coins and their parents to Rita. The parents are in peril. Where are Tommy’s parents? Tommy wears pastel green. Nobody questions the legal and ethical justifications of Zordon using child soldiers. Jason can’t emote. There is bad acting. The MMPR are incapable of emotional reactions. The dragonzord is naff. There is an amusing presentation of violence and then Tommy dramatically passes out. Nobody seems worried that their powers could kill them.

The VFX are slow, antiquated and clumsy. The MMPR make a number of unwise decisions. Tommy has fierce urgency. This was all irrelevance. Jason is sanctimonious and dull. Tommy’s entire sense of self centres on being a ranger and fighting pesky irritations aka monsters. One feels patent irritation at this ep. Jason has pomposity. Zack seems feckless and idle. Trini seems boring. This was all stylised camp that was unsatisfactory. The MMPR parents wear the same colours as their kids.

Jason’s dad doesn’t wear sleeves either. There’s a parents night food fight. The role of Tommy Oliver defined Jason David Frank because of his own special storyline of starting out evil, becoming good and becoming a legend. He was the breakout character who proved popular enough to be the face of the series. The rangers seem to own nothing that isn’t in their ranger colour. Nobody notices the 6 teens who obsessively wear nothing but the ranger colours and are skilled martial artists and tend to vanish before the rangers show up.

Best Lines:
“No way they can bring green ranger back!”

“The power rangers are no more.”

Island Of Illusion, part 1
In episode 1x28, Tommy has a mullet. He has broken Rita's pernicious hold on him. The Youth Center is a gym and a juice bar. Rita plots. Tommy teaches karate at the youth center. Bulk and Skull bother Zack, leading to a dance off. Tommy doesn’t wear sleeves. Billy wears some abomination that makes him look like an escaped Amish mental patient. Tommy is so noble. There is no emotional attachment to this.

Tommy rides his zord. The MMPR end up on an island on an asteroid in space. Jason has no sleeves, Tommy wears sweat pants and they huddle up like sheep. They’re in an inescapable dimension. Jason wears shorts. A weirdo midget spies on them. Trini wears a bolero. I’m dissuaded from watching part 2. Tommy always makes the ethical choice. Kimberley is glibly scared. Zack freaks out. Do the MMPR have real respect for each other? There is bad acting and this amateur and clumsy ep is not a cherished memory.

Best Lines:
“Transient deficiency in self-esteem.”

“Horray! Tommy!”


“Nothing is real except the danger!”

“Be strong my human friends.”

Island Of Illusion, part 2
Rita and co do mad rantings. Why is using teenagers to fight an evil witch a proportionate response? In ep 1x29 Kimberley wears pink sneakers and there is no sombre tone, just sap. It’s an island of despair! This was deeply disappointing. Billy utters annoying dialogue. Kimberley wears a bizarre pink hairclip. There are clips from past eps. There is poor behaviour and no harsh decisions. Tommy fears putties but oddly not being evil again. One feels incredibility at this ep.

Tommy seems allergic to sleeves. The MMPR see damaging things and have to challenge perceptions. The midget somehow gets off the island. Actors are deprived of their dignity. This was very dull indeed. There is no taste, propriety or proportionality. No one notices the 6 teens wearing identical communicators? Where do they keep their power coins? Their zords were just lying in the street. Where and when did they learn the synchronised hand gestures they use whilst in the megadragonzord’s cockpit? What is the ultrazord?

Tommy is iconic and a fan-favourite and an enduring defender of Earth. The 6 and their ill-fitting spandex fight evil. Tommy is no longer Rita’s brainwashed flunky. And to think people said this show wouldn’t last. It had a popularity exposition and Tommy’s arrival has a huge shift in the mythos. Tommy came in from nowhere, got a cooler story, became the focus of the team and had his own dragon. When he was evil, it took 5 episodes to defeat him. He has an awesome green costume and was a total badass and beat up the once thought unstoppable team. He would also get the badass new white ranger powers.

Best Lines:
“Not the toad creature! That was way too gross!”

“Leader of the power geeks.”

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