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Trust (2018-?) 1x01 + Scream 1x05-1x09 + Insatiable 1x11 + Star Trek 3x19 Reviewed

The House Of Getty
This opens with a bizarre suicide and black swans. Donald Sutherland, Michael Esper, Anna Chancellor and Brendan Fraser star in this drama which is based on the true story of the kidnapping of Balthazar Getty’s father. The Getty patriarch Paul Sr (Sutherland) has his butler shave him and put his underpants on and brush his teeth. The family fixer (Fraser) and various mistresses lurk.

Paul Sr doesn’t care about his black swans and broods over Getty oil. The three surviving sons are losers. Paul II (Esper of ‘Shades Of Blue’) is a drug addict. One mistress (Chancellor) is faithful and true. The drug addict’s son is ignored by his father. Paul Sr seems interested. The grandson is named Paul III, he and his father have non-existent common interests but he and his grandfather do.

Paul III is in debt to the mafia and romances the future mother of his son Balthazar. The drug addict Paul II sabotages his son because he is jealous jerk. Paul Sr serves his guests some of the black swans. A lion prowls around the house. There is talk about North Sea oil. Paul III is 16 and was to be named as his grandfather’s heir until his father ruined it by waving around Paul III’s centrefold in ‘Playmen’ magazine. This was dull.

Best Lines:
“Self inflicted. With a barbecue fork.”

“I practically had to do a drug test before the old bastard would let me in the front door.”

“His legacy was war heroes, presidents!”

“The rest resides in the British museum, for now.”

“Pissing away what meagre talent he possesses.”

“My feckless progeny!”

“Are you sticking around?”
“Why would I?”

“Irish peasants, for god’s sake!”

“Simpering idle wasters for children.”

A state police special taskforce woman shows up and then is never mentioned or seen again after 1x06. Emma is bullied over her sex tape. There are no grave concerns over the serial killer. There are ugly impulses and dreadful sensations and no calming responses. Emma speaks in sorrowful tones as the cold and callous state cop prances. The slut is spiteful.

The slut is not righteously angry. Nobody has a capacity for kindness. This causes no demonstration of interest. There is no forbearance. Emma gets way too much screen time. The slut did not nurture her friendship with Emma. Nina was not conducive to the public good, as Emma learns. The late Nina caused devastating consequences with her irritating careless bullying.

This dials down the drama. The Mayor is the slut’s father and he has secrets. The slut screeches. There is a fist fight. This is not majestic just methodically awful. The Mayor spies on Emma. How? Will is suspected. Did the Mayor kill his wife? Emma gets a gun. There are so many trash men in this. Emma bangs her sort of stepbrother.

Best Lines:
“If you didn’t do it, then how does it exist?”

“A certain loss of confidence in you.”

“Outed and cyber-bullied puritan style.”

“I was a bet!”

“You sound like a bad romantic comedy.”

“Full on psychotic meltdown.”

Audrey is a suspect. Emma likes her sorta stepbrother. Emma’s mother is in trouble. One boy wonders how Bane eats. Which is a good question. Nobody listens to Will. The state police bitch claims she inculcates a sense of the common good. What are Audrey’s secrets? Will Emma SHUT UP? Who is pulling off a masterstroke of deception? Jake’s psycho.

There is complete disregard for logic. There is a crisis of morals and no nuanced conflict. Will’s stupid. The podcaster, Piper Shaw, stirs the pot. Then she and Will are attacked. Finally, nefarious acts take place instead of teen soap.

Best Lines:
“Nobody expected anything better from her.”

“Resting creep face.”

“My dad is doing ‘Gone Girl’.”

“Kind of busy running in terror.”

“Find you in pieces in a ditch.”

“Japanese game show crazy.”

“Every killer is someone’s friend.”

“Wear Prada in their climate trashing yachts!”

In The Trenches
Emma is hyperaware of her outward presentation. Why doesn’t the podcaster, Piper Shaw, call the cops instead of dragging Emma, Jake and the slut to a bowling alley? The slut, Brooke, annoys. Why does good girl Emma hang out with Brooke? The state police woman irritant, Brock, is gone. Everyone has a lack of redemptive qualities. There are stupid decisions and Kieran the sheriff’s son lurks. I’m just about done with this show. Nothing happens! I read spoilers - this sucks. Logic and interest unravels.

The chaotic era goes on. Jake is all oafish and irrational and does constant provocations. Nobody has integrity and nobody is merciful or respectful. This was disappointing. Nobody takes moral responsibility. There is tearless crying. I’ve really had it with young people today. There is no dangerous escalation or sharpening rhetoric. Nobody looks at this from a highly logical perspective. This does not evoke emotions or sensations.

Who is out to bring down Emma and co? For all intents and purposes, all interest is gone. Will bleeds. There is no ethereal aesthetic. Nothing much changes for the main stars. There is no constant murmur of menace. This was not serious, deadly serious. Emma is impassive. Will dies in spectacular fashion; I decided to watch more because of that.

Best Lines:
“The subplot thickens.”

“Murder music.”

“Bowling ally of doom.”

“Your mom’s a lying whore!”

“Creepy building, psycho killer, time to weapon up.”

“Curry-burped your way through ‘Maze Runner’.”

“Brainwashed into thinking he was a weapon of evil.”

One has to be inordinately patient to get through this tale of malcontent teens. I’d rather be watching the ‘Ninja Steel’ ep ‘Dimension In Danger’. What are TPTB’s vague aspirations? People are contentious and have complex needs. This was depressingly predictable. There are queries and criticisms. This was joyless and fruitless. Emma learns she has a half-sibling.

People treat Emma with wary concern. There is no escalating tension or coherent views. This show is sliding irrevocably into being disastrously wrong. This was not sensitive or nuanced. Brooke viciously condemns her father. She is all comedy haplessness - she’s proven her immorality and untrustworthiness. What about the creepy teacher, Seth, and his overt egotism? There is no steely challenge. Emma is egregious.

What was on Nina’s laptop? Emma has utter unsuitably to be the heroine. This was neither torrid not tragic, has no humanity or depth. There is no dramatic justice. Emma is unemotional. There are no trusting relationships. Emma’s dad shows up and leaves again. This was not decisive.

Best Lines:
“Dumb hayseed.”

“Online homework site.”

“Why aren’t you podcasting this?”

“One stop victim shopping.”

“The psych class you don’t have.”

“Killing off the members of ‘The Breakfast Club’.”

“Sometimes the guy next door is worshipping the devil.”

“Just like in ‘The Faculty’.”

The Dance
It’s Halloween and there is a dance and partying despite the serial killer. The creepy Seth is locked up. He’s sleazy. Emma searches for a fresh narrative. Bella Thorne has a brief cameo. Underlying motives are everywhere. Nobody has an ethical stance or reliability. No wonder this show is not a cultural behemoth. Where is the moral censure for Brooke’s sexual conduct? Moral boundaries are violated. Brooke the stick prances in her underwear AGAIN.

There is civil strife. Women look anorexic. People are contemptuous and earnestly patronising and spew spleen-venting rhetoric. Brooke gave bedroom rights to everyone. Women are to blame for everything. Emma looks anorexic. There is nice stained glass in Emma’s house. Brooke’s a dumb slut. Emma dresses as Uma Thurman in ‘Pulp Fiction’ for the dance.

There are secrets and sad resignation. Audrey and Emma disagree. The sheriff is in peril. There is drama and blood. Is Kieran involved?

Best Lines:
“Wears cardigans and drives an SUV.”

“Her bar story.”

“Get all judgy.”

“Sexually confused catholic girl.”

“Nina gets dead.”

“That kind of nice.”

Winners Win. Period
Patty eats and is platitudinous. Magnolia’s out of rehab. Patty shrugs off her malignancy and deliberate savagery. Brick is troubled by the traumatic events Bob unleashed. Patty abrogates her responsibility for the tensions and rage she caused. Ettamae is divorcing Evil Bob. This ep was under-ambitious. This is not unapologetically complex or rich demanding drama. This has no off-beat quality. Nobody has honourable intentions. Patty caused desperately combustible situations.

Brick’s feelings of distress are ignored. Bob is not compassionate or empathic, he defied suburban convention. This has no magnetic energy. Coralee does a blistering denunciation of Bob who has had a lasting and sometimes negative impact on her. Bob’s aggrieved. Christian exudes negative emotions. Patty meets with withering discontent. Patty’s desperate for a companion, after some under-stimulated confinement.

Nonnie’s horrible. Patty’s described witheringly. Patty’s quest for revenge has no satisfying coda. There is outrage, indignation and resentment. Change is not unleashed. Brick helps Patty starve and sweat. Patty’s rage is suppressed, diverted and minimised. Bob is potentially disastrous. Christian stalks Patty. Magnolia meets her half-sister. It does not go well. This was absolutely ridiculous and preposterous. Evil Bob goes to a club.

This was no atmospheric or poignant. Patty digs her own grave. Evil Bob and Bob will coach Evil Bob’s other daughter and her porno lips. This was humourless. Bob destroyed his own family. He badmouths Patty. There is no likeability or energy factor. Regina breaks into Coralee’s house and then Pattty’s. Where is Dixie? There is no sincerity just clownish theatricality. Patty attacks the world. Bob wants to live in a threeway with Coralee and Evil Bob. Since when does Bob love Evil Bob? This has no basic credibility. Patty runs afoul of someone.

Best Lines:

“You are Bareback Bob!”

“Go be sexually confused in someone else’s kitchen.”

“He hated me the most.”

“Like Charlie Manson and Sharon Tate.”

“2 fudgy wieners.”

“Easy Vanilla Ice!”

“Take it all off!”

“I want in on his tampon action!”

“Cut that liberal stuff.”

“Brownie banging.”

Requiem For Methuselah
Kirk, McCoy and Spock go to a planet looking for a cure for the sick crew. The planet is owned by Flint who bothers the trio with pointed indifference and dark patience and dark satisfaction. Kirk does not take a less confrontational line especially when he encounters Flint’s robot sextoy companion. Flint is unflinchingly hard.

Spock finds unknown Leonardo Da Vinci and Brahmas works in Flint’s abode. There are talk of legal banks and an unnecessary fight scene. Bad things follow Kirk, who needs to zip up his mickey. Kirk has no competence, diligence or conscientiousness. Kirk is maddening beyond endurance and the fembot crashes. This is not a reasonable situation.

Flint engages in patriarchal intimidation. This was goodish. Flint acts like a creepy perv and claims to have been Brahmas, Mozart, Galileo, Socrates, Solomon, Moses, Lazarus and Alexander. The claim to have been Lazarus raises questions, no one answers. Flint turns the Enterprise into a desktop toy. Flint is a crazy sexist moron. Kirk is as dumb as a pickled mollusc in this ep. McCoy’s an idiot and Spock mind-rapes Kirk into forgetting the fembot.

Best Lines:
“The uninvited.”

“With all due gratitude.”

“What is loneliness?”

“Do not order me.”

“On that day I shall mourn.”

“Discovered what he is.”

“I would like to discuss sub-dimensional physics with him.”

“He doesn’t seem to have any past.”

“Wealthy financer and recluse.”

“People without a past.”

“End your usefulness.”

“Get to the point Spock, if there is one.”

“I had hoped I was wrong.”
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