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Trailers, Quotes and some more MMPR Rewatching

‘Shattered Grid’ trailer
This is a promotion for the ‘Mighty Morphin Power Rangers’ comics in which Lord Drakkon (an evil AU Tommy Oliver) is the big bad. Lord Drakkon (Jason David Frank!) watches the multi-verse and plots evil. Jason David Frank has finally learned to act.

Best Lines:
“So much potential. Squandered. For so long.”

“Tear down everything.”

“They could have been gods.”

‘Supernatural’ season 14 sizzle reel
No new footage. We’ll see how long the Dean as vessel for Michael plot lasts.

Who saw ‘Communion’ (1989) or ‘Gaslight’ (1944) or ‘You’ve Got Mail’ (1998) or ‘Analyze That’ (2002) or ‘Carry On Loving’ (1970) or ‘Platoon’ (1986) or ‘Rambo III’ (1988) or ‘Lolita’ (1997) or ‘TMNT’ (2007) or ‘Grumpy Old Men’ (1993) or ‘Nurse Betty’ (2000)?

Who read ‘Any Human Heart’ or ‘Primary Colors’?

Who watched ‘The Wire’?

Recall pink fluffy pencil cases?

What is eyebrow micro-blading?

I’d try lavender iced tea and hot chocolate soufflé and choccy milk.

What are herringbone plaits?

‘The Truth About The Harry Quebert Affair’ is pretentious crap.

Best Line:
“Horrible, terrible man.”

‘Cuckoo’ Quotes:
“He made me work with my top off a lot. Sometimes my pants too.”

“Fun sponge.”

“Big sexy tree of a man.”

“Cheapest strippers in the midlands booked.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“Going on one of her drunken rampages.”

“Attacked him with a hammer.”

‘Nathan Barley’ Quotes:
They’re well bum.”

“Jackson pollard!”

‘Tales From The Darkside’ Quotes:
“Dream the dreams of others.”

“What to value.”

‘The Sunday Times’ Quotes:
“Slow, darkening trudge.”

“Glowing cosiness.”

“Salady sort of person.”

“Can shift domestic norms.”

“How television presents itself to the world.”

“Been considered of being done before.”

“Became known faces.”

“Descended into demimonde.”

“A pond in which a former butler had drowned himself.”

“Applications to be on Love Island outnumbered those to Oxford and Cambridge.”

“Social kudos.”

“Fashionable new dread,”

“No one who knows her recognises that description.”

“Shade of other people’s lives.”

“Bonding activities.”

“Professional accomplishment.”

“Ended up living in a stately home.”

“Ascent, and maintence of her position.”

“Keeping your poverty under wraps.”

“Slept behind the dustbins at night.”

“Her stature depended on being his chosen women, and finding she was not shattered her.”

“In love with the idea of him.”

“The little deadly demon among the wholesome children.”


“How unwanted he had been.”

“A catalogue of lurid allegations.”

“War book.”

“Decency tax.”

“Saved for posterity.”

“Instantly acquires relic status.”

“Can’t trust you with a burnt box of matches.”

‘The Sunday Business Post’ Quotes:
“To shut every woman in a dwelling-house and make of her an animated broom and dust-pan is to abuse a great many women and ruin a great many houses.”

“Authors are too celebrated.”

“A little too dystopian-novel-for-teens.”

“Allegedly rough area.”

“The proposition was not up for debate.”

‘RTE News’ Quotes:
“Code violation.”

“Behaviour and comments.”

‘Murder She Wrote’ Quotes:
“Murder in this town?”

“Murder peculiar.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Political rot.”

“Tired content.”

‘Tales Of The Unexpected’ Quotes:
“Read it aloud in your presence.”

“Cheesecake with currents.”

“”Avoid television at any costs.”

“Have the telephone disconnected.”

“I won’t chatter at you.”

‘The Guardian’ Quotes:

“Questioning his morals and sexuality.”

“Disavows pronouns.”

‘Power Ranger: Dino Thunder’ Quote:
“This is weird. Even by ranger standards.”

‘Inspector Morse’ Quotes:
“Poor sod.”

“Why aren’t you both laughing?”

‘Power Rangers: Wild Force’ Quotes:
“He’s a legend.”

“He really is the greatest ranger.”

“I saved 2 worlds!”

“I changed history.”

Rewatched some ‘Mighty Morphin Power Rangers’ eps

Green With Evil, part 2
After this show Austin St John (Jason) had those fake porn rumours. Jason David Frank makes it to the opening credits in this second ever ep. He was only meant to be a guest star but was brought back due to being hugely popular and is the face of the franchise. Billy talks about sub-atomic manipulation. The actress who played Trini died in a car crash. Goldar babbles about the evil sword of darkness.

Rita does evil laughs. The brainwashed and crazy Tommy is an adherent of Rita’s. Bulk and Skull bumble around putting considerable effort into bothering Tommy. This is the first time Tommy was evil, it would happen 2 more times. This 5 parter shows acrimony unusual by this show’s standards. Jason gets ANGRY. Tommy will replace him as leader in season 2. So Jason shows petulance toward the complete and total threat Tommy.

Kimberley is unaware Tommy is an emotional and intellectual enemy. Tommy the generation defining ranger does evil laughs. He tells Kimberley off and it is an ego-boost that he’s called the best ranger ever forever more. Things get progressively grimmer for the rangers. Tommy fights putties on a beach. As an adult he’d kick a t-rex in the face. Jason is leaden and joyless and is decreasingly relevant. Tommy attacks a putty crotch first. He’s morally ambiguous and insurmountable

Tommy doesn’t like red ranger Jason. Tommy in his mad bad phase wears a green string shirt and green jeans to school. Jason is in peril. Tommy is adamantly opposed to Jason. This is tragic farce. Trini is condemned to passivity. Goldar menaces Jason like a creepy sex offender. This was okay if dramatically unconvincing. Kimberley wears a pink scrunchie. The bad acting arouses incredulity.

Jason is an egotistical boar. Rita choosing the random Tommy off the street to be a ranger would have far-reaching consequences for him. Why did his parents move to Angel Grove anyway? Tommy is mocking, taunting, threatening and triumphant. Rita likes to make grand pronouncements. Tommy would have huge repercussions for the show. There is a climate of unrelenting misery and impending doom. Jason does a kip-up years before Dwayne Johnson.

New ordeals are piled on. The teens are implausibly incurious as to the green ranger’s secret identity. This was all lurid flamboyance. Where do the zords come from? Tommy was a defining role for Jason David Frank. Nobody makes logical choices. The theme music blares. Rita’s deadly deceptive scheme goes on. The teens have creepy bonhomie as they fight for their lives. Production values are mediocre.

Best Lines:
“Teenagers with attitude.”

“That green guy.”

“He wears a costume like ours!”

“Your evil spell will control his every move forever!”

“He’s doing it!”

“Get this green dude.”

“Pathetic little human!”

“I will not accept defeat.”

“One down, four to go!”

“That green guy.”

“Give you to me as a reward.”

Green With Evil, part 3
Zack (Walter Jones) and Trini (Thuy Trang) don’t do much. They still haven’t figured out Tommy’s identity, ambition and motivation. Tommy fights his crayon coloured friends some more. Tommy wears a green wife beater. The green and red rangers fight. Jason’s saved from Goldar. Scorpina shows up. There is bad acting and Tommy is a ruthless sociopath with righteous fury and is sort of willingingly pure evil.

Best Line:
“See to his end.”

Green With Evil, part 4
Megazord is solar powered. Tommy has an all or nothing mentality and add to this Rita’s psychological warfare and he’s dangerous. There is no dissent or doubt from him but any bad blood from his brainwashed slave days was shrugged off. Tommy committed terrible acts and shrugged them off later. Where are his parents as he’s running around being a super-villain? He was the evilest ranger of them all. But the rangers still offered the hand of friendship.

Rita floats in the air riding a unicycle. Just go with it. The green ranger is a daunting threat. Bulk and Skull are in peril. The corrupted Tommy is a dark reflection of what he’d become. There is no moral or emotional development among the rangers. Tommy’s dark beginnings are iconic. Rita carries on manipulating Tommy with magic. What are power crystals? Tommy has contempt for the rangers and has self image issues.

This is not masterfully crafted. There are unintended consequences. Is sullen Tommy the first evil ranger in history? Didn’t people see the green ranger fighting the rangers? Didn’t people ever wonder why he later joined up with them? Rita can cause an eclipse? The zords are wrecked and seem to scream as they fall into a fiery hellpit. The MMPR finally find out Tommy is the evil green ranger. Cue bad acting.

Best Lines:
“Stupid power geeks.”

“Evil will rule!”

“You are truly evil green ranger!”

“You drive like a maniac!”
“Thank you.”

“I want your mommy!”

Green With Evil, part 5
Can the MMPR stop Tommy from being a power maddened lunatic of the highest order? Kimberley and Tommy have a confrontation. She wants to make him good and laudable again. None of the follow ups were as good as the original show. Tommy will become good again and will be loved, adored, praised and idolised. Tommy won’t be emotionally fragile from what happened to him or what he could have become (a universe conquering mass murderer). The horrifying scenario ends as the MMPR smack the evil out of Tommy who is easily forgiven. No one is aggressively suspicious about Tommy. Jason asks Tommy to join the team literally seconds after he stops being evil. The zords come back and all is well.

Best Lines:
“The 6th ranger. Now one of us.”

“Ruling the universe with evil!”

“Use your flute Tommy!”

The Green Dream
Ep 2x07 sees Lord Zedd as the big bad. Tommy causes enduring fascination. Tommy’s green ranger powers have run out. Zedd wears a metal codpiece. Tommy worries about writing a 500 word essay, he’d later end up with a PhD! Bulk and Skull want to learn who the MMPR are. Tommy has a ponytail. Tommy goes evil, AGAIN. This brief moment of moral turpitude is shrugged off.

Jason blusters. He would get fat as the ‘Power Rangers: Wild Force’ ep ‘Forever Red’ would prove. The sword of power shows up, never to be mentioned again. This was silly with a sad ending. The ‘Power Rangers: Megaforce’ ep ‘Legendary Battle’ would show Tommy dressed as the Green Ranger again. Shame the ep sucked and he looked naff. So he’s been a ranger since 1993? Tommy’s been the economic driver of the show. There are no long standing issues over Tommy going evil AGAIN. Tommy is all wholseome and pure, shame the actor now looks unwashed.

Best Lines:
“I’ll never turn against my friends again.”

“Rod of destruction.”


White Light: Part 2
In 2x19, the gang meet the new white ranger and his flashy costume. Tommy is the white ranger. Zordon abducted him and made him the white ranger seemingly without asking. Tommy gets Saba the talking sword and the new tigerzord. Who built the zord? Who built Saba? Tommy is the new leader of the MMPR. Jason doesn’t ask why. In civilian guise, Tommy suddenly wears white. Zordon lavishes Tommy with praise. Awww.

Best Lines:
“All that has been granted to you.”

“Worthy and true.”

“Light of goodness.”

“Secure Rita’s dumpster.”

When Is A Ranger, Not A Ranger?
In 2x31 Bulk and Skull learn the identities of the MMPR. Nobody wonders where the green ranger went or why a white ranger showed up. Nobody notes that Tommy now wears white instead of green. Tommy has long hair. The new black, red and yellow rangers lurk.

Best Lines:


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