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Banana Heart Banana
Evil Bob and Bob have gotten it on. Evil Bob has a defiant attitude. I’m still annoyed Seth and Ryan didn’t get it on, on ‘The OC’. Evil Bob carries on his worst inclinations. Dixie is scheming to engineer Patty’s demise. Patty is rabidly awful. What is a sheet cake? There is no coherent indisputable narrative. Coralee moves back in. Coralee and Bob are emphatically awful. One has instinctive feeling that everyone is a complete charlatan.

Patty is suspended. Bob and Evil Bob are selfish bastards. Regina is out of jail and sleeping in a car with Dixie? Regina was foreclosed on? Patty’s indiscretions grow. There is fevered speculation over Christian’s past. Patty is to be roasted at her birthday. Bob seeks his own thrills. Nonnie and her girlfriend have issues. There is no impressive insight. Evil Bob is Bob’s secret shame. This was not deeply satisfying. This was all sour notes. This is frankly stupid.

There are no moral guardians. Bob dishonours the trust reposed in him. Coralee obsesses over tampon strings. Motivations and actions are questioned by Magnolia. Evil Bob has had a negative impact on Magnolia. Not that he cares. All he cares about is Bob. This was irritating. There are smug senses of moral superiority. Patty is unthinking. Evil Bob wants to come out of the closet. Bob has serious moral objections to Evil Bob.

Nobody is respectful or constructive. People are morally corrupt. The Pastor isn’t dead. No one cares. Christian turns out to be creepy and violent. This was not fantastically funny. Christian’s violence is ignored, even as he makes pretty nasty threats. Evil Bob is incredibly confident, loud and forceful. Brick lurks like a fart in a lift. This is mortifying and not joyous. William Baldwin guest stars showing off his bad cosmetic surgery. Patty’s mother was abused by him.

Patty’s mother does a runner. There are uneasy ucompromises. This was not jovial. Nonnie’s had enough. Everyone’s shouty. Patty has conflicting emotions. Patty is completely and utterly untrue. She outs the Bobs. Evil Bob is unfaithful and unscrupulous. This was all insufficient inadequacy. Dixie faked being injured. Bob’s done with Patty and her self righteous anger.

Best Lines:

“Women’s things.”

“Mostly low.”

“Floor picnic.”

“Front door action.”


“Shouldn’t you be there?”

“Since when do you double fist?”

“Chunky Brewster.”

“Pillows filled with marshmallows.”

“Kick out his closet door.”

“Please god anyone else!”

“Don’t come home. Ever.”

Valerie Solanas Died For Your Sins: Scumbag
We get endless flashbacks to 1968 and how Andy Warhol (Evan Peters) dismissed Valerie Solanas (Lena Dunham of ’Girls’ who can’t act) leading to her shooting him and going on a murderous rampage. What is the point of this spuriousness? Valerie Solanas’ constant outcries lead to her shooting Andy Warhol for being brusquely dismissed.

Andy Warhol has insufferable pomposity. Valerie was petty and ineffective. Maybe she was an unstable fabulist like Ally. Or did anything recounted in the flashbacks even happen? Kai and his cult have abandoned their consciences. Ally isn’t speaking. Is Ally still losing her reason? Frances Conroy of ‘The Mist’ and Dot-Marie Jones of ‘Glee’ guest star. Beverly seems to have no other role or source of fulfilment than Kai’s cult. This was wilfully strange.

For a journalist, Beverly isn’t intellectually probing. Kai’s apocalyptic tendencies are superficially quirky. A fragile sense of shared reality is shaky. This ep isn’t especially compelling. Everyone is in thrall to Kai and his self-delusion. Kai’s maelstrom is heinous. Doom isn’t impending. There is no raw immediacy. Valerie has a breakdown. I don’t care about the existential insecurities of the helplessly self-centred characters. Beverly overdoes her misery. There is an illusion of tranquillity. Nobody is of great intellect. Beverly has blazing contempt. Winter is self-adoring. She and Ivy are not nuanced, interesting or complicated. There are no meaningful insights.

This is not profoundly weird. Winter is unembrassingly unaware. Valerie was pretty awful. This was banal. Valerie was self-absorbed. Unreason reigns. A woman (Conroy) claims Valerie had a noble ethic. This was unintentionally amusing and shockingly obvious. Valerie was a contrarian who felt insufficiently rewarded. This was not discomfiting. Valerie opined with non-cheery bonhomie. To identify Valerie as a trouble maker was to confirm her in that role.

This ep exists for no other reason than to annoy. Valerie hated the social model and didn’t talk about or invest in the rules of life. She wanted to create a murderous divide. The indefensible Kai has ruthless cunning. This ep has a lack of rigour. The truth about the zodiac killer is revealed. Maybe. Kai enjoys living his life in public. What was with the clown outfits? The unstylish Valerie plunged into an abyss of self-destruction. This ep is a spectacular and chaotic failure.

Kai’s female followers are manipulated into action on a false premise. This was not ruthlessly effective. There is no substance or ability. This was not dense and complex. Ivy and Winter are unmindful. There is death and Valerie had no profound legacy. There are no consciously great things or supposed joys here. Valerie was pervasive and oppressive and caused calamitous results and nightmare misfortunes by being famously hopeless. This was unique badness.

Best Lines:
“You’ve taken my art!”

“He took Ali MacGraw from us, squandered her god-given talent, and now she’s a housewife.”

“Pushed out.”

“Stupid and doomed.”

“I just got a retweet from Eric Trump!”



“Haven’t you been listening ingrate?”

“No cipher can hide piss-poor penmanship!”

“Beefcake magazines.”

“SS wannabe boyfriends!”

Lights Of Zetar
Why does Kirk call Scotty old and lonely? Scotty is in love. Shari Lewis co-wrote this. The galactic library Memory Alpha has been wiped out and its staff killed by a storm. Scotty is patronising and sexist to his love interest. Scotty’s love interest is called a girl and it is mentioned she was born on the Martian colony. McCoy goes on about tape decks. Scotty’s love interest is in peril. Kirk, McCoy and Spock are all sexist patronising jerks.

Best Line:
“Life units.”

I made use of the fast-forward button during this ep and will drop this show. There is no unaffected realism here. Travis seeks assurances. People are erratic. Travis’ continued optimism annoys. The National Guard are amoral. Nobody seems to truly ascertain the problem. Ophelia throws things and screams. The gang of morons are poorly suited for the apocalypse. There are false whispers and no good intentions.

People whine about the ordinary banalities of life. Their position is precarious. I wish this show was not so crap. This is hilariously incompetent. This is a toxic setting. I don’t care about the gang or their emotional struggles. Madison obsesses over Nick. Travis ignores Chris to fawn over Madison. The gang are profoundly ignorant and impetuous. Madison is adversarial. The potentially grave impact of the apocalypse is shrugged off.

Madison does something stupid, again. Ophelia is a moron. There are dark warnings. No one is taking reasonability for anything. Madison and Ophelia have complicity in a torture murder. People scrounge. Madison and co have unrealistic expectations. There are grim burdens. Travis is unable or unwilling to attend to Chris’ emotional needs. Nobody mentions the light from 1x04. Ophelia’s dad monologues and I fast forward.

Nobody has quiet dignity. Chris loots. There are contentious topics. Ophelia is tainted by association with this and is morally responsible for what has happened. There are failings and Madison is awful. The exacting Madison has helped commit an offence almost too grievous to be atoned for. It will likely have serious - if for now unpredictable - implications. This was not genuinely mournful. Why does Travis always have unanimous support for Madison? Nick bores. The South American family are war criminals on the run, like duh.

Best Line:
“Not here to protect us.”

The Word Of Rao
The Voice Of Rao ends up possessed by Brainaic. Lyta is in trouble. She’s not universally respected. It is Seg’s imperative to annoy. The Word Of Rao has unearned gravitas. Beardy charges Lyta with treason. Doesn’t Seg have a job? Seg thinks the only honourable response is to throw tantrums. There are brutal controversies. I’m tired of the glorification of the man-child Seg.

This show is improvable. Seg’s in trouble - oh who cares. There is no ideological diversity in Kandor. Seg is oblivious to everyone but Lyta it’s like Clark and that bimbo Lana. Seg isn’t inquisitive. Beardy has plans to overthrow the Word Of Rao. There is a Fort Rozz mention and a moppet. This was not noteworthy.

Best Lines:
“Save your threats.”

“Glare at me with disapproval.”

“Leave before I remove you.”

“My history with your family is long and complicated.”

My Name Is Aldrich Ames
This is an ABC 8 parter from 2014 starring a future Doctor Who doing a weird US accent. This is set in the 80s and sees the CIA take on a mole and the cold war. The future Doctor Who alienates and ignores her family and yaps and yaps and yaps. This was worthy but dull.

Best Lines:
“The situation is far worse than you can possibly imagine.”

“Came after him. Hard.”
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