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Book Reviews: The Island + Halcyon

The Island by M.A. Bennett
Bullied Link crash-lands on a desert island with 6 of his tormentors. What could possibly go wrong? From the author of ‘S.T.A.G.S’ comes this not as good novel. Link has eloquent determination to best them but the dumb plot twists disincentives interest.

I’ve no compunction to care about these ghastly people and their social cues. Link’s rage is predictable and the bullies deserve to pay for the terrible experiences and public ridicule they inflicted. This has integrity or vision. This was Did Not Finish annoying. This was full of references to ‘Lost’ and attempted cultural critiques.

Halcyon by Rio Youers
This promised a tale of a cult. That was a lie. This was a tale of a family with 2 whiny brat daughters, one of whom is a psychic. Add in a cult, abuse of women, attacks and this vile and false and inexcusably terrible novel is chaotic and dysfunctional. This is disastrous, has a continued lack of action and is inscrediby boring and badly written. This was pretentious and incomprenhensible.

This was a total non-starter that was not credible or sensible. The author has no mastery of pace or character. This was completely unremarkable. This was vaporous and ill-judged. This crap deserves only ridicule and contempt. How did this crap get published? This novel embodies the demise of the publishing industry.

Best Lines:
“Slammed that door, burned that bridge.”

“Pretend we have a fulfilling life.”

“Imagine he was marooned on an island, hundreds of miles from civilization, with nothing but a mysterious smoke beast and countless plot holes for company.”

“Marched alone into infamy.”

“One of the most hated figures in American history?”

“That one man, with his own set of grievances, could have done this is terrifying.”

“A frenzy of hate and national disgrace.”

“Risky to recruit our own victims,”
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