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Trailers, Quotes and a MMPR Rewatch

‘She’s All That’ clip
How did the prom goers know the dance?

‘American Horror Story Cult’ promo
Clowns and honey.

‘American Horror Story Cult’ promo
Clowns and screaming.

‘American Horror Story Cult’ promo

‘American Horror Story Cult’ promo
A clown, bees and a balloon.

‘American Horror Story Cult’ promo
Green gas.

‘Power Rangers: Dino Thunder’ opening credits
Horrible show, horrible credits and Tommy Oliver has a goatee and gelled spiked hair.

Fondue - yum.
Gluten free sourdough loaf - crumbly.
Proseco - good.

Recall ‘Forty Coats’ or ‘Wanderly Wagon’?

What is edible sand?

A new ‘Heathers’ DVD is coming out with new extras.

Recall ‘Joanie Loves Chachi’ or the ‘Twilight of the Gods’ ep of ‘Morse’ or ‘Three Rivers’?

Who saw ‘Meet The Applegates’ or ‘Margo’ or ‘A Serious Man’ or’ Barton Fink’ or ‘Le Mans’ (1971)?

I’d try Japanese soufflé pancakes.

Badgers eat hedgehogs?

What is a coppice?

I’d like to have seen the great Irish elk.

I’d like a copperstone pan.

I’d try chilled almond soup.

Rewatched the ‘Hercules The Legendary Journeys’ ep ‘Hero’s Heart’ which was bad as an amnesiac Iolaus bums pretentiously around Ancient Greece.

‘Company’ and ‘More’ magazines have gone out of print.

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Wellbeing literature,”

“Of a class and a type.”

“Last word that could ever be spoken on the subject.”

“There’s surprisingly little atmosphere considering how much trouble they’ve gone to create atmosphere.”

“Arctic amplification.”

“Beyond the reasonable limit.”

“You are not a group actor.”

“Relic of an analogue age.”

“Analogue-era curio.”

“How recognisable she would find the portrait painted of her.”

“Unwise attempt to step up in class.”


“The supreme court has demanded he explain his threat.”



“Refuse to compromise on what you want,”

“The adults in your life don’t have any real authority.”

“Why would you choose to make our lives more difficult?”

“Largest living generation.”

“Co-ordinated inauthentic behaviour.”

“Rejected by the family.”

“Grey panel shows featuring monochrome men smoking and talking about farming.”

‘Tales Of The Unexpected’ Quotes:
“United minerals.”

“This is a decent hotel!”

“A woman! Just what I need!”

‘Inspector Morse’ Quotes:
“For anything in trousers!”

“My enemies wouldn’t miss.”

“All very unsatisfactory.”

“Valued their material possessions, and would surrender them for nothing.”

“Give it to Oxfam.”

“We’re not gentry, thank god.”

“Worked at the same pit.”

“Man of conventional opinion.”

“Fronts about in hideous frocks.”

“Horrible shiny suit.”

“Books were a waste of good trees.”

“Stupid laws.”

“How very sad for you sir.”

‘The Guardian’ Quotes:
“Pretentious and inaccessible menus.”

“Ditch the fancy food.”



“Good honest pub grub.”


“Culture of nastiness, bullying and intimidation.”

“Throwaway society.”

“Morality of bared bodies.”

“Germ-laden rag.”

“Vestiges of what they’ve deposited in the lavatory.”

“Identity seclusion and isolation from the social mainstream.”

“Counterfactual dystopia.”

“Immediately regretted.”

“Notoriously overlooked.”

“Paper stealer.”

“Their rights and safety are under threat.”

“Bitterly polarised.”


“Lost a fight with a 14-year-old’s laundry basket.”

“Look like a dude that sells you bad weed on the Venice boardwalk.”

“Labels inaccessible to most people.”

“Emphasising how much effort it takes.”


“Repetitive rants.”

“Generational catastrophe.”

“Honey is notorious for food fraud.”

‘The Martian’ Quotes:
“Countdown halt.”

“Unbalanced load.”

“Expressly rejected.”

“Consider the consequences.”

“You said yes to this?”

‘One Was Lost’ Quotes:
“He’s got enough gear in his pack to start a new society should we get lost.”

“He looks at the rest of us like we’re less.”

“Do I look like a girl who drugs people?”


‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“Parenting education.”

“Court ordered into rehab.”

‘RTE News’ Quote:

‘Tales From The Darkside’ Quotes:
“You pulled a gun on mom!”
“I had to.”

‘Power Rangers: Dino Thunder’ Quotes:
“He doesn’t look convinced.”

“We are not intimidated by your teacher!”

“I checked my closet this morning and there’s a serious shortage of black in there.”

“A science teacher with the ruins of an ancient civilization under his house.”

“All totally fascinating.”

“Power losers!”

‘FTWeekend’ Quotes:
“Rhetoric of victimisation.”

“Cultural integrity.”

“Somebody’s boring me. I think it’s me.”

“Answer songs.”

“Isn’t a word readily available to them.”

“Slots herself into their habits and routines.”

“Unguided growth and flawed ambition.”


“Recognise new technological threats.”

"Historical curiosity.”

“Talent soaked.”

“Once-triumphant strategies.”

“They knew what the future looked like.”

“Private business of being.”

‘Mission Impossible’ Quote:
“Want me to finger him for you?”

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Green With Evil Part 1 Rewatch
From 1993 comes this ep that debuted Jason David Frank as Tommy Oliver. He’d go on to become the most popular power ranger ever. Also he and Amy Jo Johnson would be the only original line up actors to have a cameo in the reboot movie. They’re the only original actors not to have a falling out with TPTB.

MC Hammer pants and headbands and clown pants and shirts with no side seams are worn by characters. Even before he becomes the green ranger, Tommy wears green. There is a drastic onslaught of bad ADR and bad acting. Kimberley likes Tommy. Bulk and Skull do nothing but bully people. Tommy has a mullet. Kimberley wears a Britney Spears like belly shirt years before Britney.

The rangers all wear clothes tied into their ranger colour. Oddly no one notices this. Zordon mediates and never mentioned there was a 6th power coin. Rita makes Tommy her brainwashed green ranger. His outfit is pimped out. He attacks Zordon’s HQ and takes out Alpha 5 with a cd. How does Rita an evil witch who lives on the moon have a cd with a computer virus on it?!?

If Rita keeps throwing her wand down to Earth - how does she get it back? Jason doesn’t believe in sleeves. Billy drives a flying car. The green ranger is an ornery cuss. Billy wears dungarees. This is one of the occasions where ‘MMPR’ was entertaining. By 2005, when Tommy Oliver returned as a science teacher in ‘Dino Thunder’ - he had a PHD. HOW?

Anyone recall the ‘Mighty Weenie Pathetic Rangers’ fanfic parodies which parodied this ep (Green With Vomit, part 1) and others?

Best Lines:
“Fall of the power rangers.”

“My evil green ranger!”

“Green guy.”
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