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The Girl In The Playground
This dull Icelandic drama sees a boy find a body. An annoying woman (who the subtitles inform us is named Laura) harangues her husband and an oil baron is suspected of the murder. It’s winter and the oily businessman won’t co-operate. The woman, Laura, is a journalist who needs to pay 800,000 kronas after losing a defamation case. A female cop is a source for the newspaper.

Laura has a baby she fawns over. She drives her husband away. All interactions with other are very poorly received. She has no contrition for her crap. Laura’s hired by the oil guy, to clear his name. Her paper won’t pay her fine. There is yelling about the fine and her endless maternity leave. Laura spies on her old colleagues. Laura won’t listen or talk to her husband. Enquiry and speculation bore.

Laura goes for coffee leaving her baby outside in a pram in winter in Iceland! Laura’s co-workers figure out what’s she’s up and she becomes a pariah. Laura exploits a friend. The oil man has a habit of abusing women. Not that Laura cares. Laura is fired and is to be reported to an ethics committee. She alienates her daughter and she has studious reluctance to be sensible. This was BAD.

Best Lines:
“We’re always the bad guys.”

“You’re not welcome here.”

By Virtue Fall
There is no deep moral purpose as this show ends. Woz is a fugitive and then he isn’t. People are in incredibly serious trouble. People look orange. Harlee does damage limitation. People are uniquely badly behaved. There is no reasonable debate. This was unimposing. Who will bear the brunt of the fallout? Harlee. She testifies. Isn’t everyone tired of the brooding guy withdrawing enigmatically whenever something goes down? Nobody has self-critical inner dialogue. People are foul. Tess makes a cold logical choice. There is ethical unease and rash decisions and damaged souls and a ‘fiendishly cunning’ bad guy.

This does not cause the right level of engagement. Harlee does not provoke heated debate. People are contemptuous and furtive. People are self-limiting. Tess gets a bag, full of money, but Woz drags her back in. The police commission hearing drags on. Woz gets away with everything he’s done. Harlee gets a stack of witness statements. The girlfriend abuser legs it. Woz’s crew get away with all they did? The dangling plot threads left behind by Donny Pomp are ignored. The bad dude is off to jail. Woz shows up on the bus.
What about Nate? Christina stays with Woz? How long will Harlee be locked up? Tess gets her detective shield back! HOW? This was not satisfying.

Best Lines:
“With your secrets.”

“Endangered people’s lives with my choices.”

“Disproportionate amount of fatalities.”

“Absolute lack of competence.”

“I let it all burn down.”

“Quite a provocative accusation.”

“Simple and horrific fact.”

The Mark Of Gideon
Kirk is on an empty Enterprise. How did this mess found a franchise whose complex backstory spans decades? Spock has sagacity. A diplomat is obstructive. McCoy rages and hurls unfounded accusations. A bimbo in purple lipstick prances. Eyelines are off. Just because this is Trek, it’s not as if that is any reason to watch. Protocol is debated vigorously with an annoying man with an inflated sense of his own perceived importance.

William Shatner has weird diction as he goes on about red priority. There is feverish speculation about the missing Kirk. There is a sustained barrage of brazen and reckless lies. This was utter disarray. Kirk is all brimming machismo. The Enterprise carries a shipload of food to feed 430 people for 5 years? There are contentious issues that elicit baffled dismay. The planet Gideon suffers from over-population for reasons left unsaid.

How did the population of the over-populated Gideon create a duplicate of the Enterprise? And where? They want to create an ultimately disastrous plague using Kirk’s blood. There are pernicious falsifications and the inhabitants of Gideon wish to inflict untold and possibly irreparable damage on themselves. There is rancour and diverseness. This ep is stagnant. Long suppressed fury seethes. Birth control is outlawed. There is mendacity. Kirk cynically mocks and there is cynical self-regard. No to this.

Best Lines:
“The Bureau of Planetary Treaties.”

“Beat this disaster.”

“Space terminology.”

“No hope for happiness.”

That Which Survives
Why is Sulu on an away team? A woman thing lurks imperilling an away team and the Enterprise. There are no fondish memories of this season. Spock has formidable forbearance. There is no chastening reality. There is foreshadowing of ‘Star Trek 2’. This is not a decent narrative undertaking. Kirk doesn’t seem to have a single likeable quality. This was not grimly arresting.

Best Lines:
“By all the laws that we know.”

“Restrain your leaps of logic.”


Bruce Greenwood, Leslie Hope, Paul Blackthorne and Thomas Kretschmann star in this disappointing mess. Beloved TV host Dr Emmet Cole (Greenwood) goes missing deep in the rainforest. His show ‘The Undiscovered Country’ began in 1988 and was a worldwide hit. Dr Cole’s wife Tess (Hope of ‘Doppelganger‘) and his son Lincoln were part of the show. They sailed around on his boat, Magnus. The show aired every Saturday for 22 years. He was Steve Irwin famous until he vanished in the Amazon.

Tapes of Dr Cole’s last mission are watched. This has some found footage elements. Tess looks for Dr Cole. ABC aired this. Lincoln is asked to help look for Dr Cole. He looks like a drug addict. Dr Cole’s beacon has been found in the Amazon 6 months after he vanished. Lincoln is apparently a PHD student?!?! The network rep Clark (Blackthorne of ‘Arrow’ and ‘The Dresden Files’, who uses his real accent) lurks being sleazy.

Kurt a private security guy lurks as part of the rag tag crew. Kurt throws some guy into the Amazon. Did they ever fish him out? Some screeching woman named Lena shows up. Warnings are ignored. The wreck of the Magnus is found. A door is welded shut from the outside. There are cameras everywhere on the Magnus. While not staggeringly daring, it is thrilling if not potent or persuasive. A shrine is found. The impetuous junkie Lincoln babbles.

This was pleasing nonsense. People don’t expediently handle things. Lena has secrets. There are no truth clues. The rafts are sabotaged and they’re stuck on the Magnus which is suddenly sea-worthy again. Lena swims around in the Amazon with a wound. Lincoln accuses Tess of cheating. People stomp around the very well lit Amazon. Nobody worries about infected wounds? Kurt knows something. What is the source? The VFX is bad. This is okay but no wonder it was cancelled.

Best Lines:
“Don’t throw up.”

“American education.”

“Something break out.”

“Tide patterns.”

“The ground wouldn’t take him.”

“Eat your peaches.”

“There’s magic out there!”

“Soul traps.”

“Nature’s just disgusting.”

“Looking for real magic.”

“There’s no river for the boat to be on.”

“Someone survived.”

“You made my life the whole world’s business.”

“Ghost friend be quiet.”

This was exquisitely pathetic as the mission focused fools do stupid things. They sleep without mosquito nets. Dr Cole possesses someone and people act like this is logical. This was frivolous and not fraught or immersive. Tess makes portentous ideological speeches. This has no psychological intensity. This is not a mesmerising unparallel achievement in TV. There are frank lies and negative relations. This is must miss TV. Tess is by no means the least virtuous person on board. There is no eerie sadness or inspiring awe. People do breathless and glowing endorsement of Dr Cole’ s supposed brilliance and intellectual prowess yet the man made ill-guided decisions and did questionable behaviour as he looked for real magic.

This was not complex or unsettling. This is no grim sense of inevitability or deep thought. Clark is crafty and evasive. Tess boffed Clark, I’m sure of it. Supposedly competent people are stupid. The junkie looking imbecile son is unspeakably awful. They stumble across a graveyard, dolls and a teddy bear. Reasonable fears are ignored so people can discuss ghosts. Lena has a mark.

They say the water is 6 inches deep yet another scene later and Kurt is in it up to his neck. There is grave desecration and a necklace. There are no historical resonances and idealised lost love Dr Cole causes ongoing torment. No wonder this did not win the respect of critics. The junkie looking son is of volatile temperament. This was no substantive, just inherently ephemeral and destined to fade from memory. The river is a genius Loci or something. 1x01 provoked some interest, this ep made me give up. I'm done. No more.

Best Lines:
“Insane quest to find magic.”

“Why would there are a graveyard out here?”

“Don’t take too well to company.”

“Spirit trees.”

“The doll tree!”

The largely terrible Kai stirs up trouble. Beverly’s boss Bob is jovially derisive. Kai stealthily plots and brings out people’s worst impulses. Bob threatens and fires Beverly. Bob is self-glorifying. Rules based order breaks out. Ivy is part of the cult. Kai makes impulsive, irrational and reckless decisions. He’s agenda setting and needs to sustain attention. Ally is fantastically tiresome. She lives in a divisive filter bubble.

Ally’s terrified and Ivy has been deliberately making her look terrible. Ally's own individual life choices see her overwhelmed by fear and paranoia. Everything is triggering or potentially upsetting to Ally. Has contentious Ally given Ivy the dignity of an apology for her crap? Ally is suspicious. The collective insanity of Kai’s cult goes on. Ally has only supervised visits with Oz. Ally whines about being unsnared by domesticity. She has agony and emotional economics.

Ivy is staying in a motel with Oz. Ivy hates Ally, which is understandable really. People are bothersome. Ally spies. Join us, Kai urges. Kai tells Beverly about his useless parents. Kai has a brother. Everyone really is out to get Ally! Kai, Winter and the shrink are a messed up family. What about the green gas? The most unbelievable part of this show is that Winter went to Vasser.

Best Lines:
“It was like she prepared.”

“It had to be that way.”

“People aren’t scared enough.”

“Throw in some satanic stuff like that movie ‘Paradise Lost’ I saw on HBO once.”

“I have a gimp in the attic!”

“Latin is inherently scary.”

“It’s a sick cult! And everyone’s in it! The police! My husband! Your babysitter! Your wife!”

Mid-Western Assassin
Meadow carries out a mass shooting on Kai’s orders. Is the opening credit music meant to sound like the ‘House Of Cards’ music? Ally is selfish. Kai has an unswerving desire to succeed. Kai and co poisoned bird feeders and the green gas was a feint to make people scared. Ally learns Ivy has cultish fanaticism. Meadow explains why she joined Kai‘s disturbingly violent cult: she hates Ally with relentless drive. Kai is called out for causing trouble by Mare Winningham. Ally boasts that she and Ivy import coffee beans from Italy, priorities woman! Kai and co carry out another murder. Ally is in trouble. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“Beautiful idiots.”

“Facebook. You are old.”

“Crazy weird things.”

“No one will listen.”

“There’s a cult in this city.”

“Maybe she just hates you.”

“Trapped by feminist expectations.”

“Satanic murder.”

“Knowing stuff has no value.”

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