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Bad Kitty
Patty is shockingly short on any introspection. She’s self-importantly melodramatic. Evil Bob and Bob’s poisonous rivalry has come to an end. Everyone is a bidiot. People compromise their underlying ethics. Patty is to be exorcised and faces attacks on her integrity. This ep was turgid. This show isn’t short of critics. Patty is passionately angry and she’s upset and volatile. This ep is of no discernible benefit. Christian has forfeited all credibility.

There is no dignity inherent in this. There are adverse consequences and antagonistic dealings and malfeasance. There is no stirring narrative, just terrifying chaos. This ep was boring and unbelievably stupid. Bob has a full throttle freak out. This ep is outright nonsense and full of daft developments and no recognisable humanity. Where is Ettamae? The end of evil Bob’s bitterer antagonism is not seedily satisfying. Evil Bob and Bob’s ruinous conflict is implausible farce.

This was unashamedly lurid. Coralee chooses a confrontational path. Bad and unwelcome events happen. There are no nice, calm, rational debates. Patty creates chaos everyday. Patty is rude to Nonnie’s date. She’s squalid and gruesome. There is no gleeful excuses for this. This was all ineptitude. Everything Evil Bob has done to win the love and captainship of Bob is sexual harassment. Patty has unexpressed agony.

Why is Evil Bob presented as unchallengeable? There are no valid arguments. Patty is assertive and demanding. Bob serves up lemon zest tea. Patty discusses demons. Who is Patty’s father? Dixie returns to school faking being a saintly invalid. Brick resurfaces. Does Coralee do anything besides being a southern socialite? This does no incentivise one to care. This is not uproarious. Brick points out Christian’s dubious qualities to his parents.

Why is Dixie’s deviousness not obvious? This was not utterly captivating. There is misinformation and a miasma of misconception. There is a mention of ‘The Craft’. There are no reliable assurances. There are unsubstantiated claims. Patty and her mother live in a nice house. Christian has no regard for others. Patty is anguished. I’m disinterested. Patty’s into score settling. Things get very nasty, very fast.

Patty’s ill-tempered. There is moral exhaustion. Patty’s bitterly criticised. Is Pastor Mike dead? Christian has cold emptiness and there is an exorcism. Jon Lovitz guest stars.

Best Lines:
“Viral vampire bitch fight.”

“Passionately hateful towards me.”

“Power in what’s wrong.”

“Demon girl.”

“Rage kill homeless guy.”

“Nobody’s eating my wieners!”

“You’ve seen ‘The Exorcist’! And we have Google!”

“The worst thing I ever saw.”

“Depart accursed one!”

“Get me my priest costume!”

Election Night
This season centres on people’s reaction to Trump’s victory and a cult. Ally (Sarah Paulson) a fragile flower screeches. Kai (Evan Peters) humps the TV. There are creepy creepy opening credits. Colton Haynes is in this as a cop. Creepy clowns lurk. The shrieky neurotic Ally feels everything that defined her has been stripped away by Trump’s victory. A knicker flasher is menaced and trembles pathetically with fear from a killer clown. This was grimly compelling.

Ally has mental chatter and her family’s life revolves around her moods, emotions and impulses. Kai has slime hair. Ally fears clowns, holes and everything else. One feels dislike and indifference for her. She’s allergic to opinions and events that diverge from her sanctioned world view. Society is decadent and lost and Kai wants to be the cure. Ally has an unchallengeable left wing orthodoxy that has failed to equip her properly to deal with confusion and adversity.

Ally faces confusion and adversity. Kai has an unruly apocalyptic vision and no male shame. He spreads his dread doctrine and plans to unravel community cohesion, confidence and conviction via a vicious intimidation campaign. He has a cataclysmic view and is insolently self-assured and seethes with homicidal rage. He is adversarial and has conviviality. Ally feels Trump has shattered any sense of order and her anxiety and phobias run rampant.

Kai is all male anger and self pity and perverse assumptions. He’s not fostering community life, he’s planning open insurrection. Ally is scarred irreparably and feels her country is changing in violent and unfair ways and she has personal grievances. A dramatic confrontation is coming. Ally’s cosseted position makes one hold her in contempt. There’s cool indifference and natural enmity and moral collapse. Chaz Bono plays a Trump supporter. Ally feels perceived order is breaking down. Ally’s wife Ivy despairs.

Ally and Ivy run a restaurant. Winter (Billie Lourd of ‘Scream Queens’) is hired as a nanny. Ally is deeply concerned about herself and her country. Kai is overly dominating and is pure menace. This was good. Winter does not have the expected behaviour of the nanny. Ally needs to shut her mouth.

Best Lines:
“I can’t do my cookie breathing!”

“Throwing bottles of Rose.”

“Worst instincts validated.”

“Scared? Good.”

“He didn’t see any clowns having sex in the produce section.”

Don’t Be Afraid Of The Joke
Kai plans retribution. Leslie Grossman of ‘Popular’ guest stars as one of Ally and Ivy’s new neighbours. Ally spies on the new neighbours. Kai does not play well with public opinion. Ally sees villains real and imagined. A hellish future is coming. Ally has no appreciation or respect. She is profoundly concerned. Ivy has no enormous fondness for Ally. Ivy and Ally’s son Oz has a ridiculous name.

Ally screeches concern and is irascible. Harrison and Meadow (Grossman) are the new bucolic neighbours. Ally has non-heart rending drama. There is irreverence and unpredictability. Ally’s notion of life is quickly shattered. Ally is angst-filled. Meadow and Harrison are off. The blood of the people who were murdered in the house, hasn’t been cleaned up. Winter is the worst nanny, ever. Ally’s anxiety leads to an irredeemable loss. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“They’re out there.”

“He’s been buying guns since Obama got elected.”

“That’s not completely reassuring.”

“I’m worried about you.”
“You should be.”

“At least until the rioters have come and gone.”

“Everything seems to offend nowadays.”

“That doesn’t just happen.”

Neighbors From Hell
Adina Porter and Dermot Mulroney guest star as reporters talking about the bizarre series of crimes taking place. Ally shot Pedro, one of her employees and she’s not in trouble due to the Stand Your Ground law. Why is there a power cut? Ally blubbers and people dressed as clowns kill more people. Ally’s neurosis is now dramatically public.

Pedro’s grievous loss doesn’t really register for Ally - it’s all about her and her own growing discontent. Harrison and Meadow shame Ally in what they think is a stinging rebuke. Ally’s morally questionable choices cause her no bother. A truck drives around spraying green stuff. Birds die. Is Kai behind that? Ally takes no responsibility for anything. She just rants incoherently. Kai lurks creepily. Ally doesn’t like pets. Oz is given a guinea pig.

Oz doesn’t like Ally. Everyone really is out to get Ally. More excitable mischief unfolds. Kai is a negative impact on Meadow. Rage is predictable. Ally harangues Meadow and Harrison. Poor Mr Guinea comes to a bad end. This is better than ‘Coven’ and ‘Roanoke’. Harrison doesn’t like Meadow and she knows. Aww. A video of Winter and Ally is online. Ivy slaps Ally. As for Ally, she tries to extract acknowledgements from people of wrongs, as she makes uneasy grimaces. Ivy is planning to leave with Oz. Meadow is missing. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“Burial caskets.”

“Get agitated.”

“You know we don’t like cis-normative pet names.”

“Make the world wrong.”

“You want some too bitch?”

“Disgusting sex aids on Craigslist!”

“Calm up!”

The Rankless Initiative
There is techno babble and Seg doesn’t seem to have a job. A Brainiac sentry is loose in Kandor. Colin Salmon joins the cast. What is the Labour Index? This ep is non-productive. Seg’s betrothed doesn’t wear a bra. There is no awestruck reverence for this. Seg bothers Lyta. Who are Black Zero? How did Adam Strange get to the Fortress and back from it? Seg rants like his big dumb alien grandson will.

Lyta doesn’t conform to the expectations of others. There is no moral urgency. This was dramatically conservative. Seg lies to Lyta, he acts like he has moral convictions as he puts her in moral extremity. There is no vigorous engagement with this ep. Seg has enduring belief in himself and egocentrism. There is no timeless industry or strong moral principle.

Best Lines:
“Lay this planet to waste.”

“Exist unabated.”

Not Fade Away
It’s highly emotive; days after the lights went out. There’s a fence around the area. Chris ignores the absolutely horrifying events to whine. This was boring and unnecessary. Madison whines and is disruptive. Everything is motivated by hostility. She’s unenthusiastic about helping people. Travis doesn’t listen. Nick is lazy with sheer cussed tenacity. Nick is cheerlessly awful. There are no ethical questions. The characters are all stupid, with brazen contempt for sense. This has no critical merit. This is not a riotous caper. There is no unity of action and tone. They’re disastrously out of their depth. Nick is not brilliantly odious. Travis is unremittingly happy under martial law.

The zombie apocalypse is an ignored momentous backdrop. Blatant lies are spewed. Travis does disparagement. The apocalypse does not cause heightened emotions. Stupidity is this show’s defining feature. The city is ruined. The family are voyeurs of difference. People treat the situation with varying levels of seriousness. Madison has longstanding about Nick’s motivations. Nick is ungrateful. Madison does something insanely risky. She also slaps around her junkie son. Sense irredeemably lost. What is the light? Oh who cares?

Best Lines:
“My house is a refugee camp.”

“Nothing alive out there.”

“Maybe they don’t want the phones to work.”

“Forget it.”
“Already did.”

Elaan Of Troyius
A nice pun title. ‘TNG’ would do an SJW version of this in ‘The Perfect Mate’. Kirk and co have to transport an unwilling bride to her arranged wedding. Elaan's rage may be due to being forced to marry a man she does not know, nobody considers that. A dude is green. Kirk is patronising and sexist. There are silly alien outfits and no emotional continuity. This was not conceptually considered.

Best Lines:

"Courtsey is not for inferiors."

"The bride just tried to murder the groom's ambassador."

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